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    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    I'm a bit sad about the nether losing its otherwise hellish status, ...

    I couldn't agree more. I could sort of see the soul sand valley working if its fog color remained red, but the warped forest looks and feels completely out of place. The crimson forest looks like it's trying to be the Crimson biome from Terraria instead of the Nether, and in my opinion this completely throws away the original concept of the dimension.

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    Quote from C1ff»


    I agree, but I think there is a limit. For instance, microwaves don't really need to be in the game.

    Furniture That Should Be Added

    I think furniture should be customizable, but without hundreds of items. We can have "in-world crafting." In my opinion, my Chairs suggestion handles this well: There are only wooden, cobblestone, and wool chairs, making there only 23 items with all variants included. You're able to add cushioning by right-clicking on the chair with a wool block, allowing you to customize chairs. Furthermore, chairs link together to make couches when placed adjacent to one another, but you can make them keep their arms by holding shift when placing them. This allows you to easily build chairs, movie theater seats, benches, couches, etc. The cushion even looks like a pillow when on a wool chair to make couches more realistic.

    Those are just the features available in the suggestion. Maybe right-clicking with an axe on a wooden chair (or a pickaxe on a cobblestone chair) would remove the arms. More chair variants (stone chairs? bamboo chairs? scaffolding chairs that look like lawn chairs?) could also add more variety.

    While not necessary, it's also nice when furniture serves a real purpose, such as beds letting you skip the night, chairs (in my suggestion) letting you skip the day, bookshelves enhancing enchanting tables, doors keeping out mobs, etc.

    Furniture That Shouldn't Be Added

    Tables seem redundant since they're rather simple to begin with and can easily be created with existing blocks (Chairs, beds, and doors are not as easy to create with existing blocks, and when doing so you almost always take up more space than is desirable.)

    Chandeliers are also relatively easy to make with fences, iron bars, or glass panes and a light source.

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    The Elytra itself is already a high-speed transportation device which lets you glide or even fly if used with Fireworks. Adding it to a saddle would not only be OP but would also be useless.

    I don't really see it as overpowered, but I definitely don't see the need for it.

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    posted a message on Add functionality to the Smithing Table

    First, I'd like to say that I like that this suggestion attempts to give a nearly useless block a use at the same time as solving another problem. There are a lot of suggestions that try to make up uses in order to fix things, and that's not always bad, but it's often better to kill two birds with one stone.

    However, I don't really see Prior Work Penalty as a problem to be solved. I also think that something as generic as a "Smithing Table" should have a less niche use.

    As a result, No Support.

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    I like the idea of biomes that convey more atmosphere. The howling, owl sounds, and apparitions would achieve that effect.

    How dangerous would werewolves be? (i.e. How much damage would they do, and how fast are they?)

    Is there something of value in this forest that would give players a reason to explore it?

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    These sound very interesting. How would a player make normal blocks move? Would there be a special block or item that one can use?

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    posted a message on Which biome will you choose in Minecon LIVE?

    My opinion may change when the content for each biome update is released, but without that information I would vote for mountains, as the mountain biome could use some world generation changes and some more content. The badlands already has surface mineshafts and gold, and the swamp already has slimes, witch huts, and a unique flower.

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    There's no question that a "cave update" or "underground update" is quite popular among the community.

    Here are some examples from r/minecraftsuggestions:






    Not only is it clear that the community wants more underground content, but there is also a very good reason to add more to caves: they are nearly identical to one another, and there is little to look for after you've acquired a large amount of ores. To make underground exploration more fun and rewarding, there should be more cave variants. This is an idea for just one variant. There could be many, many more!

    Mushroom Caves

    Mushroom caves can be found anywhere in the Overworld with a similar rarity to mine shafts. In mushroom island biomes, they are twice as common. Mushroom caves are only found below y=40.


    Torches and glowstone would not spawn in this biome. They are in the pictures to make it easier to see.

    As you can see, mushroom caves have a floor that's about 50% mycellium, with mushrooms and the occasional somewhat-giant mushroom.

    New Mycellium Variant

    In this cave, the walls are almost entirely covered with a new variant of mycellium. This variant is white and resembles vines. It grows just like vines, but it's unable to grow if the light level is above 8. As you would expect, you're able to climb it.

    When powered, hyphae will transmit the redstone signal to other hyphae. Unlike with redstone, the signal does not decrease over time. However, because hyphae don't actually power anything on their own, you'll have to use a redstone comparator to receive the signal.

    Hyphae allow you to transmit redstone signals on walls without losing the signal, but with the drawback that it only works on walls and that you have to read it with a redstone comparator.

    Glowing Mushrooms

    A new green-tinted white mushroom is occasionally found in the mushroom caves and on the surface of mushroom islands. Glowing mushrooms give off as much light as a torch. They only spread in mushroom island biomes, and even then they spread quite slowly and are unaffected by bone meal, making exploration the main way to obtain them.

    You can craft one glowing mushroom into 3 glowing mushroom powder, which can be placed like string. When placed, it gives off the same amount of light as a torch, but it's nearly invisible, just like placed string. This would allow for more hidden lighting.

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    Quote from GDog_0»

    Phantoms are a nuisance that never belonged in Minecraft. The best solution would just to simply remove phantoms from Minecraft.

    This isn't really an option. Not only will Mojang never do this, but it's also a waste to completely remove something. It should just have different mechanics.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes

    I believe you used to get codes for them when you attend Minecon (not just by buying the ticket). However, Minecon is no longer a physical event but instead a livestream ("Minecon Earth") as far as I know.

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    I think you should be able to walk around at night without phantoms hunting you down.

    I see how it'd be better if phantoms were only around at night.

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    Quote from scorrp10»

    Problem with that, player is pretty much incapable of fighting when on Elytra. Being molested while unable to fight back is incredibly annoying. Especially if they spawn during day as well. Abyssalcraft has similar mob in Wasteland - spectral dragon - and they make elytra use not 'challenging' but next to impossible, which is just plain annoying.

    And elytra is already balanced by two things:

    1. Landed player is missing significant portion of armor.

    2. Due to spawn mechanics, landing player is more likely to have larger portion of mobs on surface.

    Best change to phantoms would be to eradicate them completely.

    I don't agree that elytra are balanced by those things considering you can still carry a chestplate and switch to it when you need to, and the fact that you're still avoiding the mobs altogether (you aren't necessarily landing somewhere that is dark).

    I also disagree that you can't fight while using the elytra. Though difficult, it's certainly possible to use a bow while flying, or to run to the mob and hit it with a sword (as many people do with ghasts in the Nether). Also keep in mind that these phantoms wouldn't appear every time; they'd only spawn occasionally so that you're not constantly using the elytra.

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    posted a message on Phantom Revamp— a change necessary for Survival Minecraft

    There's no doubting that the mechanics of phantoms were a mistake. They are more annoying than anything; instead of adding more challenge to the game, they just prevent players from not sleeping.

    To make phantoms a fun, enjoyable challenge in the game, I propose that they now spawn only at high altitudes (above y=128) or when players fly with the elytra. This would not happen every time a player uses the elytra, but it would happen enough to make sure players can't just escape any situation and avoid danger by using the elytra. This would also help balance how useful and safe the elytra are compared to other forms of transportation.

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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    It'd be hilarious if a Moderator locked this thread.

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    posted a message on Moving Ships: From a Technical Perspective
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    They are rendered using the normal block rendering code, with the only difference being that I use tile entity data to determine how they should render, essentially like extended metadata (beyond 16 values):

    This is the method the game calls when rendering a block (called by WorldRenderer, which renders a chunk section); I added a call to a method I added to the Block class for blocks with a render type of 8 (used by ladders in vanilla, I overrode this method since I modified how ladders render anyway):
    public boolean renderBlockByRenderType(Block par1Block, int posX, int posY, int posZ)
        int renderType = par1Block.getRenderType();
        if (renderType == -1) return false;
        par1Block.setBlockBoundsBasedOnState(this.blockAccess, posX, posY, posZ);
        switch (renderType)
            case 0: return this.renderStandardBlock(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 1: return this.renderCrossedSquares(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 2: return this.renderBlockTorch(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 3: return this.renderBlockFire((BlockFire)par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 4: return this.renderBlockFluids(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 5: return this.renderBlockRedstoneWire(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 6: return this.renderBlockCrops(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 7: return this.renderBlockDoor(par1Block, posX, posY, posZ);
            case 8: return par1Block.renderSpecialBlock(this, this.blockAccess, posX, posY, posZ); // Used to render new blocks (originally used by ladders)
            // etc

    Block.renderSpecialBlock looks like this, first for the Block base class, then for the BlockFlowerPotTMCW class (CustomBlockRenderer is a rewritten version of the vanilla RenderBlocks class, which was reduced to a wrapper to maintain compatibility with vanilla code, including core classes modified by Optifine):
    // Used to render blocks with a render type of 8, used by custom blocks such as flower pots
    public boolean renderSpecialBlock(CustomBlockRenderer blockRenderer, IBlockAccess par1IBlockAccess, int posX, int posY, int posZ)
     return false;
    public class BlockFlowerPotTMCW extends Block implements ITileEntityProvider
     // Special renderer used for flower pots, separate from CustomBlockRenderer due to its size
     private final FlowerPotRenderer flowerPotRenderer = new FlowerPotRenderer();
     public boolean renderSpecialBlock(CustomBlockRenderer blockRenderer, IBlockAccess par1IBlockAccess, int posX, int posY, int posZ)
     this.flowerPotRenderer.renderBlockFlowerPot(par1IBlockAccess, posX, posY, posZ);
     return true;

    Many vanilla tile entities are also rendered as normal blocks, such as furnaces, or in some cases partially, like enchantment tables (the book on the table is rendered using a TileEntitySpecialRenderer, which redraws it once per frame, so complex animations can be performed, otherwise you are limited to basic texture-based animations, like water, and you are also limited to the OpenGL state used to render normal blocks; no actual calls to OpenGL occur anywhere in the rendering methods for normal blocks, they simply add vertices to a buffer). No vanilla (as of 1.6.4) blocks use the rendering method that I use (using tile entity data in the normal block rendering code), though I wouldn't be surprised if other modders have thought of this since it can greatly reduce the cost of rendering tile entities (apparently Forge has something called a "FastTESR" but that simply batches together all the draw calls).

    I see. So would it be possible to make a ship entity only render when updated? And then, would it be possible to, using a display list, only render it again when the blockstates change and not when the ship's position or rotation changes?

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