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    posted a message on ~EDGE OF ETERNITY~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [DEDICATED 64-SLOT SMP] [Anti Grief] [Online for over 8 years!]
    IGN: Wolfs__Rain
    Location: USA
    Age: 15
    What makes a good minecraft server: Many things contribute to a great minecarft server! I love servers for their friendly staff and players, plus small servers are great for communicating with other people and making friends- not just playing minecraft. No PVP, griefing, or stealing are always my favorite rules on servers. I believe multiplayer minecraft is for building things with other people and having fun, not to kill other people, steal from them, or destroy their house.
    Why do you want to join: I've been looking for a server like this for ages: No PVP, griefing or stealing. A respectful and mature community with a white-list so trolls won't be able to join. An economy server where I can relax while playing. And most of all, the staff and other players seem very friendly!
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