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Hey, guys! My name is Waspus, and I am just a cool gamer, and a random and sporatic person. My interests are helping people out in the support forum and #Minecrafthelp IRC channel, I like gaming, am interested in coding (Though I do not know how to code, besides a little HTML) and am just a generally fun guy.

If you want to better everybody's experience on this forum, you may want to go and check out the Rules over at This will make sure you know what to do and what not do do when you are hanging out here. A couple other handy things to check out before heading over to the Support forum are Cestislife's handy DxDiag Guide, and Cestislife's other guide, How to ask for help.

My Favorite Movies

The Dark Knight Rises

LotR: Return of the King

Pacific Rim

The Dark Knight


Insidious II

My Favorite Games

Halo 3

TES V: Skyrim

Battlefield 4



Scribblenauts Unlimited

Cities XL Platinum


Do not message me asking me to look at your support topic.

Do not message me direct support questions. I will not answer them. Instead, post a topic in the "Support" section.

Do not argue with me about diagnosing your problem. E.G. "Why do you need the DxDiag?" or "Why do you need the crash report?

Do not message me about my avatar. For future reference, he is 14-year-old Cleveland Brown Jr. from Seth MacFarlane's The Cleveland Show.


If you are a new member, feel free to message me asking about the forum rules.

If you do not understand something I've told you to do, such as updating your video drivers or obtaining DxDiag information, feel free to message me asking for clarification.

Feel free to leave me a message on "Profile Feed". Although, as stated in "Things Not to Do", do not leave support questions there. I will not answer them.

Feel free to enjoy your experience on these awesome forums!

How to contact me

Quick Ways

Message me on the Minecraft forums

Invite me on the Minecraft IRC Network

Quick-ish ways

Message me on Steam at Waspus500

I'm frequently on a game called Airmech, if you play you can party-chat me.

Slow ways

Come to my house

Make a TV commercial addressing me

Make a radio commercial addressing me

Put an ad on Youtube addressing me

Fly over Alberta, Canada in a blimp with a message on the side addressing me

Send me smoke signals

Yell at me from wherever you are

Send a carrier pigeon with a message addressing me

More info about me will be coming soon! In the meantime, here's a picture of a turtle:

Pro gaming, League of Legends championships, Starcraft championships, graphic design, tech support, high fantasy, science fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, Halo, Skyrim, and of course Minecraft.

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Minecraft Waspus500

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