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•A huge fan on Sci-Fi themed games and movies, most notably the Halo series and the Star Wars Saga.

•Likes producing narratives and books [See http://www.minecraft...ost__p__2451308 ]

•Is an experienced builder on minecraft.

•Co-builder of [Blocked -//Override.Confirmed\\] 338Fae's Halo Mod [Realistic], being worked on by Chazzalinko [Modeler] and Sev40[Main Builder]

•Has an unusual obsession with [Poo], [Purple Bananas] and his made-up word; [Doinkeedoodle].

•Has learnt how code spoilers and quotes in the Post Box on Minecraft Forums, thanks to Sev40.

•Enjoys making textured "skins" for the game Minecraft. An internet page containing them can be found here.


(Try and find the references to 6 YouTube videos!)
Interests Video games, tennis, basketball, video games, food, video games, sleeping, video games, video games, video games, and probably video games. Oh, and also Halo. Did I mention Video games? I don't think so. Favourite number: 7!!!

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