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    To everyone who has applied, we would like to thank you.

    However, we would like to ask that you read our updated topic, as new information has been included in the section regarding our testing week.

    We look forward to seeing all of you on our server.

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    Survival 24/7 Semi-Vanilla

    IP: Wikicraft.org

    WikiCraft is a survival Minecraft server that aims to be a simple, friendly, community server. Currently, we are only using plugins that enhance your experience, chat managers and a rank system for example, as well as tools for maintaining and administrating. We have recreated many features offered through plugins within vanilla Minecraft, such as our banking system.

    Currency System

    On our server, Emeralds are the standard for trading. In the spawn village you will find a number of Villagers to trade with, each with a specialized selection of items to choose from. Emeralds can be acquired naturally, by mining or by trading with Villagers encountered throughout the world, or they can be received by trading with the Villagers working in the Emerald Exchange building which can be found within the spawn village.

    Here, a player trades with a Villager working in the spawn village flower shop.

    Here, a player trades with a Villager working in the spawn village flower shop.

    Nether & End

    Our Nether and End worlds are reset regularly to assure that all players have a chance to collect resources. The End Dragon can be respawned on demand at any time, and does not depend on the world to be reset.


    Once you have built a home or other creation, you can request that an administrator or moderator protects your build, at no cost to you. If you would like the region of protection to be modified or expanded at a later time, you may make another request. However, from the second time and onward, you will be charged a number of Emeralds determined by the magnitude of the expansion or modification you have requested. You can have as many regions as you would like at any time.


    Here are several screenshots showcasing areas inside of our spawn village.


    Need to contact us? Shoot the owners an email at [email protected].

    You can also visit our website at wikicraft.myfreesites.net

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    if your thinking about textures, you should try and find out how to make custom shapes like an upside down hopper with the light texture on the bottom, but it could also go on walls and the floor. Another idea if you don't already made/plan to make is colored gels that you can put on the lens of the light, this would make really good uplighting effects on walls and stuff
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    Alright, here's what everyone is forgetting, he's not distributing it if he is only using it for himself. It's only illegal if he decides to distribute it which i doubt anyone will mark it since iv'e seen like a thousand texture packs that only have a few things edited. Plus I found this post because I wanted to make a texture packs for my most recent adventure map, but i didn't know the format so I want to just download a default one and edit all the things i need to. Whats wrong with that?
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    Appears to be, it should be up and running again very soon.
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    PvP - Economy - Multiverse - Plots

    WikiCraft is a survival server that features several different worlds including a spawn world, a plot world, and a resource world. When you first join, you can immediately head over to the resource world to gather building materials. When you feel you have enough, you can then travel to the plot world and claim your first plot. Each player starts with enough money to purchase a plot. At the default Citizen rank, you can own up to two plots. There are several other ranks to earn as well, each with more permissions as well as the ability to purchase more plots.

    WikiCraft is on the newer side and has only been public for a short while, so we have been open to suggestions! While playing, if you find something that you think we could improve upon, don't hesitate to tell us! We would like to make your experience on the server as pleasant as possible.

    WikiCraft's staff are very kind, helpful, and friendly people. We will try to answer as many questions as we can, and we'll help whenever we're needed. However, if you do break one of our rules, we will take action. Our rules are very basic and should be easy to understand. They are as follows:
    1. No Griefing (except in the resource world)
    2. No Spamming
    3. No Advertising
    4. No Begging for Ranks
    5. No Hacking
    6. No Causing Lag on Purpose
    7. No Inappropriate Builds
    8. Respect the Moderators, Admins, and Owners of the Server

    If you're looking for a great server community, many opportunities for fun, and a great multiplayer experience, try out WikiCraft!

    Here are a few screenshots of several locations in the spawn world. A great place to explore!

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