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So hello, i am waskomsause, AKA the derpy zoroark of MCF, if you have seen me around then you should know, i am only a derp, when this weird blue brain thing that ping pongs around my head stops working.


As many of you will know, i am active in the off topic area more then any other area, mostly due to RPing with forum buds, in most RPs i am waskom frost, a strong, yet caring guy with really bad anger problems. My second character is always river the one who keeps waskom calm and brings him back to earth. Together, they make the RP character set i use in all my RPs and RPs i have joned.

I am also a HUGE pokemon fan, as well as a furry ((Not the crap version from CSI...)) and that means i am active in the pokemon thread, and the furry thread, so look for me there!
Interests Playing MC. RPing with my forum buds. Shooting guns. (Both in game and IRL guns) And making a fool of myself...

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