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    Thanks. Downgrading my drivers to 14.9 fixed the issue. May even fix some performance hits i've been seeing recently in other games...

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    Trying to use shaders on 1.7.10. Mod works fine, but there's one problem in that enchanted items feature this weird behavior:


    Initially tried this in a modpack, reproduced this issue on a vanilla minecraft installation.

    I have latest drivers (MSI Radeon 7950), if you need more info let me know, need to bolt to class.

    This occurs on every shaderpack i've tried (SEUS, Continuum, Sildurs) and though i've seen others with this issue, NOBODY has ever posted how to fix it. Any ideas?

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    Those who are attempting to make sense of the madness, I regret to inform you that there will always be those who don't care about anything logical and will simply decide their own opinions based on limited evidence or poor reasoning, and you really can't do anything to change their minds.

    I've decidedly lost a lot of respect for Notch in this debacle, and gained more for the Yogscast. Notch accused the yogscast of doing frankly horrible things on his twitter account multiple times, before commenting that he would 'let it slide'.

    Yogscast waited until they were home (which is a good thing considering how jetlagged traveling halfway across the world can make a person, as well as it seems Simon is becoming ill) and formulated a deep, thought-out post explaining the situation and expressing that they feel hurt by these accusations.

    None of this needed to be publicized in the first place.

    EDIT: That said, I'm going to take leave of the topic now. It can only get worse before it gets better, and I shouldn't involve myself in internet arguments in the first place.
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    Quote from PotatoHandle

    Let me summarize the 4,000 youtube comments by demographic for you:

    Children - **** NOTCH
    Trolls/Dyslexics - **** YOGSCAST
    College Goers/Young Adults - Everyone was drunk, who gives a ****?
    Adults - Very mature/professional reply guys, in the absence of further evidence, I think Notch should apologize.

    I have to admit, that made me laugh; though I feel i should point out being dyslexic isn't the same as being mentally retarded.
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    Quote from Nopes

    @gmason1 Are you ****ING kidding me? DDoSing isn't hacking at all, do some research before you throw stuff at people which is total ********.

    You should go outside and get some friends, with your white skin.

    I can tell you're a veritable fountain of discourse.

    Regardless of what exactly DDOSing entails, I can tell you one thing it is; Illegal, in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

    So I hope your friends enjoy jailtime when they eventually get caught. They'll make many friends in prison, im sure.
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    I posted in the first topic about how we needed to wait to hear the Yogscast's side of the story.

    Having heard it, I am definitely impressed with their response to the situation; and i really think Notch owes them some sort of explanation and/or apology, not just because of hurt feelings but because of the damage this has done to the Yogscast financially.

    Before the debacle they had around 1.5 million subscribers on their main Youtube channel: now they're down to 1.2 million. A loss of 300,000 subs is hardly a minor thing, considering that the Yogscast makes their money off their youtube channel and the views they get from their videos.

    As well, their official website is being DDOS'd for this incident; which is actually illegal. I doubt very much Notch ever intended for people to DDOS them but its still a direct result of his wild accusations on his twitter account; which was again very unprofessional and not what you would expect from someone who has such influence.

    On another note...selling the rights to livestream their stuff without consulting them is a really bad move. I don't think the Yogscast are the ones who need to be taught some respect in this situation.
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    posted a message on Mojang, Yogscast In Dispute
    I think my favorite part of this thread so far has to be that the people who are calling Yogscast fans idiots/children and are saying that anyone who defends them is just a fanboy, are the same people who are turning around and praising Notch and believing that every word on his twitter is true.

    For the love of whatever nonspecific deity you might or might not believe in, where is the EVIDENCE that anything on Notch's twitter is true?

    Is there proof of the Yogscast writing "**** you" on some kids poster?

    Is there proof of the Yogscast saying "we're the reason minecraft is so popular"?

    Is there proof of the Yogscast saying "Oh yeah, we totally deserve more money for this"?

    Is there proof of the Yogscast calling Mojang "a bunch of nerds who don't know how to manage a company"?

    If someone does have proof of these allegations (which is all they are, allegations) than please do come and post a link to them here. I'm sure everyone would love to see it, I certainly know I'd like to see where people are getting their facts from.
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    The people who are taking sides already are frankly being idiots. You don't take sides in an argument without hearing both views of the situation first, which is exactly what half the posts in this topic are and will be.

    I'm probably biased in my view of the situation, given that i did in fact learn about Minecraft through the Yogscast and purchased it thanks to their videos. But here are my honest thoughts on the situation (assuming anyone cares);

    Its unfair to assume that just because you dislike their videos or haven't heard of them that the Yogscast is not a major contributing factor to Minecraft's success. Their Youtube channel has almost 1.2 million subscribers, and their first Survival Island video has over 4.5 million views. They definitely have an influence and a place in the success of the game to this point.

    That said, if they are truly acting in the perceived way as Notch is tweeting, then it is extremely uncharacteristic of the two by what we see on their many videos. They're generally both well mannered and cracking jokes constantly; british humor is a thing that isn't always inherently obvious, but i very much doubt that what they said to the kid was meant to be taken as an insult by Notch. As well, if the kid (despite age) was asking for the Yogscast to sign something for him, then its most likely that he has watched their videos, and they tend to swear quite often in those videos.

    As someone who has grown up in America this past century I can tell you that you hear much worse things on the playground than the word "****". Hell, if he is playing Minecraft and reads these forums he sees much worse regardless.

    As well, what amuses me is Notch's comment about how Minecraft is a community centered around sharing and caring. I'm sorry, does he play his own game? I can't remember the last time i visited these forums and read a topic that did not have multiple people arguing with one another, calling the OP an idiot/troll and generally NOT being caring people.

    All in all, people need to calm down and be logical; of course, something that isn't likely to happen.

    Edit: On a final note, if I was asked to travel across the world on a 24-hour trip to appear at a convention, damn right I would want some compensation for it. I don't know if you've noticed but airline travel isn't cheap.
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    posted a message on You Shouldn't have done that....
    I just heard of and read this creepy pasta last night. Eerie coincidence!

    For those who don't get the reference, its a somewhat recent creepy pasta about a haunted Majora's Mask cartridge.
    The player notices some freaky-ass glitches and the Elegy of Emptiness statue (which the pixelart is of) constantly follows him in game. Later when he plays the Elegy, the game gives the message: "You shouldn't have done that..."

    For the whole story, you can check it out here. Be warned, it is fairly long.


    That said, this is pretty amazing. Kudos to the creator!
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    posted a message on The worst Minecraft server
    Quote from Zamininc

    Because I'm made this mistake before of naming the server and having it's fanboys attack it using ad hominem and twisting my words I will only tell the name of it on request.

    So I'm looking for a server, I find one that's pretty popular. So as with most servers I login and ask to be on the whitelist. The next day I was on it. But little did I know what server I just joined.

    I join it and it drops me in the main city. I search for about 15 minutes for an exit. I find one and I explore for a day or two. Not making any homes but just lookin'. Then I get banned for a MAAAJOR lack of communication on the server's part. So I post on the forum to get unbanned. I explain the miscommunication and such and the admin of it simply ignored my posts while answering others. FINALLY after three days of him ignoring me I get unbanned. Even though it was completely their fault. The rules were hidden. And it wasn't an obvious rule I broke.

    So I go about my way for a day or two and I finally have enough money to join a major part of the server. Problem is, the admins have to add your name to the list at that time. But hey, an admin's on! So I message him once. He didn't answer so I assumed it was because of all the clutter in the chat. I wait 2-3 minutes then I send him another message. No answer again;. I wait about 2 minutes after that and he punished me for "spamming an admin". Not a ban. Note how I sent him THREE messages 2-3 minutes apart. He wasn't even handling anything just sitting there and not chatting.

    So I go on the forum's chat later that day and have a friendly chat with him (not about the punishment) and posting on the forum. Nothing big untill I stumbled on a draft for a new policy. I won't post it because that's not the point of the thread. The point is what happened AFTER that. So I post on it explaining why I dislike it. So the admin responds with. "Retard, you're now officially on my bad side" and follows that post with "Nevermind bad side, you're banned again." Oh, and my username wasn't retard nor am I a retard.

    Yes I have some problems. I can't let this go. I have a vendetta against this server. I have a feeling I will get my revenge soon.

    Didn't someone post this EXACT SAME STORY a few months ago? And proceed to get torn apart by the forum while screeching that everyone were 'fanbois' of the server and in conspiracy with its admin?
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    Out of boredom I decided to play around with the seed generator.

    I found a keeper. Spawned on this large beach/desert.

    Nearby is some sugar cane and a lake.

    And just past that...

    From here on i'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

    This is the entrance to an ENORMOUS cave system. Theres plenty of resources inside, including lots of redstone, some lapis lazuli, and even a bit of gold. Theres also naturally formed obsidian and tons of lava/water flows.

    I killed myself on some lava to get to the spawn and went the other way. (it started to rain at this point)

    Here's a huge clay deposit. I dug it out and got over two stacks of clay!

    What seed brings such varied and exciting features? One brought by watching old Nostalgia Critic reviews.

    "big lipped alligator moment elephant chuck norris"

    Without quotations.
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    posted a message on Well played Mojang, well played.
    Quote from Azathoth_Lives »
    Quote from studnicky »
    Quote from Lkymn »
    Lighten up, it's a joke.

    It's one thing to make jokes in a finished, polished game. It's quite another to spend development time on 'jokes' when your game is full of glaring bugs and broken 'features'. I don't regret the $15 I spent on minecraft, but I wish the developers would take their own business a bit more seriously.


    Of course not. Minecraft is SERIOUS ****ING BUSINESS.
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    posted a message on Mo Creatures IN Minecraft?
    Minecraft could stand to have some more creatures in it. Maybe not all of the Mo Creatures additions, but certainly some. You can argue that some creatures just exist for ambiance (Birds, Foxes, Rabbits), but others do more than that and change gameplay (Sharks, Bears, Lions, Horses especially). I think it should probably stick to animals, though, if it were ever to be implemented in game. Stuff like Werewolves and Ogres don't really fit, in my opinion. Especially since Ogres are too powerful for you to deal with on the first night.
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    posted a message on Minecraft "Doh!" Moments
    My first time playing on peaceful, I thought it made you invulnerable. So I jumped in lava.


    You only make that mistake once.
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    posted a message on turning off red stone torches
    Redstone torches are by default 'on'. In order to turn them off, you need to have them adjacent to a lever, switch, pressure plate, etc, in example:

    :_: :cobblestone: :--+:

    Where :_: is your switch and :--+: is your redstone torch. Flipping the switch to the "on" position will direct power to the block; negating that from the torch, turning it off. Make sure they are on the same block.
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