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    Quote from idgarad

    So far all I've seen is borging a bunch of mod features into baseline. I see Twilight Forest features, MoCreature, Wedge, and BOP\EBXL\Highlands getting cherry picked by a lazy dev. What really es me off is no credit to the mod developers mentioned.

    It's sickening and shameful.

    What's sickening and shameful are people that do not read the EULA and Terms of Use for a piece of software and then decide they have the moral authority to crap all over the document that they agree to. You don't have the right to complain about a thing. If you learned how to read, you would know that everyone agreed to have their creative ideas incorporated into the game by signing up. Even you.

    What would be awful is if Mojang did not include that literature, and outright stole creative ideas, with people developing under the idea that their contributions would be legitimate sources of income, protected intellectual concepts that belong only to them, and coming with the ability to file infringement suits.

    On the bright side, the current system does not have to bother with coordinating all content creators into a failed democracy of content scheduling and collaboration. So deal with it you literally legally challenged troll.
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    Last played singleplayer world changes date last opened to 1/1/70

    This happens when I load pictures from windows XP onto my phone's memory card. I wonder if they were related in some weird, filesystem way. Now I have thousands of pictures, all claiming to be from January 1st, 1970.

    Also, grumm looks like an enemy from Master Blaster, which is possibly the hardest game ever made.
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    I'm actually a little proud of this. It may not be big, but it was my first adventure into making stuff with redstone in 100% vanilla survival.
    The whole thing is set up to swap out the eyes at a completely random interval, giving the statue a dark mood, and a light mood.

    It works by using a village centered around a courtyard. All the villagers live in the houses, and when they come out during the day, they step on one of four pressure plates.

    The pressure plates connect to a circuit that moves the pistons inside the head. The old eyes are grabbed, removed, and replaced with the next set of eyes.

    My next goal is to have the statue's mood effect the environment with water, lava, and more interacting statues.
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    Quote from WaffleSyrup

    Why don't maps by unpopular Minecraft players get featured? They deserve as much attention as maps by SethBling or Vechs do.

    Because, if you aren't popular, nobody can find you. If you know ten people and someone else knows five million, then you already have your answer.
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    Quote from eee228

    I died watching this XD

    Quote from GateFox

    Can I have your stuff?

    No. He is a helicopter.
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    Quote from RoboMat

    and to the left we have a ... *drumroll* ... snow-biome! Thank god there are mods...

    As a student with three geology classes under my belt, I can safely tell you that Deserts are known for their extreme temperatures. The heat is what people like to notice the most though. Deserts are just as easily covered in snow, though usually just ­ freezing cold and blistering heat, because of their lack of moisture.

    Just sayin, it is possible.
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    posted a message on Notch Considered for Time 100 Poll, Needs Your Votes
    Lol, if Notch out ranks the new pope, does that mean he has a higher approval rating than god?
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    posted a message on Notch Considered for Time 100 Poll, Needs Your Votes
    Not only is Notch 2nd place on the list, he has one of the highest "absolutely" to "never" vote ratio of the entire list. That Mohammed Morsi dude, who has the most "absolutely" votes, has almost the same amount of "never" votes.

    If you only count the spread, the difference between "absolutely" and "never" votes, Notch is the winner by many thousands of votes.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Weekly News: Xbox Update,1.6 Horses & April Pranks!
    After learning about the horses, the previous updates have become logical steps towards that direction. Think about it. Especially the bit where they improved the relationship between minecarts and things that ride in them.
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    posted a message on what would you do or say if you were surrounded by 100000 of every mob
    I would do this.

    :Skeleton: :Spider: :Lava: :Spider: :Zombie:
    :Zombie: :Lava: :Lava: :Lava: :Skeleton:
    :Logs: :Frame: :Notch: :Frame: :Logs:
    :Logs: :Bacon: :DPANTS: :Bacon: :Logs:
    :Logs: :Logs^: :Logs^: :Logs^: :Logs:
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    posted a message on New NPC Village Villager type: Medic along with Hospitals!
    Allow me to make some cosmetic suggestions. Instead of a medic, have it be a doctor. Instead of the Doctor seeking out others to help, have wounded NPC's actively search for a doctor when out of combat.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Surpasses 10 Million Sales, 1.6 Feature Spoiler Alert
    I love the new features being added to Minecraft. The best part about the addition of features though? You don't need to use them if you dislike them. I think Wolves are annoying as hell, so I don't use them often, but, the idea of having tamable attack dogs is an awesome concept. I may not be awesome at redstone, but even I can see that sunlight detectors, weighted plates, and trapped chests offer more ways to perform unique interactions with the game. Horses would be an awesome addition, because its just a pain to travel far between point on the map without either a minecart track, or a portal. What if you don't want to build for a week making tracks, or switch dimensions?
    This actually reminds me of something a guy in web design said to me. He explained that ideally, the user should have about three ways to do any one thing. Now I'm off-topic. I'm done, that thoughts over, lol.
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    posted a message on Minecraft water/lava/many other block types [No Longer taking Custom Requests] Added Archers kit
    I really can't tell if there is actually more than one person in this conversation. Forgive me, but, the point of all this handholding and unwillingness to learn simple commands is far beyond me. Unless, of course, there is something devious in those strangely titled .zip files that are being passed around.
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    Quote from Shourin

    No worries! I don't think many of us will see that for a long time. Everyone I have see with it is either a huge youtuber or has allot of money and went to minecon.

    Yep, sure seems nice and random to me. Look at all of those capes wavin' around on the realms...

    Also, does anyone remember that old, first gen MMORPG, "The Realm?" An old clunker like that might jump at the chance to scab some money off the name at some point.
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    Granted, but this time, France built the wall on all sides. Artillery and flak keep your army at bay for thirty years.

    I wish for an evil minion to do my bidding.
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