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    posted a message on Take a picture of your Minecraft server!

    No I don't mean a screenshot of the Minecraft server interference, I mean taking a photo of your computer that is capable of running a Java version of Minecraft.
    Because whenever I Googled "Minecraft server in real life" it does not give the relevant results.
    I am wondering whether or not a Minecraft server can be run on a Nintendo DS, or a Nintendo 3DS. or whether or not it can run on a PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Psvita, Xbox 360, Xbox One. Or an iPhone or android or Samsung galaxy series. So if a Minecraft Server could be run on any of these above, let me know by taking a picture of your machine as evidence.

    Also if I am posting in the wrong thread, forgive me.

    To answer your question, since others seem to be arguing the definition of what a "server" is ;P

    Short answer is no, you can't run a server on any of those systems you listed. Reason being, they have very restricted operating systems which would require you to jailbreak or otherwise install a new operating system on them. You could however run a MC:PE server from an android phone using Pocketmine-MP.

    edit: you might be able to host xbox's version of MC on an Xbox, I'm not entirely sure how that works though (you probably need MC Realms for that).

    hope that helps a little. Good luck with whatever you're trying to do!

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    posted a message on [WoBHosting] MC:PE hosting - 24/7 - full control - fast support - $.4 per slot - Bitcoin - 1 Click Installs
    WoBHosting now supports Minecraft: PE! We welcome all MC:PE players to our new service. We provide 24/7 uptime, fast support, full FTP, Web file manager and console control! Please contact our support team if you have any questions!

    For our MCPE servers we charge per slot unlike our other services.
    2 slots - $0.75 Per Slot
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    50-60 slots - $0.5 per slot
    Control panel:
    Payment Options:
    Refund Policy:
    Full refund within 72 hours of initial purchase
    Other Features:
    Free Subdomain
    Dedicated IP Upon request
    MySQL Database
    1 Click Plugin installs
    Web Console
    Web File Manager
    FTP Access
    Automatic Setup
    Pocket Mine Plugins
    Feel free to contact our support if you have any questions
    30% off for first month: MCMobileWith any MC:PE Server you own you can get discounts for life on our regular servers! Just ask!
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    posted a message on Looking for People who wants a job
    Hey, check out this post, might help you get started. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2303410-what-a-proper-hosting-company-should-have/
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    WoBHosting recommends cobradesigns to anyone looking for any of their banner and background needs!
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    Good day all minecraft fans! So, it seems like your looking for a server, and a cheap one at that. Well... you've come to the right place!

    Welcome to the WoBHosting 50% off summer fun sale! We're about to offer you a deal you can't resist!
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    Minecraft Hosting Prices:
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    Yeah.. you just struck a great deal. What are you waiting for?! Go right now to www.WoBHosting.com

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    Hold up... We didn't give you a code, right thats the catch..
    So heres the idea, were doing something nice for you, you have to do something nice for someone else, heres how:
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    Once you post a comment saying you'd like a code we will PM you the magical discount code that you can use at checkout.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask our tech support, ask here, or give us a call with the number in our signature!

    Thanks for spreading the deal and making more minecraft fans happy!

    (note: We offere dedicated servers, and can offer those for 50% off the first month, but only by special request)
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    Hello all you writers, WoBHosting is in need of you! (for some reason I just noticed MCForums wont let me hit enter for a new line so this will all be on one line....). We need skilled writer with knowledge of minecraft server hosting to help us expand our knowledge base. We need things from, how to reduce lag, to how to upload jar files. We will pay you $2 per article you write if your accepted(we want lots of articles with almost anything anyone could ask). You will be given a company email and access to our staff lounge where you can communicate and ask questions of the other staff members. If you think your up to the task, let us know below, then write an article about "How to reduce lag on a minecraft server", once complete send it into our support staff under account/billing with the subject Knowledgebase how to reduce lag. We will choose a writer this coming Friday. Let us know any questions you might have.
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