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    posted a message on Resonant Induction - Universal electricity manipulation and Tesla towers!
    Can someone please post a list of a known set of working mods. I'm trying:

    • Forge .1230
    • Forge Multipart .311
    • Resonant Engine .401-core
    • Resonant Induction .261-core
    Also tried with UE .88-core (even though that's not linked as a dependency).

    In all cases, I get an error:

    cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: resonantinduction.archaic.firebox.TileFirebox.dcNode_$eq(Lresonant/lib/grid/electric/NodeDirectCurrent;)V

    This has already been reported as http://tracker.calclavia.com/issue/RI-161 - but others seem to have a working combo.
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    posted a message on OpenComputers [v1.5.21]
    Quote from ano101»
    what program it is necessary to decompile OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-

    Why would you need to? The source code is published on github.
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    posted a message on Electrical Age [Physics! Electric circuits & More!] Beta1.11_r51
    Quote from jecowa»

    Edit: I did some more tests, and it seems that I'm only getting 12.6V from the capacity-oriented battery. The cost-oriented battery gives me 50.5V.

    Yes - it says this in the Hold-Shift info, and all the other details that seem to be what you're trying to determine with that test (cheap holds 60kJ, capacity holds 240kJ - 4x as much with only about 2x the resources).
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    posted a message on OpenComputers [v1.5.21]
    Quote from Sangar»

    • Batteries: yeah, they're kinda hard to get "right". In particular when combined with other mods, where tools may have a lot more durability. I'll run some numbers again when I have more time, lowering the built-in energy capacity may indeed be necessary. As for the inventory, you run out of space before you run out of energy even with four inventory upgrades? After filtering out common stuff like stone? I've yet to code a "proper" quarrying program, so I had no "real world" use case to test against, so I'm curious.

    Tools are the limiting factor, and since they don't stack, and since a continuous small supply of materials is better than infrequent large supplies, I've never even considered multiple inventory upgrades - returning to base is only a brief interlude from minng. All I've added to the dig script is dual tools (switch to diamond pickaxe if fail), tool durability monitoring and resupply at base, and initial navigation ("forward 5, down 10, turn left, then dig", wait politely for other robots rather that pickaxing them), and wait-until-charged, but it makes for total op mining. Robot returns with about 80% charge (iron or ic2 bronze pickaxe, never tried stone). I'm not really complaining - once I've manually mined enough gold (the limiting factor - damn those transistors and CPU core clocks), I'm happy to stick to the surface and play 1980s programmer slash robot wrangler.
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    posted a message on OpenComputers [v1.5.21]
    There are a few parts I never use. Maybe they need balancing, or maybe I'm missing a use for them.

    • Tier2 Redstone Card - it's cheaper to make a redstone block plus it doesn't use a case card slot.
      • Block should probably use a Tier2 in recipe

    • Redstone cards in robots - It's simpler to just have them operate levers and saves a slot/complexity.
      • They're useful in normal computers though

    • Navigation Upgrade for robots - it's just as easy to keep track of the relative position in code (as the dig script does, for example).
      • If it had some extra functionality it might be useful - but what?

    • Power Upgrades for robots - they're very small and the 50K default is plenty - a robot will wear out its tool or fill its inventory before it uses all its power.
      • The default should be lowered (but then need to balance slots available in robots - Tier1 probably useless)
      • 10K default would be about right, I think

    • Generator Upgrade for robots - they're too inefficient, a mining robot uses about half the coal it finds.
      • Could have efficiency tiers
      • Would be more useful it default power was lower

    • Solar Upgrade - it's Tier3 so chews up too much complexity (so the 50K default is plenty)
      • Useful if 50K default lowered

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] RedLogic - replacement for RP2 Wiring/Logic/Lighting
    A thought:

    Chip fab + bundled cable + buttons = keypad

    The chip fab is an awesome way to compress complex circuitry, but it seems limited by the "one button per block" user interfaces possible in minecraft.
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    posted a message on Sandra's Mods - OpenAutomation! - Now with LASERS!
    Hard to tell only reading the source code, but it seems a useful alternative to Robots moving items around when simpler tasks. A bit unreasonable if it can transport items via OC Cable or worse, OC WiFi, but that seems the case. Can it craft?

    A use case: put the block behind a chest and have it automatically maintain stacks of compressed vs. uncompressed items (eg. Redstone blocks vs. dust, Iron blocks vs. dust).
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    posted a message on OpenComputers [v1.5.21]
    Is there a corresponding OpenComponents build for 1.3.0?

    Fantastic job, by the way. I've not used OC or CC before and I'm thoroughly enjoying a lua-programmable Minecraft. Robots seem a little overpowered (not much of an edit to dig.lua turns them into completely autonomous world grinders), but I'm a bit tired of mining anyway :-)
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