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    posted a message on Limitless fire on Hard Difficulty?
    Nice, I've been waiting for more hard features to switch to hard, normally I play normal. To me, a hard mode where enemies just deal more damage isn't really harder, its just annoying. But with hard mode having things more challenging with features I'll actually make the switch. Plus I hate limited fire, it just leaves random floating leaf blocks everywhere that are hard to remove.
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    posted a message on Keep Emerald Ore in Game Petition

    I want more biome specific underground features, especially ores, so that it gives a reason to explore underground in different areas (and gives a reason to make new mines in remote places).
    At present, all underground is the same no matter where you go, making the underground generally boring due to sameness.
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    posted a message on New biomes in older worlds
    I have a world from alpha and the jungles generated in newly generated land there. You just have to explore new lands in the same world, just like most other changes.
    The only thing to date that doesn't generate on old worlds are strongholds because of the ridiculous limit of 3 all within 1km of spawn, so they can't generate in new lands if you ever explored much at all.
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    posted a message on Easier way to get red flowers?
    If your plan is to use them to dye wool red, then you only need 2 to dye 2 sheep. Then breed the sheep, the children of 2 red sheep will all be red in 1.0.0.
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    posted a message on Confirmation on Stronghold limit in 1.0?
    The wiki now states that there are still only 3 strongholds, with a wiki source as proof of the code, showing that the number of strongholds generated is still 3.
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    posted a message on Confirmation on Stronghold limit in 1.0?
    I've seen what it says in the wiki, but has anyone actually found more than 3 strongholds in a world?

    No changelog mentions infinite strongholds, and Jeb hasn't mentioned the limit being removed.

    The only place I've seen it said is the wiki, but it has no source and could be a false claim.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 RC2 and still 3 strongholds per map?
    I've seen no evidence that there's more than 3 strongholds yet.

    They were supposed to become infinite at 1.9 (according to Jeb and the wiki), but an official 1.9 wasn't and will not be released.

    I would've assumed the RC2 would have infinite strongholds, but I've seen no mention of it in changelogs and heard of no one finding more than 3 per world.

    A limit of 3 strongholds would suck, since it would take an near infinite world and make it 1000 blocks big as far as the important stuff goes.
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    posted a message on Have explosive mobs been buffed?
    I think Jeb mentioned that they are currently bugged and the blast damage is the same no matter how far from the center you are, so that you take full damage even if it grazes you. I think it should be fixed in the next version.
    Trying to find the tweet but twitter is giving me trouble atm.

    Edit added:
    Found the tweet about fixing explosions: https://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/131292776305401856
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    posted a message on Does anyone think it is worthwhile to ranch pigs?
    I want pigs to have litters of 1-3 piglets, that way a single breeding would produce the same average number of items after slaughter as cows.
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    posted a message on Did anybody get sniper duel yet?
    I can't get this achievement.
    I've shot and killed skeletons from 65 blocks above them and it didn't give me the achievement.
    I've shot them across a desert from so far away they were outside the mob render distance, but still managed to kill it by shooting randomly and then finding the bones/arrows and xp.
    And I've shot them from sky limit at the edge of mob render distance on the ground.
    But nothing works.
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