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Love MineCraft and Doctor Who. Who'da thunk? | Cooler Master HAF 922 | Corsair Hydro Series H100 | Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Motherboard | Intel Core i7-4770K | MSI Nvidia GTX980TI Lightning 6GIG | Corsair XMS3 16 GB DDR3 1600mhz | Corsair Pro Series HX850 | Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256 gig | 2-Western Digital 2TB Cavier Black | 2-Western Digital 1TB Cavier Black | 1-Western Digital 320GB | 3-Western Digital 4TB | I love Adventure Time and want to be Lumpy Space Princess because Finn loves my lovely lady lumps...I'm kinda sorta crazy but that's okay with me. Born in California, raised in Arkansas, moved to several different states...haven't planted my roots yet! I love Team Fortress 2, Craft The World and Stardew Valley also. I only own 509 games thru Steam...I play maybe 9 of them. Why did they stop making The IT Crowd??? Best freaking show EVER!!! Gotta love that wit from Maurice Moss...Are You Being Served? Yeah, I need someone to take my inside leg...


I love working with my hands. Building and repairing computers and other electronics. Programming and website building are also things I enjoy doing even tho I wouldn't call them a hobby. Earlier in 2013 I bought a Raspberry Pi B+ to try out and actually love playing with it, not sure where I am going to go with it, but its fun. Bought a second(2) Raspberry Pi 2 B+ with 1 gig memory and now own a Raspberry Pi 3 (four RP's total!) and a 7" touchscreen, I want/need a Raspberry Pi Zero. I love Intel, but I have used AMD before as well, I know the differences and advantages between the two. I have been mostly Intel since I started with computers and probably will stick with them. Yes, I have an AMD system sitting next to me that I run a Minecraft server on. I've also had the pleasure/displeasure of using a VIA CPU at one point in my life. I LOVE REDDIT...oh yeah...I went there...I wish I could find someone how enjoys making their own creations...tearing things apart, putting them back together and screaming 'It's Alive!' I am a migraine sufferer...dang. Sometimes I ramble on in disorganized fashion...I call them brain farts.

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