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    Hello! It's been a while. I wanted to share with you guys my newest map. It's a cruise ship, called the S.S. Clarity (I didn't actually check to see if that's a real boat, that name is the result of about thirty seconds of brainstorming.)

    A while ago, in the ages of classic creative mode, some guy made a giant cruise ship that I fell in love with. That map was lost to the ages, so I made one myself. Here are the obligatory pictures.


    Capacity: 181 (93 crew and 88 passengers)
    31 Crew Rooms
    38 Passenger Rooms
    6 Decks
    14 Life Boats
    5 Cargo Holds
    3 Pools
    Grand Promenade
    Engine Room

    And a LOT of other stuff! There's too much to list here.

    This is the download link. Message me if this doesn't work in any way.


    Installation: Open the rar (I think you have to have WinRar) and put S.S. Clarity in saves. That is all you have to do. It is not rocket science.

    I've hidden TNT chunks under stairs and other places where you can't see them, so setting fire to the boat is probably going to be fun. Almost all of it is flammable.

    Please tell me what you think when you've had a look! It took about two days to make this (although I have had experience with making boats before). The only time I used a map editor was when I needed to get rid of the water in the engine room and crew areas below.
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    I would most certainly like a house like this.

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    Ah, I recently got the model for lego, so I was curious to see how it would corporate to Minecraft, can I see the file?
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    Quote from Anabelle »
    Opening Minecraft and pressing alt+f4 should do the trick. Have a nice Xmas!

    Ah, yes, that's the right way to do it! This is how to get your cape, everyone!
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    Welcome to the Aperture Science Computer and Enrichment Center. Here you will find safe and simple work environments for our test subjects. You can find safe rest chambers for sleeping, defecating, and being entertained.

    They may be required to use their intellectual skill in order to complete tasks, such as locating an exit.

    Please take a look at our Emancipation Grid, which can vaporize any unauthorized Aperture Science equipment.

    Sometimes there will be chambers where a test subject has to overcome an obstacle that appears to be impossible, but with the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, the impossible is easy.

    A test subject may have their life threatened by dangers that could potentially harm them, but these dangers enhance the testing experience.

    Please note that we have added a Companion Cube to assist the test subjects in their test environment, but remember that the Companion Cube cannot speak, and will never threaten to stab you.

    Once test subjects complete the tests, cake will be served. Remember that once you finish the tests, please lie down on your stomach with your hands behind your back with nothing in your hands, or else cake will not be served. We will be GLaD if you complete the tests... very. Goodbye...
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    -You can push a chicken off a cliff, watch it float down gently, and have it die when it reaches bottom.
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    It said 6000 (registered or bought, cant remember) in the past 24 hours. The 3000 thing is people playing now. I smell conclusion jumping.
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    Can you put in the jukebox and records? I want to listen to music :smile.gif:
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    Quote from xVizzi »
    Quote from Winkie4 »
    snipity snip

    Yea that is a long list, and yeah I'd like to see the skins :biggrin.gif:

    Ok, another trip to imgur :wink.gif:

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    Well, there's not really "secret" things, but there are really just things that are in the books... Like, outside the Great Hall, there are the hourglasses, and Gryffindor is winning. And there is, I think, just one secret passage in the Hufflepuff Bedroom.

    But I'm just going to say all the rooms because I'm bored and there's nothing to do. And this includes EVERY area that counts as a room.

    Area 1 - The Hogwarts Express

    1. Corridor 1
    2. Corridor 2
    3. Corridor 3
    4. Bathroom 1
    5. Bathroom 2
    6. Bathroom 3
    7. Compartment 1
    8. Compartment 2
    9. Compartment 3
    10. Compartment 4
    11. Compartment 5
    12. Compartment 6
    13. Compartment 7
    14. Compartment 8
    15. Compartment 9
    16. Coal Car
    17. Conductor's Car

    Area 2 - Hogsmeade

    1. Hogsmeade
    2. The Hog's Head
    3. The Hog's Head's Upstairs
    4. The Hog's Head's Secret Passage
    5. Ollivander's
    6. Ollivander's Back Room
    7. Ollivander's Attic
    8. Madam Malkin's Robes
    9. Dressing Room 1
    10. Dressing Room 2
    11. The Three Broomsticks
    12. The Kitchen
    13. Honeydukes
    14. The Alleyway
    15. Dervish and Banges
    16. The Shrieking Shack 1
    17. The Shrieking Shack 2
    18. The Shrieking Shake Passage

    Area 3 - Clock Tower Area

    1. Clock Tower
    2. Clock Tower Courtyard
    3. Clock Tower Corridor 1
    4. Quidditch Practice Field
    5. Herbology Classroom
    6. Herbology Courtard
    7. Herbology Practice Room
    8. Herbology Tower
    9. Clock Tower Secret Passageway
    10. Clock Tower Corridor 2
    11. Owlery Courtyard
    12. Owlery Corridor
    13. Owlery Tower
    14. Owlery Tower Upstairs

    Area 4 - Classroom Area

    1. Classroom Corridor
    2. Divination Courtyard
    3. Divination Corridor
    4. Transfiguration Classroom
    5. Potions Classroom
    6. History of Magic Classroom
    7. Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom
    8. Charms Corridor
    9. Charms Classroom 1
    10. Charms Classroom 2

    Area 5 - Main Area

    1. Main Corridor
    2. Library
    3. The Restricted Section
    4. Main Stairwells
    5. Dumbledore's Office
    6. Dumbledore's Study
    7. Muggle Studies Classroom
    8. Great Hall Corridor
    9. Great Hall

    Area 6 - House Dormitories

    1. House Corridor
    2. Slytherin Corridor
    3. Slytherin Common Room
    4. Slytherin Bedroom
    5. Hufflepuff Corridor
    6. Hufflepuff Common Room
    7. Hufflepuff Bedroom
    8. Ravenclaw Corridor
    9. Ravenclaw Common Room
    10. Ravenclaw Bedroom
    11. Gryffindor Common Room
    12. Gryffindor Bedroom

    Area 7 - Hogwart's Grounds

    1. Hagrid's Corridor
    2. Hagrid's Courtyard
    3. Hagrid's Bridge
    4. Hagrid's Field
    5. Hagrid's Garden
    6. Hagrid's Hut
    7. The Great Lake
    8. Quidditch Area
    9. Quidditch Tent

    Area 8 - Quidditch

    1. Quidditch Field
    2. Quidditch Corridor
    3. Gryffindor Tower 1
    4. Hufflepuff Tower 1
    5. Ravenclaw Tower 1
    6. Slytherin Tower 1
    7. Gryffindor Tower 2
    8. Hufflepuff Tower 2
    9. Ravenclaw Tower 2
    10. Slytherin Tower 2

    Sorry if that was extremely long (which it was :sad.gif: ). I just added Hogsmeade, so now I think I will add the Forbidden Forest soon. And I just added the Quidditch Field also! And the Shrieking Shack, along with the Whomping Willow.

    And I've already made the skins for them :smile.gif: If you want, I'll get them for you.
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    Quote from DigDug___ »
    Can you give a zoom out overall pic?

    Yeah, I labled some of the places in the pictures too. There is much more to the castle though...

    It was taken from a small glass tower I built on top of the Hogwarts Express.
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    Thanks :smile.gif:
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    Oh, and if anyone's wondering, I didn't use Omen at ALL for this. If you want to know how to get the flat map that I used, go to http://minecraft.net/play.jsp?user=Notch&id=3
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