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    Okay I know there are a bunch of Minecraft Villager suggestions, and most of them suck. But I do like this idea I was thinking of. Like Villagers learning as Minecraft time progresses. Like they learn what trades the Player likes the most so they know what to trade instead of having random junk, though they will have random junk without any Player interaction. They also learn from zombie sieges on the best way to survive. If you have any ideas, please tell me, I would love to add them into this idea! :D
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    Quote from SwiftStrike

    Alright so I was letting go of a couple soldiers with some wood to build their wood and it got me thinking.. I came up with a suggestion in maybe a future update, and just a quote of advice to people who download this mod.

    1. (Advice) Put IN REAL BIG WORDS on the thread that you must release wood as a stack for clay soldiers to pick them up, not with Q. People don't seem to get that.

    2. (Suggestion) I noticed that one of the structures clay soldiers build is a type of mini fort. Do you think if you gave them a stack or so of stone, they would make a big stone castle? Not necessarily huge, but big enough to fit a king and a good ammount of gaurds, because my clay soldiers don't really stick around their houses, they wander around aimlessly. Or maybe some sort of way to get clay soldiers to stay in a "home" area, or they cant go a certain amoung of blocks away from where they were set down, like a home block that they stay close to. And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING IT COMPATIBLE WITH SPAWNER GUI. your awesome :biggrin.gif:

    I thought of the cobblestone/stone idea, and mentioned it to him which a bunch of my other ideas.
    The idea that everyone said was the best, was my village idea.
    Village idea:
    -Condemned village

    They will wander around the village instead of aimlessly, but a few soldiers will be able to walk around finding enemy villages.
    I also had a idea of having the clay citizen people to do stuff, such as mine cobble/iron for the village, lumberjack to get wood for the village, fishermen, farmers, crafters, smelters, traders, lost clay men, warriors, guards, etc. all of them can interact like a real village if he likes the idea, although since he made it, he can edit my idea however he wants. If he likes this idea, maybe i can post more that he might like.
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    Quote from orangetotodile

    i think a few of those are good ideas but most are just completely against the whole idea of this if you want miners download something else like minecolony or something this is clay SOLDIERS not clay EVERYTHING.and you don't really explain any of the ideas.

    Well I meant the miner idea, as in they mine cobble for the cobble builder idea or get diamonds, or iron for the village. Not mine for us, as in minecolony. I also thought of the idea for the citizens who don't do anything much. I will see if I can post a forum for ideas for this. Where people can post ideas, and not scram up this wall with them. I will also explain more about my ideas, and see if koda will aprove of some. Maybe some people can vote or something. I don't know?
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