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    Would vouch! Organized community, mature and vanilla!

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    Hey fellas, we'll get straight to the point.

    We're not a big, adventurous project, we're just a few friends going through our College semesters together. We wanted to form a private server, on Minecraft, 1.14.4, to play along during the week, talk it out on the Discord, etc. We quickly realized it'd be great to have a few selected individuals who are mature, responsible, and looking to have a generally calm experience with us on this hosted Minecraft server.

    So we're opening our private server up to those who would like to join a soothing experience of semi-vanilla Minecraft, as the only plugins that exist on the server are CMI (which is a premium version of Essentials), CoreProtect, GriefPrevention, and LuckPerms. We have no fancy spawn, no announcements in chat, no drama, 0 fuss. Just some Minecraft, and some cool people.


    /afk, /sethome, /home, /removehome, /msg, /r, /tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept, /back.
    Players can set 10 homes using the command /sethome <HOMENAME>
    Dynmap is installed, use the web address to visit the online full render map of the server world.

    Players will have an initial of 100,000 claimblocks to use to claim your land. You will also gain 5,000 claimblocks per hour of gameplay. Use the golden shovel to claim.

    If anyone is currently interested, in forming a tight bond in this small community of ours (we're a group of 6 players right now), please consider filing an application on this Google Forms doc, and one of us will be right on to reviewing your application so you get a response within 12 hours.

    What we're looking for, are players who around preferably 18 or older, BUT if you're below 18, you will have to provide a mature and thoughtful response to our ONE written response question, so that we may consider your addition to the server. We want players who are grounded, laidback, and that generally want to have a good time, play some Minecraft, converse, and interact.

    Our Server RULES:

    1. Do not be racist or sexist.
    2. Respect every player on the Discord server, including staff members.
    3. Do not post any racist, sexual, offensive content in any of the text channels, or in-game.
    4. Do not grief unless the claim is unprotected.
    5. Be mature and responsible, so that the community can enjoy a serene play environment.

    6. Have fun and use common sense.
    If you think this is your taste, please visit our Google Form link!

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    posted a message on {Recruiting Builders and Developers} TheOffshore 1.13.2

    Help Us Make The Server!

    Hey fellas, we're working on making a 1.13.2+ Minecraft server titled "The Offshore". There will be plugins used from Spigot Premium, and we request building ideas, along with the brainstorming involved with constructing a successful Minecraft server. We aim to have a strong community, and we want help.

    What We Aim To Find:

    - Building -

    • Have prior experience in building with all sorts of materials and be able to adapt to different build styles.
    • Be able to communicate well with other builds and organize each other with the types of build during the build session.
    • Can cooperate with ideas and throw in suggestive thoughts as well.
    • Incorporate a lively feeling to the team too, optimism!
    • Be available weekly.

    - Developer | Background Work -

    • Have prior experience in working with the server panel such as Multicraft.
    • Be able to provide solid ideas and have a string for how we can incorporate those ideas.
    • Must cooperate well with the build team as well as other background workers.
    • Be able to get things done on the server in a timely manner.
    • Be available weekly.

    ** Let me know which one you're interesting in filling, builder or developer. We have numerous spots open!**

    This is a community project, we want players to feel guarded and welcomed on the server. Rules will be applied, but nothing extreme, but also not too lose. Staff team will not chosen until release, we're only looking for builders and background workers (developers). Knowing code isn't necessary but is recommended. Understand how to read the console logs, and fix unforeseen bugs.

    If you are interested please leave a comment on this thread or simply message me on Discord by searching for the following username


    Hope to see some of you on here and help produce a splendid server to enjoy some time on.

    Most Kind Regards,


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    posted a message on **RECRUITING A DEV TEAM | 16+ | **

    Hi, how's everyone doing today. I would hope everyone's doing good. Glad you decided to take a peek at this thread. My name is Vito, and I'm currently looking for a development team for our Minecraft server. We are working on releasing our server called Xaskuenope Enhanced, which focuses on the survival aspect but adding twists and difficulty to it to enhance the survival experience. Sound's cliche and like the rest, but at the end with thousands of servers out there, it's hard to come up with something extremely original.

    What We're Looking For:

    We're looking for experienced users who have developed servers in the past, or have been on a development team before for another server. We look for users who know to work with FTP File Access, know how to get around configuration files, can get tasks done in an appropriate time, manage to come up with ideas and suggestions. Know how to set up plugins, features, and incorporate new features, maybe also create a few plugins if you're that experienced.


    Follow this format to apply if you would like to join the Xaskuenope Development team. Once the server is released, you'll keep your position and continue to help us over the course of release and interact with the community we hope to build up.

    You must be older than 16, if you're not, and you still make an application we may or may not accept it, it depends on how much quality you show via your application.

    Must be willing to work on server tasks during the week.

    Must know how to complete tasks in an appropriately timely manner.

    Be respectful, mature, and responsible.

    You must be able to use Discord for communication.




    What experience do you have?:

    What can you benefit the server with?:

    How much time can you pitch in to be on the development team?:

    What is your Discord tag?:


    Thank you in advance for all those who participate! We look forward to having you on the team, more insight regarding tasks are given when you get through the application process.

    Most Kind Regards,

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    posted a message on Essentials not hiding prefix/suffix on tablist?!

    Hey there,

    Sadly, this must be an issue with TabList as I also use this plugin on my server and the only fix I've gotten to is that when a player types something in chat, their prefix/suffix disappears from the tab list. Besides that, Essentials isn't the issue, but an issue on the author's fault on the plugin.

    Most Kind Regards,


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    posted a message on >> Axones RPG Minecraft Server Development Recruiment <<

    Hey there,

    My name is Vito and I'm a teenager located in the United States, who is trying to create an RPG server, bringing my ideas and thoughts to life in the game of Minecraft. I currently own a Semi-Vanilla 1.11.2 Minecraft server, which has been up for 3 weeks now, you can visit its website at www.xaskuenope.enjin.com for more information.

    RPG Server Recruitment:

    We are currently looking for a team so we can work on the RPG server to which I am naming AXONES, which yes, it stands for something but that's for people who successfully join the team. We are currently in need of several builders with experience, they must be able to do a medieval type of project along with a jungle vibe to it. We are also looking for developers who might be interested in working with us on this project. We look for developers who can use the plugin "Heroes", along with its add-ons, and be able to do other server management tasks. It'd be a great plus if we can get developers who can code custom plugins for the server.

    Please keep in mind that this project will take more than a few months, we are willing to dedicate a lot of time to make this RPG server special, I have a lot of neat ideas that can hopefully be implemented onto the RPG server. We are NOT looking for moderators, or admins. Our task now is to recruit builders and developers. We have a small but very small team working on it, but we're in the very early stages of planning. I have a Google Docs containing information about the server to which you'll be granted access to view after you join the team.

    Can I contact you?:

    You can contact me via this forum thread, or you can visit my website for my current Semi-Vanilla server at www.xaskuenope.enjin.com. If you would like a faster response then message me via Discord, the link to our Discord channel is https://discord.gg/mAB9HJG

    How can I be recruited?:

    You can just copy this application format below and make it a forum reply on here or send me a private message via my website or (better to use this one) message me through Discord. I'm labeled as Vito on it.

    Application Format:

    What is your name?:

    How old are you?:

    What position are you applying for? (Builder or Developer):

    What makes you want to join this project?:

    Do you have any evidence or proof of your previous work?:

    How active can you be working on this project?:

    What can you bring to the table?:

    End of Application Format.

    Good Luck To Those Who Apply! We look forward to having you join the team.

    Most Kind Regards,


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    Welcome to the official thread containing accurate information regarding our custom modpack which will be released in June, following up our custom modpack server which will run along with our modpack!

    Hello everyone! Glad you're taking a look at this thread, this will contain information regarding our custom modpack which is set to be released in June, and this thread was created on April 13th of 2017, leaving us with a month and a half to work on this pack.


    We are open to ideas, including mod suggestions, server suggestions, and comments regarding this project.

    Why am I doing this?:

    Every summer I set up a modded server so me and a couple friends can play on it while the summer goes on, then we hibernate the server during September, since we all start school, but we will keep it up if anyone is willing to keep playing on it. It wasn't until last summer that I allowed other players who aren't my close friends to play on it, by submitting a whitelist application. This allowed us to control the flow of players, and since we won't be to strict with rules on the modded server, we want to keep things in order with the flow of players going in and out.

    Why a custom modpack?:

    It wasn't until last summer that I made a server running on my own custom modpack, and we loved it. We used to just run the server on more known packs, such as Tekkit, and most popularly (for me) Attack of the B-Team. Now, I'm a fan of tech and nature mods, and since my friends enjoyed magic mods too, we played Attack Of The B-Team since it included all 3 genres, but since last summer I created a pack that also contained all 3 genres, but were updated mods, and instead of playing a modpack running on version 1.6.4 of Minecraft, we played on version 1.7.10 which was a lot better.

    Pack Mods:

    -Tinkers Construct
    -MC Heli
    -Project Red
    -Better Storage
    -Build Craft
    -Compact Machines
    -Defense Tech
    -Enhanced Portals
    -Extra TIC
    -Extra Utilities
    -Iron Chest
    -Liquid XP
    -Malisis Doors
    -Minefactory Reloaded
    -MrCrayFish Furniture
    -Open Blocks
    -Open Eyes
    -Random Things
    -Redstone Arsenal
    -Secret Rooms
    -Super Crafting Frame
    -Thermal Expansion
    -TiC Tool Tips
    -TMech Works
    -Torch Levers

    -Biomes O' Plenty
    -Growth Craft
    -Archimedes Ships
    -Bibliowoods (Biomes O Plenty, Natura)
    -Carpenter Blocks
    -Chisel 2
    -Dense Ores
    -Food Plus
    -Fossils Archeology Revival
    -Inventory Pets
    -Garden Stuff
    -Loot Bags
    -Pam's Harvest Craft
    -Not Enough Keys
    -Choco Craft
    -Hardcore Ender Expansion

    -Thaumcraft (Addons were added such as Baubles, etc)
    -Blood Magic

    Client Side Mods:
    -Inventory Tweaks
    -NEI Addons
    -NEI Integration
    -Not Enough Items
    -Dynamic Lights


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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]
    Quote from ENDSLAYER355»

    ok please notify me when the server is out to the public. good luck with dev stages

    Quote from ENDSLAYER355»

    ok please notify me when the server is out to the public. good luck with dev stages

    We believe that the dev stages will last just a couple days! What will take longer is the building stage, we only have our best buildder on board, it will take a few weeks before everything is set before we can launch to the public.
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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]
    Quote from ENDSLAYER355»

    what is the ip I WANNA PLAY there are just not enough modded servers. Also what is the name of the modpack in technic

    Hello there, thank you for showing interest in our server, but sadly this is a work in progress and are in our developing stage, meaning we are still testing things out to make sure the server works well before people can play on it. Its called Project Silverlight on Technic, theres a link to the technic page of our modpack in the information of the post, right near the bottom. You can play the pack, but the server wont be on for the public for a bit more.
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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]
    Quote from Jamesm1»

    Yeah, you can change and edit quotes, quite weird.
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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]
    Quote from Jamesm1»

    This sounds amazing sadly i dont have any suggestions to try make it better but none the less its an absolutly amazing idea PLEASE dont ever abandon this idea because if life ever gets rough u can always post here and i will support you if this idea gets abandoned i will probs cry myself to sleep. not kidding

    also love the mods in the pack, downloading it rn

    Yeah, thank you for your support! Much is gladly taken. We are currently taking care of configuring permissions and commands to certain ranks in the server, while my co-mate and co-owner is helping around with the new forums which we hosted using "Enjin" which is theasvisnetwork.enjin.com

    As we will not include /tpa, /tpaccept, /warps, we will only offer subway/train and plane travels. We will have airports and docking stations and fines will be given if you land a plane somewhere that is not the airport (only applies in cities). We have some exciting stuff coming in to the server, we will continue to update this page.

    Also fixing modpack bugs, we want players to have a comfortable experience while playing, so we are taking our time to find these bugs and fix them. Our server is holding up quite nice with the mods and the plugins loaded in.

    We need to add a plugin to blacklist and ban certain items and recipes as we do have some over powered items in the pack, and some will be for Donator ranks only. But don't worry, they don't affect gameplay, so it will be fair.

    Good Day,
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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]

    Thank you! Ill try the Technic Forums! It's all about mods there. So I'm sure I can bump into someone.

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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]

    I love the idea of waht you're doing, however you have to think about your playerbase, not saying it's going to fail. But a lot of the players who play minecraft are kids ages (from what I've seen) 9 and up (9-14, 15) but anyways. MOST of them might not be able to run the mods that your server needs them to run to play. It is very possible that you could do it. (I have played with mods before but never really played on servers) Just throwing it out there that it is possible you'll have a hard time finding help and players! I really enjoy the thought of making a modded server though, that'd be pretty sick if you could make if huge. Hope this helps you a little maybe?

    Suggestions are always open! I love hearing what other people have to say and it helps me improve my idea for the server. I actually thought about the player base. I made sure people with regular laptops can run the mod pack. I have a gaming computer myself, running a GTX Geforce 1080 Graphics Card with 32 GB of RAm and an Intel iCore 7 6700k Processor. I have no issue at all running the modpack. So, I took my old Sony laptop, which runs an Intel iCore 5 with a 1.6 Ghz and 8 GB of RAM, no graphics card. Just basic integrated GPU from Intel. Meaning this laptop is probably and hopefully what most kids use for school etc. Well, running the modpack gave me 30 FPS with the minimum of 20 FPS, which in my opinion is great FPS for a modpack like this one. Making it playable and somewhat enjoyable. I seem to find a bigger minecraft audience (Age Wise) when joining the modded community, for example Technic or FTB. So, I think many people will be able to enjoy the modpack to the hype I want it to live up to. Also, if kids with the specs or near the specs my old Laptop has, I'm sure they can still enjoy the experience.

    At the end, thank you for your suggestion.

    Most Kind Regards,
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    posted a message on In need of builders | minecraft 1.10 server spawn
    Quote from Ivel907»
    skype: Do I Need?
    age: 12
    are you good at building: Yes, im good at filling, breaking copying and worldedit and world gaurd
    are you good at detail: Not the best, but a bit
    how long have you been building: about 3 years
    screens: Image result for server spawn

    What are you doing? I know the people who built the first and second (the castle) images. How dare you use plagiarism and yet say it was yourself. You have pathetic. Get out, delete your post. You don't deserve to take the hard work made by the build team from these images. Your also 12, impossible you belong to a professional build team.

    Please do not make him a builder, these arent his builds. There stolen and just used Google Images to search up builds.
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    posted a message on Currently Needing Builder's For An Investment Project [MODDED SERVER] [RPG]

    Hello current Minecraft players, and do we have a project for everyone. Me and our previous staff team for our server had been thinking of creating a server, that is completely unique. I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing things like “our server is so unique” or “we are the most unique server ever”. In all my years of playing Minecraft, I’ve never seen a server come close to the project I’m doing. Our project will take time to develop, but we feel it’ll give players the fun they want all in one. This is what I think can be called unique. So within the next thing’s being shown and explained, please have an open mind and help us with our project, to become a success.

    Project Silverlight:

    A 1.7.10 Minecraft server which will run on Spigot 1.7.10, along with Cauldron 1.7.10, upon saying Cauldron, yes the server will run on a modpack in order to enhance the user’s experience. Server will be 24/7 and will for now run with 8 GB of RAM, with a suggested player base of 90 players or lower. This is all for the beta test and alpha run. Once we reach our desired point, we will increase server spec’s. The server aim’s to be a Modern, RPG server. Please, do not tell me that RPG server’s exist, because I am aware of this, but our idea of “RPG” is a different approach. We plan to make the server feel like you're playing a simulator of our current life. We want players to feel that this isn’t minecraft anymore, it’s a whole new world, literally.


    Once the players spawn, they will be greeted with a variety of different options for them, getting hints and tips for their start and the spawn won’t be massive so your FPS won’t kill itself when spawning. All needed signs and rules will be set right around you and you have to accept the rules by /acceptrules in order to start playing, by agreeing to the rules you also agree on the behavior we are expected to see. We strongly suggest you follow the rules so you don’t ruin anyone elses experience.


    Cities will be controlled by the staff team, people who decide to build cities, will just be named as towns unless a contract is signed with us, then your town can get the title “City”. Once players start off in the first launch date, you will have the choice to either visit or even get to live in 3 of the prebuilt cities made from our build team, or you can go out on your own in the wild and start building your own or live alone. Upon living in a city, you are greeted with free food by our markets, protected area zones, and activities within the city. If you decide to live in the wild, you will not have a protected/claimed home, you will not have any kind of base claim. This will act as a real life situation. If you get griefed, contact the staff team and we will be happy to rollback the damage as well as punish the griefer by sentencing him to either the community jail or the state prison.

    Player Bans:

    The way player bans work on the server is different to the way it works regularly on regular servers. Once we find the one who has been breaking the rules, our staff team will play a game of locate and hunt where we will use weapons to take you down, we will not teleport to you to cheat, we will legit walk or use a vehicle to get to you, then we will transfer you to the nearest city, then sentence you a time of punishment for your actions. Instead of temp banning a player, we will put them in either jail or prison and leave him there for his time. We will not ban you from the server unless you reach 5 major offenses. Also, if you get sentenced max time in prison, you will be put in prison for ever, with a chance to appeal/parole. We won’t use the /ban command unless you get 5 offenses. The prison will be somewhat cozy and have things inside for you to do. But like any other prison in real life, it gets boring. Please do not try to logout when the staff start coming to you, as once you log out, we will wait the max time of 10 minutes for you to log back in, if you don’t login within 10 minutes, we automatically use the /jail PLAYER command to transfer you to the nearest prison.

    Current Mod List:

    1. Not Enough Items
    2. Inventory Tweaks
    3. Journey Map
    4. Fisk's Superheroes
    5. Iron Chest's
    6. Carpenter's Block
    7. MCHELI
    8. Security Craft
    9. Artifice
    10. Better Storage
    11. Biblio Craft
    12. BiblioWoods [Biomes O' Plenty]
    13. BiblioWoods [Forestry]
    14. BiblioWoods [Natura]
    15. Biomes O' Plenty
    16. Build Craft
    17. Build Craft Compact
    18. Chisel 2
    19. Compact Machines
    20. Defense Tech
    21. Denesores
    22. Dynamic Lights
    23. EnderIO
    24. ExtraTic
    25. Extra Utilities
    26. Fast Craft
    27. Food Plus
    28. Forestry
    29. Fossils Archeology Revival
    30. Galactic Craft
    31. Garden Stuff
    32. Growth Craft
    33. Hamsterrific
    34. Hats
    35. Iguana Tinker Tweaks
    36. Immersive Engineering
    37. Jabba
    38. Liquid XP
    39. Loot Bags
    40. Malisis Doors
    41. Mekanism (Includes Generators, and Tools)
    42. Minefactory Reloaded
    43. Natura
    44. NEI Addons
    45. NEI Integration
    46. Nether Ores
    47. Not Enough Keys
    48. Open Blocks
    49. Optifine
    50. Pam's Harvest Craft
    51. Project Red (All packs)
    52. qCraft
    53. Redstone Arsenal
    54. RogueLike
    55. Secret Rooms Mod
    56. Super Crafting Frame
    57. Tinker's Construct
    58. Thermal Expansion
    59. TIC Tool Tips
    60. Torch Levers
    61. TrailMix
    62. Waila
    63. Waila Harvestability
    64. WR-CBE

    New Added Mods:

    1. MrCrayFish Furniture
    2. Architecture Craft
    3. Hide Names
    4. Starting Inventory
    5. DecoCraft 2

    We need your help:

    Yes, that’s right. We are currently in a need of builders, good builders. We currently have our only builder veteran that stayed during our previous servers. He is the Head-Builder because he build’s very and I mean very amazing and detailed, his username is CallumJSlaney. Just like people need a staff team, we need a build team. If you're interested in helping us, please drop a comment below answering these questions.

    What is your name?

    What is your In-Game name?

    How old are you?

    How much time of experience do you have building?

    Do you work along in a modded community?

    Do you have proof or screenshots of your builds?

    What blocks work best for you when you build?

    What type of builds do you do? Buildings? Homes? Gardens? Interior Design or Exterior Design?

    Those are the questions that need to be answered if applying for a builder position. Please do visit us at www.theasvisnetwork.enjin.com if you have any questions or want to connect with us directly.

    We are launching this server into it’s Design Phase next week, and we need to have a build team set before we start the actual server.

    This is in a way, as in investment, as if the server does launch successfully and within the first month get a steady player base of 30 player's, then I will pay every builder that has helped, once donations start rolling in. More information over the server will be updated here on this page.

    Kind Regards,


    EDIT: If you woud like to test the newly created modpack for any bugs then please go ahead and do so.

    To download you must have:

    1. Technic Launcher

    2. 2 GB of RAM to spare on the modpack

    Here is the download link for the pack




    -Updated the pack with mod fixes, making it run smoothly so far.

    -Server created, server in developer phase.

    -New forums in the work, using the Enjin as our base.

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