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    Those who are attempting to make sense of the madness, I regret to inform you that there will always be those who don't care about anything logical and will simply decide their own opinions based on limited evidence or poor reasoning, and you really can't do anything to change their minds.

    I've decidedly lost a lot of respect for Notch in this debacle, and gained more for the Yogscast. Notch accused the yogscast of doing frankly horrible things on his twitter account multiple times, before commenting that he would 'let it slide'.

    Yogscast waited until they were home (which is a good thing considering how jetlagged traveling halfway across the world can make a person, as well as it seems Simon is becoming ill) and formulated a deep, thought-out post explaining the situation and expressing that they feel hurt by these accusations.

    None of this needed to be publicized in the first place.

    EDIT: That said, I'm going to take leave of the topic now. It can only get worse before it gets better, and I shouldn't involve myself in internet arguments in the first place.
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    Quote from Nopes

    @gmason1 Are you ****ING kidding me? DDoSing isn't hacking at all, do some research before you throw stuff at people which is total ********.

    You should go outside and get some friends, with your white skin.

    I can tell you're a veritable fountain of discourse.

    Regardless of what exactly DDOSing entails, I can tell you one thing it is; Illegal, in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

    So I hope your friends enjoy jailtime when they eventually get caught. They'll make many friends in prison, im sure.
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    I posted in the first topic about how we needed to wait to hear the Yogscast's side of the story.

    Having heard it, I am definitely impressed with their response to the situation; and i really think Notch owes them some sort of explanation and/or apology, not just because of hurt feelings but because of the damage this has done to the Yogscast financially.

    Before the debacle they had around 1.5 million subscribers on their main Youtube channel: now they're down to 1.2 million. A loss of 300,000 subs is hardly a minor thing, considering that the Yogscast makes their money off their youtube channel and the views they get from their videos.

    As well, their official website is being DDOS'd for this incident; which is actually illegal. I doubt very much Notch ever intended for people to DDOS them but its still a direct result of his wild accusations on his twitter account; which was again very unprofessional and not what you would expect from someone who has such influence.

    On another note...selling the rights to livestream their stuff without consulting them is a really bad move. I don't think the Yogscast are the ones who need to be taught some respect in this situation.
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    The people who are taking sides already are frankly being idiots. You don't take sides in an argument without hearing both views of the situation first, which is exactly what half the posts in this topic are and will be.

    I'm probably biased in my view of the situation, given that i did in fact learn about Minecraft through the Yogscast and purchased it thanks to their videos. But here are my honest thoughts on the situation (assuming anyone cares);

    Its unfair to assume that just because you dislike their videos or haven't heard of them that the Yogscast is not a major contributing factor to Minecraft's success. Their Youtube channel has almost 1.2 million subscribers, and their first Survival Island video has over 4.5 million views. They definitely have an influence and a place in the success of the game to this point.

    That said, if they are truly acting in the perceived way as Notch is tweeting, then it is extremely uncharacteristic of the two by what we see on their many videos. They're generally both well mannered and cracking jokes constantly; british humor is a thing that isn't always inherently obvious, but i very much doubt that what they said to the kid was meant to be taken as an insult by Notch. As well, if the kid (despite age) was asking for the Yogscast to sign something for him, then its most likely that he has watched their videos, and they tend to swear quite often in those videos.

    As someone who has grown up in America this past century I can tell you that you hear much worse things on the playground than the word "****". Hell, if he is playing Minecraft and reads these forums he sees much worse regardless.

    As well, what amuses me is Notch's comment about how Minecraft is a community centered around sharing and caring. I'm sorry, does he play his own game? I can't remember the last time i visited these forums and read a topic that did not have multiple people arguing with one another, calling the OP an idiot/troll and generally NOT being caring people.

    All in all, people need to calm down and be logical; of course, something that isn't likely to happen.

    Edit: On a final note, if I was asked to travel across the world on a 24-hour trip to appear at a convention, damn right I would want some compensation for it. I don't know if you've noticed but airline travel isn't cheap.
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