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    posted a message on Post Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 here!
    Wow, I'm happily surprised that this BF3 vs MW3 thread isn't a complete BF3 circlejerk (there are some reasonable, smart people in this) like it usually is.

    Really right now it's just internet kids who pick up that hating on CoD is popular and then they see BF3 graphics and lose any reasonable opinion. I would bet most of them haven't even played BF2 or BFBC2, or have put less than 24 hours into them.

    Either way, nobody knows true facts & details about either of these games yet. Everybody should stfu about them and wait until we know everything to truly compare them.
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    posted a message on ♖ NoxCraft ♖ [1.2.5] 3 Servers | No Whitelist | Join Today!
    My real name is Dan and my in-game name is WoahPepsi

    May I be whitelisted?

    Your serer seems like a fun place to spend some time.
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    posted a message on Mining and Crafting to MapleStory.
    tl;dr of my post : This update has been around for a while and is has no relation/isn't influenced at all by Minecraft

    Many, many games have mining/crafting/gathering. They are not following Minecraft's huge rise in popularity. There is no relation to minecraft in the patch notes (like you thought).

    The maplestory community has been jabbering about this since late fall/early winter, which is when the update was introduced to kMS (korean version).

    The chaos update will be split into three parts, similar to the Big Bang patch. The first part is the one you linked to, the second part will be the profession update (info can be found here). The third part of this update will be PvP, and the final part nobody is really sure about because it is gMS exclusive.
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    posted a message on Battlefield 3, Skyrim, And MW3
    Quote from josethepenguin

    Now I just seem derptarded :sleep.gif:
    Anyway, I like how you guys get all mad at me when I say something like that when everyone else posted comments ten times worse :rolleyes:

    I wasn't calling out just you I was just pointing out most of the general online community thinks it's cool or fun to bash CoD. Most of these people then go on to endorse games that have very similar qualities (Battlefield is the same thing every time, like CoD) or go on about how an unrealeased game with very little gameplay footage is way better than CoD.

    Quote from bowserchomp

    CoD deserves most of its bashing.
    And what about Saints Row the Third?!?
    Come on, it's going to own all of them! <_<

    Name three problems CoD suffers from that don't effect other games.

    I'm not a CoD fanboy either, I like most of the games mentioned. It's just that CoD receives so much useless hate and if I can make some people realize that it is okay to stray away from the general consensus then I'll be happy.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Game Modes, SMP
    Herp derp lets take Minecraft Beta which I have spent months of my life on and force all of its multiplayer servers to regress into the old Creative Mode.

    Of course it is optional, read the post and apply common sense
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    posted a message on Battlefield 3, Skyrim, And MW3
    You people seem to be forgetting we have yet to see true multiplayer (the main selling point) for BF3 or MW3. Who knows, maybe BF3 is a carbon copy of BC2 on the frostbite 2 engine...
    Maybe MW3 brings lots of new, exciting elements to the table and the team has greatly improved from their previous games...
    Maybe Skyrim is just like Oblivion in every way and only brings a new setting to the table (inb4 dragonz too!!11)

    Nobody can make a well-informed decision right now. At this point it is just the BF3 fanboys hyping over eyecandy and the usual, unnecessary CoD bashing.

    Quote from josethepenguin

    At least when MW3 comes out it will keep all the fags and underage children from BF3.....

    Quote from josethepenguin

    Well, I kind of agree with you there. I although think that the flamewars about MW3 and BF3 are retarded. Anyway, that is just my opinion. If you think differently, that is fine with me.

    You contradicted yourself
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    posted a message on MyriadCraft 24/7 Dedicated SMP Server - *The Server of Endless Possibilities* - Running 1.4.6 - Bukkit - Custom Plugins - Greyli
    How did you hear about this server: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/382249-myriadcraft-247-dedicated-survival-server/
    Why you want to join: I want a multiplayer server to spend my summer on.
    Age: 15
    In-game name: WoahPepsi
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    posted a message on iCraft 24/7 [EastCoast][Bukkit]
    > You didn't post IP
    > You didn't say whether you had any bucket plugins
    > You didn't say if it was public or whitelist
    > You didn't tell anybody to PM you or post here

    If you're going to try and show-up a server, include the necessary information. To put it in your own words:

    2. Don't be a Idiot
    3. Use Common Sense
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    posted a message on Is soiherduleikmen a troll?
    lol Shaniqua, settle down with the posts.

    You've made enough for tonight, and spamming the board to boost your post count is not big boy behavior.
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    posted a message on Snow on Test Worlds!!!

    gen a new world...
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    posted a message on this is why there isnt as many updates as there used to be
    hahaha LOL


    :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :iapprove: :iapprove: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :DORE: :DORE:
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    posted a message on NEW SERVER: Craftland [24/7] Come and Join!
    You should really tell people what plugins you're running, if any.
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    posted a message on Server No Longer Available.
    Will you break rules? : No.
    Age : 15
    Minecraft IGN : WoahPepsi
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    posted a message on If a mod marketplace is established...
    Third party mods = Not official game content

    If for some reason Mojang decides to implement a mod into Minecraft for money, that is considered an expansion which is free to Alpha buyers.

    If a third party mod requires payment for some reason, then you will have to pay for it if you want it.
    Not that hard to understand if you actually take the time to think.
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    posted a message on TurtleCraft :D [Whitelist] {Bukkit} 15 Slots (1.5)OPS NEEDED
    Do you want to be an OP if yes why? : _____ Not really

    What is the greatest thing you ever built? :_ One time I built a tree by planting a sapling. The tree gave ___________________________________ more saplings so I could plant more trees.

    How long have you been playing minecraft? : Since late August, 2010

    Why you want to join this server? : ________ I need a place to play.

    IGN : ___________________________________ WoahPepsi
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