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    posted a message on We were all noobs once. What is your minecraft noob story?

    Here a second one because I was the bottom of the barrel in nooby-ness...

    My first survival world...

    I had found the perfect place, it was on a peninsula where mobs could only attack me from one direction. I got ready. I crafted a wooden sword and I planted my 4x1 wheat farm. It was almost night. I had found some coal and I made torches. I placed them all around my starter base. I placed them all around, making sure that my whole base was lit up leaving no dark spots. I THOUGHT TORCHES CREATED SOME SORT OF FORCE FIELD THAT DIDN'T ALLOW MOBS TO ENTER TO ATTACK YOU!

    And with that epic noob torch fail I waited all night to see just one horrific zombie, skeleton, enderman, spider, or creeper, my heart beating the whole time in fear (lol, the noob days when you got scared of mobs). But nothing was spawning! I was so confused. I DIDN'T REALIZE WHAT PEACEFUL MEANT!

    Lel, I hope you all enjoyed Wraith's tale of nooby-ness.

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    posted a message on Xray, Optifine
    I need help getting optifine to work with xray, it is not working, can someone help..
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    posted a message on Over used skins
    In your opinion what is the most over-used skin in minecraft (not including the Steve skin).
    Personally I thunk it's the bacca skin.
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    posted a message on Sharpening stone
    Just #### all of you.
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