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    posted a message on [Adv/Puz/Open] "Hero of the Void" (Fantasy Writer/Sound Designer/Musician LF Skilled Builders!)
    Minecraft Name: willowcat
    Date you started playing Minecraft: I've been playing for about 2 years now, I believe I pre-date the adventure update.
    Contact Info (PM through this site is fine): If you could PM me (in the event that I am to be considered) that would be great :)
    Building Experience: I have experience designing various small adventure maps (pretty looking parkour stuff that feels natural, small towns, lots of stuff that looks natural on a superflat world, etc...)

    Why are you interested?: Your world looks very cool and I'd love to help contribute in any way I can!
    Anything else you wish to add (Optional): I love the world you've started here and I would greatly enjoy being able to help you in building it, should you give me the chance. I love creating story driven adventure maps and something of this scale really appeals to me. Also, I was playing around with the concept of voice acting through the use of a resource pack, and seeing that this may be a planned feature sounds quite cool to me :)
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    Quote from coolguy1112

    Woh thats a lot of dots but any way is it ok if i put you as a Designer Builder AND content creator? And also add me on skkpe just look at my profile!

    I'll add you on skype later today, thanks :)
    Also, I'm fine having both titles, so long as I'm not taking up more space than I need to...
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    posted a message on Need Map Crew
    IGN: willowcat
    Minecraft experience(Years, Months, Days): about 2-3 years... (I pre-date the adventure update if that helps...)
    Redstone Or Building: A bit of both, but my redstone is a bit rusty, so I believe I would be of more help as a builder...
    Can you host a server for 10: probably not, sorry...
    Time zone: pst (pacific standard time)
    Age: 16
    Past experience: I've started work on numerous small adventure maps, and greatly enjoy writing out plot lines for stories. I am a proficient parkour designer, and do so in a way that is visually pleasing. I believe that I can be a great asset to you and your team as both a builder and a writer if you should consider me as a potential candidate for the adventure map... :)
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    posted a message on Need builders for an insanely large new Adventure Map!
    Hey, my name is Daniel (IGN: willowcat), and I am currently 16 years old. I'd love to bring some of my humble creativity to the table in not only the appearance, but also in the gameplay that I offer in my builds. I enjoy creating unique parkour courses that blend with the environment in a way that isn't a bunch of blocks randomly sticking out of a wall... :) I am also mildly proficient with redstone and can design some simple puzzles. I also enjoy writing and (if allowed) can help develop an engrossing world with a vibrant history. Unfortunatly *begins to trail off here* I have nothing exeptional that I can show off at this time. I understand any and all doubt that may arise here, and advise a trial period if I am at all accepted into the ranks, or am even considered to be a member that you select. However, I believe that you should choose me not because of what I can say within the confines of this post, but because of the non-linear style of map making and the striving for greatness that I intend to offer to you and my fellow builders, should I be chosen...

    TL;DR? I love steampunk, pick meh... :)
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    posted a message on [1.5] Minecraft Creative Server -|Help Needed!|Adventure Map Making Server|
    Hey guys,
    -My in game name is willowcat.
    -I am 16 years old.
    -I 'had' a skype account (lost the password ages ago) but if you need me to, I can make a new one for chatting.
    -I wanted to join because I love adventure maps and have been making a few of my own for some time now. The problem was, I never really got into map making and kinda abandoned many of my projects. I hope to be of some help to this server, in any way I can be... :)
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