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    I have been *loving* this seed. I've been looking for an excuse to start a Let's Play series, and thought I'd give this one a go, and do it in Hardcore Mode. If you got a bit of time, do check out my channel and see how I've been handling it. Up to episode 10 now, and I'm still surprised I survived the initial madness. Here's the first episode ..

    Now that I've conquered the initial problems, I plan to continue on battling away till I reach The End. Well, that or die trying heh.

    I've also been looking around for similar challenges, but nothing beats this seed so far. Might give one of the SkyBlock maps a shot next though.
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    posted a message on Lock at 60 FPS
    Quote from Granado_jake

    Hello....is anyone theeeeerrrrrreeee...

    Almost .. just woke up. (Australian time)

    Controlling FPS is mystic art in itself, and within Java doubly so. I've been making videos of late, so can spot my FPS using the little overlay my app provides. I've been playing around with trying to get to cap myself, but it just doesn't seem possible to my attempts.

    If I put the game into full screen (1920x1200) and record, it generally sits around at 60 though (with dips to the 40ish range) .. so if it's an issue for you, perhaps that's an option. If you don't want to actually post up videos, just delete them.

    If you use something like FRAPS though, you're going to fill your HD with movies VERY QUICKLY as they are recorded with no compression. I use Bandicam, and that atleast compresses them down to mpg standard (and a few other codecs) so they're not *that* insane. About half an hour worth of video is compressed down to 5G when I use motion JPEG - would be a little less than that if you use the standard mpeg compression.

    I know it's not a big help .. but like running on multiple cores .. Minecraft/Java seems a little limited with how we can manage it.


    edit1: Think I need to wait till I continue posting here, looks like I've ran out of posting privs till I'm authorised or something.

    edit2: Ooooh, herro .. OptiFine has been updated for 1.0.0 and it includes all sorts of nifty improvements, including VSYNC options .. check out http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-100-optifine-hd-a-fps-boost-hd-textures/ for more :smile.gif:

    edit3: Okay, I've installed it and played around with OptiFine .. and I'm rather happy to report back that I'm getting a consistant 60FPS when it's locked to VSYNC :biggrin.gif: So get in there and enjoy!

    edit4: Sorry for the continual edits, can't make any more posts at the moment. OptiFine is designed to increase FPS, yes. It also includes a VSYNC option that helps lock the FPS to your monitor's refresh rate. I'm currently playing MC with a 99% lock on 60FPS. Just make sure this option is set, and see how you go.

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    posted a message on door glitch
    There was a tweet by Jeb recently that mentioned a fix to double doors .. the only problem is that it will be released with the next release and there's no date on that yet.

    Shouldn't be long, but yes, it's damn annoying.

    For now, I've resorted to single doors pretty much everywhere until this bug is addressed in game.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Speed/Optimization Guide V 2.4_1 Updated on Mar 14, 2013
    Hmm, interesting.

    I run my Minecraft from a SSD, although in Windows, and have zero issues at all. It *may* be an OSX and SSD issue though .. unsure on that point.
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    posted a message on [16x] Jolicraft ~ NETHER you mind!
    Very nice work! It's not "for me" I think (although, my youngest daughter LOVES IT), but the overall style of the theme is excellent. The fact that it is it's 'own vision' is what really strikes me, and I have to say, the swirly effects on smoke (and elsewhere) are really quite cool.

    I popped up a video of your pack to my 'texture pack comparison' playlist; hope it helps show off the pack a little.

    I do think I'll customise my own pack though, and make another video .. perhaps the few things I felt a little jarring could be smoothed into what I prefer, and who knows, it might end up becoming a pack I keep going back to.

    In any case, thank you for some excellent work :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on MINECON IN AUSTRALIA
    I'd love MineCon to hit Australia .. being an Australian helps me think this way heh .. but no, I doubt it as such.

    Firstly because of our population .. rather unsure we could field enough people for a con, although, it is possible. But there's much higher density of players in other locations.

    But mostly, because we're just so damn far away from the rest of the world. Flights from international locations to here are REALLY long. Longer than Europe to the US, and they're bad enough as it is.

    As wonderful as we could do it, and trust me, we know how to throw a party .. I don't see it happening.

    *wistful sigh*

    Who knows, maybe we can have a multiple location Con one day .. with special rooms set up with video teleconferencing that covers a wall ..
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    posted a message on The creeper 'SSS' sound is no longer the scariest in Minecraft
    Hehe .. Endermen scare me more because you can hear the buggers when you're mining ..

    But without a doubt, creepers are more scarey some of the time, because you CAN'T hear them till the last moment!

    And yes, kamikaze creepers inside ravines are things to be utterly feared. Lost a few hardcore worlds to them ..
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    posted a message on Recording Software
    I use Bandicam which has a download/trial version .. so you can at least give it a shot ..

    There's also this official thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/724932-the-free-software-list/ which gives you some good options to check out.

    Personally speaking, "free and good" don't always go together with these apps .. and there's no open source app to do this to my knowledge. I ended up shifting from FRAPS to Bandicam because the feature list it has is excellent. It can encode compressed video on the fly, and fairly well, which can be uploaded to YouTube directly. Myself, I use the Motion JPEG codec with two sound sources .. one for voice and one for game .. which makes playing with the file in Sony Vegas rather easy.

    Anyway .. you can could always check out Bandicam from their site, http://www.bandicam.com/ and see what you think :smile.gif:

    Hope this helps.
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    posted a message on Java 7 problems?
    As far as I'm aware the launcher is not run by Java. I could be wrong .. but .. yeah, think that's the case.

    edit: Bah, I take the above back. Just tested it out, and sure enough, it's Java. My comments below should still be accurate :wink.gif:

    I use both 1.6 and 1.7 (mostly as they install side by side) and have noticed a fairly significant increase in FPS when recording in 1.7 so it's pretty much my main choice these days.

    In any case, what you're missing out on there is nothing more than the MotD (message of the day) which is downloaded from tumblr, so contains the current version readme .. so you're not missing out on anything as such. Just log in and go for it :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Wyldcraft
    Howdy all :smile.gif:

    Thought I'd pop up a post on my channel, with a hope to get some feedback on what I've been doing so far.

    My main aim is Let's Play type, with the current focus on a Dragon Born challenge .. a hardcore game set within the 'Dragon Born' seed. Spawning in an ocean with no land in sight, I dived down into the murky depths to attempt to survive. Up to episode 9 (well, 9 is uploading as I type) and I aim to keep pushing onwards until I conquer the End Lands .. or die trying.

    I've also been doing some texture pack comparisons with a tour around a display village I built in my daughters creative world. Am looking to expand on this a little, but I've been somewhat focused on the challenge series of late.

    Oh, and there's a few tutorials .. mostly aimed at friends who have asked me "so, what is this Minecraft thing" and the like :smile.gif:

    Future plans will be to include shenanigans from my usual SMP server, as well as other challenges and probably a look into some mods that I enjoy.

    Aaaanyway .. please do feel free to rock on over to http://www.youtube.com/user/Wyldcraft and take a look.

    Still learning how to use Sony Vegas, although I'm *starting* to get the hang of it. Next task will be to refine the use of the microphone and mixing deck a friend lent me .. always something more to discover heh.
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