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    posted a message on (18+) MATURE laid back server

    - IGN: Wupatow
    - Age: 31

    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from?

    Hi! My name is David, I am from California USA. I work full time and like to spend my free time after work playing various video games which includes minecraft! I don't have much experience playing on servers because I mostly play solo survival but watching twitch streamers recently made me want to give a try. I think you should add me because I am a mature individual who can hopefully add some unique buildings to your server.

    - Why do you play minecraft? Whats your favorite part? What are you good at?:

    I play mincraft because it is a lot more laid back and chill than most the other games I play which are currently FPS or MMORPG games. My favorite part is building. I like to check out other peoples builds for ideas to include in my own. I like to think I am good at creating cool buildings but I never have anyone to show them off to which is another reason why I am trying to join a server.

    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them?

    I agree with all your server rules and think they should make for a very chill, happy, mature environment.

    Why do you want to join specifically this server?

    I chose to apply to this server because like I said I have little to no experience joining a minecraft server and hope joining a mature more regulated server I might have an easier time learning and becoming more comfortable playing on a server.

    Anything further you'd like to say:

    Hope you consider my application and have patient people who might be willing to lend a helping hand to a newer player. Look forward to hearing back from you!

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    posted a message on [Bentcraft V] 1.16.4 Survival Server. New Map as of November 6, 2020. Looking for mature, active players

    Hello I'm David, 31 years old from California. I enjoy trying to improve my building skills and like minecrafts survival mode. Hope you consider inviting me!

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