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    posted a message on SpawnPoint [1.16.3] [Network] (Anarchy) (Skyblock) (Creative)


    Join Now!


    We have many different GameModes with more to come! Including, Skyblock, Anarchy, Creative, more+ to come :smile:



    Ultimate Skyblock Experience! Featuring IridiumSkyblock, Epic spawners, Anti-Cheat and more!
    Take your island to the top of the leaderboard! :sunglasses:


    3840×2066 694 KB

    Build your heart out! Featuring PlotSquared, WorldEdit and more! Dont want your builds destroyed? No Problem! Just claim a plot! :art:


    Featuring a custom world generator, this is anarchy like you’ve never seen! Anti-cheat is also enabled along with some basic commands for the best anarchy experience. :fire:

    We have much more to come in the future, so stay tuned! And as always, if there are any problems please let a member of the staff know

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    posted a message on WolfHeim [1.16.1] [Factions] [Minigames] [SkyWars] [Anti-Cheat] [GuiShop]

    Join our hub now to see all we have to offer!

    server ip:



    One of the realms of Wolfheim is being dominated by factions! Join now to establish your foothold! We have many mods including.

    - Factions
    - ShopGui
    - McMMO
    - NPC's
    - WildStacker
    - OldCombatMechanics
    - Votifier

    The Lab

    Multiple minigames to play with your friends! up to 12 supported in a lobby now!

    - Hog Racing
    - Splegg
    - Dodgeball
    + Many more!

    - Coming soon!!

    So what are you waiting for? Join our hub now!

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    posted a message on [1.16.1] Factions in the Kingdom of Wolfheim [Factions] [Mcmmo] [Npcs] [Anti-cheat] [Shop] + more!

    Hello everyone I just wanted to share some news! The first ever raid has occurred on the server!

    In addition to that we have implemented some new features!

    • Wildstacker - Which allows for entity stacking and adds support for spawner's.
    • McMMO - Players can now rank up and learn skills.
    • GuiShop - players can now purchase mob eggs and spawners in the shop!

    As well as various performance updates such as adding RAM to the server, and adding a custom tab menu.

    Thanks for continued support!

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    posted a message on What do you do with all that Spare Stone and Cobble lying Aroundd?

    I usually use it to keep on building, I love to build castles or medieval towns, and that usually takes a lot of cobblestone. So as said before I think the best option is to store it :)

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    posted a message on [1.16.1] Factions in the Kingdom of Wolfheim [Factions] [Mcmmo] [Npcs] [Anti-cheat] [Shop] + more!

    The Kingdom of WolfHeim has just been established, and multiple factions are gaining a foothold! Join now and begin your legacy!

    We have multiple mods enabled including Factions, NPCs, ShopGUI, AntiCheat and more! What are you waiting for? join now!

    Server IP: Wolfheim.factions.ws

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    It may have been crashed at the time, but it's usually up 24/7 crashes are rare.

    Just a quick update for everyone the server now has a custom domain you may connect through, the main post has been updated to reflect that. but the new ip is listed below as well.

    IP : earth2.games

    If you have any other questions please let me know, as always Thanks!

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    posted a message on Earth2 [Anarchy] [Semi-Vanilla]

    Nyan Cat

    Nyan Cat has joined the server! We have also allowed players to set a home, and enabled a leader board allowing you to see who has the most kills!

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    posted a message on Earth2 [Anarchy] [Semi-Vanilla]

    New spawn!

    Our new Spawn was recently completed! Come join us and check us out!

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    Hello! Earth2 is here and it’s almost as good as the original earth!

    I’m an experienced server admin, and my main goal will be to keep Earth2 running as long as I can indefinitely, without altering the base game too much, and leaving the map as is with no resets.

    Currently we only have an anti-cheat installed (to help people from crashing the server), and are running on spigot. I will also be getting us a custom domain shortly.

    Earth2’s rules:


    Anything goes at Earth2 !

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me or comment here. Join now and get started before everyone else!


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