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Hello minercraft fourms ! Some of you might remember me from a old server named and like my friend ziddia said

"Once, a long time ago, there was an amazing server called, or just Sorcerous. Headed by Thrawn the great admin, it flourished into a great server. But then came the day that Thrawn had to leave... And the server was plagued by griefers and trolls.

Under the strong new leadership of Fallout, a new and good admin, we drove back the trolls and punished the griefers. But, by the end of it, we were left with a small and strong server. And now we need more users to make this great server flourish again!".

I may not agree with Fallout being a great new admin but I still miss and if you were apart of could you please add me so we can keep in touch? Also I hope to build amazing structures but sadly can't find a steady server to build on, I think if people won't see your work on singleplayer then build on a server :smile.gif:. I approve of adventure maps and thanks for reading.
Interests Gaming, School, Building, History.

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