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    posted a message on Copy a build from one world to another?

    Hi, I am currently on a world and I keep finding things such as redstone machines that are too complex or large for me to build in my main world. How/ is there a way to copy the build from a downloaded world to another world? Thanks for the help

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    posted a message on HIRING A BUILDER FOR A REALM

    Hello, I have a realm with a group of friends. I am trying to hire someone to make a guardian farm in the realm as well as a nether hub. I attempted to build a guardian farm but failed to make a working one. Please comment or message me if you would like to do it.

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    posted a message on Broken Mob grinder

    Hey guys. I have built a massive mob grinder on my survival world. It has 9 platforms, each is 15 wide and 3 tall. The lowest platform is 55 blocks from the ground. The entire farm is encased so no light enters, but it has zero spawns in it. My world is on hard and I have lit the caves in the area. How can I fix the farm? Thanks

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    posted a message on Survival bread farm

    I am in a survival world and have constructed a bread farm using a farmer and a regular villager. It worked great for awhile, but it has stopped producing and the farmers no longer plants or harvests bread. I have replaced the farmer and the other villager but they will not resume farming and bread production. Ideas?

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