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    posted a message on [1.4.2]Multishot Mod[v2.2]
    Created the worst time lapse ever. Like watching grass grow. Oh wait...

    Just saying, this mod is really amazing. Simple and useful. Shall be using it for quite a few more random things haha

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    posted a message on Mushroom biomes
    Explore more. I have not found one but I do think they're rare for a reason. Having a mushroom cow/mushroom stew "machine" shouldn't be found every 300 blocks.
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    posted a message on Enchanting help
    Quote from Towelsauce

    I haven't had any experience at all at actually enchanting (I know the basics of it all) so I'm a bit confused at the moment. I've been saving slowly to get up to 25 experience levels so I can have a shot at Silk Touch for a new Diamond pickaxe. My enchanting room set up is the ideal set up (at least it was a week ago), as seen in this picture. The doorway I'm standing in is piston moved, so I can have the complete 5x5 surrounding wall (I know it doesn't need all that).

    But as I continually place the pick in the enchanting window, I get increasingly frustrated at the numbers I am seeing. Most are ranging between 5-9 and have yet to see a number bigger than 16. Is it that you can only get an enchant level based on a maximum percentage of your current experience levels? Or is it really trial and error, every 1 in 1000 possibilities will you be able to spend all your experience at once?

    Try raising the roof and and stacking more bookshelves on top of what you have. I have not experimented with different heights but in my experience my 7 tall (overkill) little room works. Try out what heights give what enchantments.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    Quote from HypnoToad09

    now thats called a bug

    Eh, just looks like the game spawns those where there's large enough space and it decided to do it there :tongue.gif:

    I just have to say after playing this mod for a day or so, this is just amazing. I haven't had this feeling towards a mod like this since I used my first mod (Mo' Creatures), although this takes it to a whole new level. I love the feeling of taming and riding a creature in a huge world. I actually feel like I'm going to have hours and hours of fun. Now to make a huge stable and incubator room for all my pigs and Moas :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on If you could remove one thing....
    Quote from 0001

    If you could remove one thing from Minecraft what would it be?

    If I had the choice I would choose to remove the Notch :iapprove: from Minecraft because he's ruing the game.

    I'm interested what you would like to see removed.

    I agree! We need to get rid of Notch. let's make it so he never existe- [forums poof away and minecraft was never made]

    Please explain in detail how Notch, the man who CREATED the game, is ruining it?

    Also I'd remove the destruction of TNT when hitting it. That was somewhat useful. Even making it a right click would have been better.
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    posted a message on BLOCK SPAWNER 1.7.2
    Wow you found it! Nice. And to think kiershar made a video as well as many other people I presume about 5 or so days ago.

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    posted a message on Mob Traps Are Back!
    Quote from Progger

    I understand, but my mob trap can produce twice that without mob spawners.

    You sound like this is a new concept... I mean it's cool you made one and I'm glad for you and stuff, but people have been making them for a while now haha.
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    posted a message on The Beginnings of my Underwater Base
    So a few days back I decided an underwater base was to be made. I made a base. A saw where there was not a base and said "No no, this will not do." (catch that bad reference?)

    Anyways I made the base with the pistons mod, which allowed it to be really simply transferred to 1.7_01 and replaced with the new pistons. It has a "lockdown" system which allows no light to be seen from above allowing it to be very stealthy. In addition I also made a wheat farm which have pistons blocking water. When activated, the water is released and the wheat is collected. This still gives me a few problems but a little more testing and it should be good. I want to make the entire base self sufficient and want as many piston uses as I can think of.

    If you'd like the save, I have to warn you. What you see is what you get. Not much has been done to the world except a little house I made and a boat dispenser under the house. I will link to it but don't be dissapointed, more upgrades to the save will be made :smile.gif:

    Save: http://adf.ly/1xjW2
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    posted a message on I tried to install mods on minecraft, and now it doesn't work what should I do?
    It's like two or three hours since Minecraft was updated... What do you expect?
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    posted a message on Notch, What have you DONE?
    How dare he fix glitches in his game? It is our right to abuse glitches! I mean when people find glitches in games that let them do stuff that shouldn't happen, they keep it in the game! Oh wait... they don't.

    Glitches are glitches. They need to be fixed.

    Also Deja Vu means there's a glitch in the Matrix and that we alls gun' die... just saying
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    posted a message on Tetris
    Quote from Darerd

    tetris? in minecraft? really? why don't you just go to tetrisfriends.com?

    Zombies? In Minecraft? really? why don't you just go play Left for Dead 2?
    Music blocks? in Minecraft? really? why don't you just play real music?

    See where I'm going?
    Tetris is cool. Tetris in minecraft is cooler.
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    posted a message on Floating ores!
    Quote from FNG9232

    This is not worth an adf.ly link.

    Sorry to hear that. Only 5 seconds and it's a direct download from dropbox but if you don't want to check this out I don't take offense.
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    posted a message on Floating ores!
    Quote from Flare Shot

    You gotta tell me what command to use for that!

    //wand to select the areas,
    //replace stone air to get rid of the stone
    //replace dirt air
    //replace grass air
    //replace gravel air
    then for the other blocks 
    //replace <block name or id> air
    For the lava I had this weird glitch where I had to me inside it, but the command is 
    //drain <radius>

    Basically these are all just WorldEdit commands. http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Reference
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    posted a message on Floating ores!
    So a few days ago I was quite bored without internet so I decided to use SSP commands and delete all the stone, dirt, gravel and other useless blocks from a large are, while only leaving ores. It looked pretty cool, so I thought I might as well upload the save and such.

    http://adf.ly/1Zw8V - Adf.ly helps me out a little bit so I hope you don't mind

    (Note: I'm sorry for the large pictures. I'm still getting used to the new forum.)



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    posted a message on Fireplace in Mutliplayer 1.5?
    Are you able to spawn in items? That might have to be the only way to get infinite fire. If you can't spawn items, then I guess you're kinda lucked out.
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