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    posted a message on How will the PS4 touchpad be used?
    Quote from Geneo

    Use touchpad on the PS4?
    Use kinect on the One?
    To keep it consistent and simpler between consoles 4J may not use either one. I'd be surprised if they did.

    Yeah they wouldn't want to spend a lot of time making something big that only works on one of the 5 systems. To me it seems like that would be a waste of time that could be spent on updates. There's plenty of things that they could do, but if they do anything it will likely be something small.
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    posted a message on Going around the world.
    I don't see how biome clashing would be a problem as you guys are talking about. Right now, if you go to the edge of the world it does the normal terrain generation, as you get closer it tapers off, then goes to water for a few blocks, then it's ocean. The land ends before the world does, so if it were to wrap back around wouldn't there be a sort of river between them? You're in a desert, cross the river, and you're in a forest. That's a lot like how it works already right?
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    posted a message on when is TU12
    They haven't said anything about it yet, nothing that people are talking about is official (yet), and there is no set date yet.
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    posted a message on light sensor (5x s-bud array)
    This is really really cool. I'm not quite clear on how it works though. Does it need to be exposed to the light or can it be hidden underground?

    Also, looking forward to the tutorial video. ETA on that?
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    posted a message on Need crew members for video.
    I can do recording and editing, but my schedule for the next couple weeks is going to be pretty tight. I definitely won't be able to do anything until at least the 23rd or 24th, but once that rolls around I should be free for a couple weeks and I'll have more time after that too. I guess PM me if you'd like to talk specifics.
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    posted a message on Bugs breaking several parts of the game, need fixed.
    Quote from Shadow_Viper_vx
    3. Lighting is pretty much FUBAR after TU9. I'm sorry, but when I place down a torch I expect things to get brighter, not to stay pitch black. Oh what's that? I should just turn up gamma? Well that's just silly.

    The lighting glitches can't be fixed by adjusting the gamma; my gamma is set at 80 when I'm playing normally and 100 when I'm recording. Both of which have the same lighting issues.
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    posted a message on [TU10 Suggestion] Reset the END?
    Quote from SoTiny

    Sounds like a good idea. Maybe when you decide to reset The End you don't get any XP points from the ender dragon.

    Another idea for TU10 would be to add jungle saplings to the bonus chest so we don't have to make new worlds in order to get jungle wood.

    Or there could be some sort of timing system where you can only reset it once a week or so. That would still give people all the experience they would earn from killing the dragon without it being game breaking.

    But about the bonus chest... Don't you need to start a new world to get the chest? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?
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    posted a message on Fix the lighting!
    Strip mining is impossible. You take one block out, it's pitch black. Put the torch down, take the torch out, still pitch black. I've had to put the torch down 3 or 4 times for each block I dig out. You can't mine at all with these lighting bugs.

    What I don't understand is that the lighting was perfectly fine just before the update. There were absolutely no lighting glitches and everything was smooth and very very nice looking. Now it's completely messed up.
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    posted a message on 4J Request: TU9 Seeds Required
    I'm getting realy bad lighting glitches. When I remove a block, the lighting doesn't update at all making strip mining impossible.

    Seed: 1296764047

    Edit: This is ridiculous. Deleting TU9 until a fix comes

    Edit Edit: ­. Deleting the update made me lose my enchanting table and all my enchantments on my weapons, along with everything else in TU8. Guess I won't be playing Minecraft until the bug fix comes.
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    posted a message on Challenge: Digging an Infinite Well
    Why would that be difficult?... I could see it being done in 15 minutes tops.
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    posted a message on Minecraft download size on Xbox?
    It's all negligible in size. A 3GB flash drive will hold everything fine.
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    posted a message on TU9 Update for MCX360 Expected Live on Friday
    Quote from Machuis

    Now that I think about it, some of the stuff isn't bad,
    But other stuff, I hope will never be added. Also, by when they say a whole new game, does that mean we will have to rebuy MC? That would be stupid as it is only an update.

    The Minecraft 2.0 thing is an April Fools joke. Why they're still pushing it I have no idea.
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    posted a message on Cant throw eye of ender?
    Quote from SnyderGuy

    That hasn't been added yet (:
    In the next update.

    Strongholds have been added, this just means that there's no stronghold within his world.
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    posted a message on What is the first thing you will do when TU9 is released?
    First thing I'll do is go into creative, and be disappointed when I don't see Redstone Lamps, then turn the Xbox off, and go to sleep until the next update comes, where I'll do the same thing.

    Really though, probably start up my same survival map and hope that it doesn't snow all over my lake-side home. Honestly, it wouldn't be that big of a deal if snow were to melt in non-tundra biomes. If this were the case, and it started to snow, I would just think of it like "it's winter until the next update comes out and shifts the biomes again."

    When it does ruin my current map, I'll cry a bit inside, then start up a new one and start punching trees.
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