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    Dude good mod , but you shouldve put instructions on how to go about putting the new update in , Me not knowing , i deleted the old mod out of my mod folder replaced it with the new one , and i lost my master sword :(

    No biggie though , just saying
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    posted a message on Looking for a simple minecraft server
    I just started minecraft today, however i played the demo a few weeks back and enjoyed it.
    So I bought it today and im looking for a server ,where I can buddy up with people and we could do some simple stuff. What im really eager to do is build the portal to the "nether" but there is no rush. I would like to enjoy everything else along the way to building the portal
    Im gonna be completely honest , I dont know how to build most stuff, Such as beds and more complex things.
    I got the shovels and swords down packed though .... So would you please let me join your server?
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