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    Just thought i would post some pictures of my undercity that i have been working on and off for ages, feel free to give some suggestions for new buildings to add to it as starting to run abit dry in ideas, no save download atleast currently depending on how much interest it gets i might post the save when its "done".Heres some screenshots will put them in spoiler tags so the topic doesn't lag or load slow, depending on interest will take more pictures of inside the buildings.Overview:

    Beach Biome:

    Snow Biome:

    Nether Biome:

    Desert Biome:

    Swamp Biome:

    Park Biome:
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    Quote from Flitchit

    Sadly Uniblue media has not completely finished this texture pack, so yes, there are missing textures. Unsure when he might update it, im hoping he hasnt given up :)

    Nowhere did it say it was WIP and it isn't in the WIP section, well that sucks off to find a finished texturepack then i guess.
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    Only some of the textures are working for me, ive done everything you are meant to do and every other texture pack i have is working perfectly, heres some images to show what i mean: http://imgur.com/a/3hVhN
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    A friend of mine was building a roller coaster on my world but wasn't really sure how to make one so i decided to make this one for them, and i thought i would post it here for your guys opinions on it so far, going to add more aesthetics in and around it.

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    You're not alone buddy, since the update alot of people (Including me) are unable to get our servers to work, i have been hosting servers for 2 years and now since the update i am unable to host one, just gotta wait for it to get fixed i guess, not much we can do to fix it as far as i know.
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    Since the 1.3/1.3.1 update my server won't work, ive updated everything, 2 or 3 hours before the update it worked, the second since the update it has not worked, still using the same ports ive even tried port forwarding a few new ones and they won't work, this is just with vanilla and the game versions are all the same, i can connect to my server via using " local host" but even when i put my IP in it doesn't work.
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    Quote from PizzaPenguin

    Hmm, maybe you've never played Minecraft Survival or something, but playing legit gives you and others a much larger feel of success and achievement. I'm not saying this build is horrible because he used Creative mode. In fact, this is incredible, and Withease should feel very proud.

    Anyways, this is a fantastic build. I hope to see more. :D

    Talk to me after playing Minecraft for 2 years, the end justifies the means, spending 200 hours instead of 20 hours for something that ends the same does not make it better, If i build my own house in real life and order the wood, tiles, wiring etc instead of going into a forest cutting down a tree for some wood, making my own tiles and making my own wires, is it any less of a house? get your head out of your ass i loathe people like you on these forums.

    Great project by the way, keep up the good work.
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    Another picture update, this one is about the submarines i have, They kinda look like space shuttles to me.

    This is the manufacturing warehouse where they are made, the submarines are just a shell with no interior here.

    A closeup of one of the submarines in the manufacturing warehouse.

    This is the first (And currently only) Submarine docking station, i went for finer detailing so i added these signs, pretend they are cool futuristic 3D lights coming out of the wall.

    The inside of one of the small submarines.

    The cockpit/controls for the smaller submarines.

    A completed submarine with a fitted interior in the departure storage which go from there to the Submarine docking station mentioned above.

    A submarine as it is leaving the above departure storage.

    The inside of the large (Currently only) submarine, going to change it soon, at the back there is the engines (Lava).

    The cockpit/controls of the large submarine.

    A overhead shot of the large submarine, abit hard to see through the water.
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    Quote from Xzeon

    This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the map upon release! Btw, what software are you using the capture the footage?

    Thanks man, i use fraps.

    Quote from TNTQc

    Me, I work a lot with spc and WE and it helps a lot. Sometimes, when I want to fill an area with water, I do like this: I build the structures, then I fill the area I want to be water with another block (a block I'm not using anywhere). With the selection tool (wand), I select the whole region (buildings and the temporary blocks for water, I'd say Netherrack for this exemple (ID 87)) and do this command: //replace 87 9.
    So, this will replace all the netherrack in your selected region with filled water (ID 9). Or a fastest way, avoiding filling the region with netherrack (for you, it would be a waste of time doing it)... select the region, and //replace 0 9. You will fill all empty blocks (air) of the region with water. But that way, you'll also have water inside your sructures, so you should do it with multiple selections. But I agree, it's tricky sometimes with selections.
    When you fill your region, you surely have to arrange the water flows afterwards?? That's painful to do!??
    Anyway, you seem to handle it well... Cheers!

    I have tried a few ways,

    1st i tried using MCedit but that is annoying to control.
    I tried building a slab of stone say 100 by 100 blocks and than but water on it and deleted the stone, that took to long and it bored me.
    I tried using SPC but that glitched out and deleted chunks of my city.
    And i tried uploading it onto a temp bukkit server to use a none glitchy version of worldedit, which i will probably do from now on.
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    Quote from Luckycharm

    A truly amazing build, very nice video too :)

    Why thank you good sir, gonna make some later on with HD textures and effects.

    Quote from strange_kid

    It looks like you don't have clear water mod (if you do its not very clear :P ) it will make underwater building much more easy.

    Didn't know there was such thing, but then again i didn't even look, thanks i will keep that in mind for the future.

    Quote from TNTQc

    Really nice work.. good job! First, you build and then you add the water... was it tough to add the water into that huge area? (I never played creative) I mean, it seems very big. Were you alone to build it? Anyway, it is a very amazing work. It's a challenge to build underwater, well done. It also looks nice with the HD texture.

    Yeah first i do the building exterior, cover it just a thin layer of water around the building (1 block) so i know that buildings exterior is done, than when there is a group of buildings together i flood the sections done from the sky, around 80 blocks high (This was when the limit was 128 so i left some wiggle room for buildings poking out of the water).

    It's not so hard as it is irritating and time consuming, i tried using singleplayer commands and use worldedit but it did not agree with me, when trying to fill in around 500 blocks of air at lvl 79, it choose over 300,000 blocks instead and decided to replace a large chunk of my city with water, thankfuly i backed it up before hand, i have not added anymore water since then so not sure how i will flood later on sections.

    I had 2 friends help me out earlier on in the build when there was only about 10-20 buildings, 1 helped with the mundane copying the exterior of buildings (Some are identical next to eachother to simulate a section of shops or houses).

    My other friend helped me with some Interior but i think he only did a few buildings and he won't help me any futher.
    I may be having another help friend me within the next few days but for the most part its been a solo build.
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    Quote from Kenja_Ansem

    Cool, I'll try that to, however how did you make such a deep empty world then ?

    I used the superflat option when creating to world.
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    Quote from Kenja_Ansem

    What I'm curious about is, creative or not, how do you get rid of all the water, do you really just place blocks and remove them ?
    I tried that and it's still a hell even if it's a single dome.

    This is done in creative, the water comes afterwards, when in the water that deep and so close to bedrock you can only faintly see 3 blocks away and would be impossible to build in.
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    Some interior pictures:

    Swamp Biodome:

    Desert Biodome:

    Snow Biodome:

    Park Biodome:
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    Quote from shadowshudder

    Map download please? Really would love to check it out!

    Eventually i will more than likely (Not saying 100% so don't quote me on it if i decide not to)
    It will never be "Finished" as i will always add onto it now and than, but if i do decide to release it later on i wan't it to be abit larger, and then i will update the downloads for newer versions.

    Quote from Miss_Jillian

    I love the structure and form of the city, I have but only a meager suggestion... perhaps some sort of sea-bed terrain elevation variance? Like fissures and undersea mountains and the like?

    Yeah i agree it is to flat but i had 2 options:

    - Use superflat (Which i did)
    - Use superflat but then spend a few hours making small hills and such.

    For the later additions i may add small hills or fissures, but im fairy restricted as the ground is at 8 or so i'm not sure, so i don't have alot of wiggle room for rifts and craters but small hills or mountains is a possibility.
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    For the past couple months (On and off between this and other projects/work) i have been building an underwater city, I'm adding anything you would find in your standard city to this one for example;

    Transport (Submarines).
    Residential Buildings.
    Private Houses.
    Recreation (Pools, Tennis courts, Ice skating, Movies, Bars, etc)
    Small Prison/Holding Cells (Large one coming in the future)
    Bio-domes of all Biomes (Plus parks)
    Farms (Animal & Plant)

    When it is done it will be fully self-sufficient and sustainable.
    Yes i did make this in creative so please don't ask.

    This is the second one i have made, my last one (Rest In Piece) has been lost (Deleted) for some time so i decided to make a new one (Old one can be found here, http://www.minecraft...98#entry4176898)

    I have a short video showing a small amount of the city:

    I will start off with some basic shots of the city:
    If i receive positive feedback and interest i will show more detailed images of it being built and interior (And later on HD texture pack versions).

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