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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!

    I think the reason everyone keeps asking for Optifine compatibility isn't optimization stuff, but shader usage, for which there is no workaround except to install Optifine...

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    I'm staring at the "Battle Network" thing like "...I have a mighty need for this one now".

    But seriously though, this texpack is incredible. And it also reminds me of the existence of that "Paper Mariocraft: The Thousand-Year Netherportal" pack that I was working on who knows how long ago, and should probably resume working on at some point... In any case, you've done a great job on this (especially the music and sfx; there's something satisfying about spawning a bunch of endermen Alien Wilys and hearing them teleport away, or dropping things into lava and hearing that "woo-woo-woo-woo" of them exploding), and I wish you luck, both on continuing this and the other Megacraft iterations, and on finding people who are able to help...

    "Jack in! SteveMan.EXE, Execute!"
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    Quote from CharBulbSquirt

    Hey, this is a great map, but I've run into some problems with the texture pack. From what I've seen, things such as the inventory, crafting and furnace screens, and all of the entities(mobs, paintings, signs) are working fine, and are very homestuckish. However, it seems that actual items and blocks appear to be the exact same as the regular minecraft textures. I fortunately have screenshots of LOWAS, as I know that I suck at explaining things.


    If you need any more screenshots, then by all means ask. I'm wondering if it's possible to fix this, or is it caused by minecraft updates?

    I know what the problem is. You're playing in 1.5(.1), which has a different texture format for terrain.png/items.png. The game doesn't auto-convert textures, so it ignores the "old" files. However, I can confirm from having played it a few days ago that everything works fine in 1.4.7. So you could use MCNostalgia to downgrade, or wait for the update that is apparently coming Soon(tm).
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    posted a message on [CTM][1.6.x] SburbCraft, a Homestuck map {4000+ SESSIONS! 1.6 UPDATE!}
    I did read the part of the OP where it said apps are "full", but I'll post one anyway for the ironies.

    1. You Homestuck?
    Yes. Duck yes. Hell. ducking. yes. #death to ducks #I watch too much nerdcubed

    2. Ever played a CTM map before?
    Once or twice, months in the past (probably too many).

    3. How good are you at Minecraft in general?
    Overall pretty good, though I haven't played the endgame stuff as much as I should have by now.

    3. Derse or Prospit?
    There are two #3s, and definitely Prospit.

    4. Got Steam or AIM?
    What the heck is AIM, and yes I have a steam. (Nick is creeperPuncher (also my chumhandle), url is wackomcgoose)

    5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony under local or Alternian law?
    Aside from the fact that humans by definition would be instaculled for being red-blooded, no.

    6. These questions are terrible.
    Here's a better question: In the preview screenshots, why is Prospit in the Nether?

    ((OOC: I actually do know why, it's so you can "transportalize" to it.))
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    If I enable Natural Textures, and a texture pack has Connected Textures for an affected block (for example, OkamiCraft grass), would CTM override NT, or would NT override CTM and do random-texture-rotation using the non-CTM texture? Or would both features conflict with each other and random-texture-rotate the "connected" textures?
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] Modern Winter Mode - Snow, feature-creeped! - Unofficial update wanted!
    Alright guys, here's what's going on. I'm actually really not wanting to deal with Minecraft code right now, because it's become such a mess, and since I haven't figured out from a code standpoint what "Dumb Client" actually implies (would that mean you need both SSP and SMP versions to use the mod in singleplayer? is it still just one jar that instantiates a local pseudoserver a la Source Engine? something else?)... On top of that, I've got a lot of IRL things going on (Japanese studying, a few volunteering things this month in the International District, preparing for Fall Quarter which starts in late September), as well as something else that requires all my coding time to work on... I just can't update Modern Winter Mode anytime soon.

    So, and I will update the OP to reflect this: I am giving you permission to create an "unofficial" update of this mod. However, I don't want you to flood this back end of the thread with download links. What I'd like is, if you port the code to 1.3.1, PM me a download link (preferably Dropbox, perferably both the SSP and SMP versions especially if it turns out Dumb Client requires both, do. not. use. adfly.) I will test it out, and if it works, I'll update the OP with your version and obviously give you credit.

    Later on, when I'm feeling more like doing MC code again (definitely not this month), I will do an official update with the extra feature thing I promised but forgot what it was.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from amarok2

    ok... with 1.2.5 i dont had this problem.
    how i patch minecraft:

    minecraft.jar -> 7zip -> extract to folder...
    optifine.zip -> extract... (with windows tools)
    copy the optifine files to the minecraft.jar folder
    replaced all files
    deleted the META-INF folder
    select all -> 7zip -> add to "minecraft.zip"
    rename minecraft.zip in minecraft.jar

    what im doing wrong?

    on linux it appears the same error message... (same minecraft.jar as in windows)

    No. In OSX and maybe Linux, you're supposed to do the "extract, overwrite, rezip" method you described. In Windows you're supposed to do an in-place install.

    *Open minecraft.jar in WinRAR (do NOT extract)
    *Open optifine.zip in WinRAR (if you open in Windows Explorer, it won't let you copy the files in. Win7 is stupid like that)
    *If you need ModLoader, install it first
    *Copy all the OptiFine files into minecraft.jar
    *Delete META-INF
    *Run Minecraft
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] Modern Winter Mode - Snow, feature-creeped! - Unofficial update wanted!
    Well, there it is. 1.3(.1) is live, and so is the MCP for it. It might take a few days for me to update though, since Minecraft has been changed so radically by this update (not to mention those extra side features I said I wanted to do after making you guys wait so long)...

    I'm hoping to be able to update the mod by next week, probably also with new screencaps and stuff in the OP. I'd prefer to update sooner than that, but first I have to figure out exactly how the new class structure is and where I'm supposed to put things >_>
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    posted a message on [16x—128x][1.4.5 Compatible] Okami Texture Pack
    Oh man, I can't wait to see the updated version. I wanted to use this on the WaniKani server today, but realized the colored planks and stuff weren't working. So I did a quick bit of Paint.net color levelling to have the planks and some kind of jungle log, though an official update will be much better looking than anything I can hack together.

    I can only hope the skybox mod thing gets added to OptiFine in 1.3, since MCPatcher doesn't do the performance improvements OF does and which I am dependent on to run even the 64x version of OkamiCraft...
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    posted a message on To extend terrain.png in height
    Actually, I'm fairly sure enlarging terrain.png to 256x512 wouldn't work at all (or isn't supposed to). Minecraft, like Source Engine, is semi-hardcoded to require square textures with a dimension that's a power of two (so 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, but not 256x512). A non-square texture makes it go weird, while a non-power-of-two texture makes it outright flip the Nether out and die (exception: importing regular images to Valve's .vtf format will put boxes around the edges to make it fit, like watching a 4:3 video in Youtube's 16:9 player, but trying to use an improperly-sized image in the game itself will crash it).

    To add more terrain index slots, you have to have an entirely seperate terrain.png (which is what we've done with EvilMinecraft; sorry, but it isn't and probably never will be made available as an API), which will add another 256 slots. But you then have to specify in each block's class which terrain*.png it uses.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from ItchyFlea

    Getting a crash with a world I created with the original release of v0.666 - Could this be the cause of the crash? I'd prefer to not start a new world again.

    java.lang.ClassCastException: BlockMossy cannot be cast to qy
    		at vl.a(RenderBlocks.java:3841)
    		at vl.o(RenderBlocks.java:3226)
    		at vl.b(RenderBlocks.java:406)
    		at ct.a(WorldRenderer.java:312)
    		at l.a(RenderGlobal.java:1487)
    		at lr.a(EntityRenderer.java:1119)
    		at lr.b(EntityRenderer.java:955)
    		at EntityRendererProxy.b(EntityRendererProxy.java:21)
    		at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(Minecraft.java:843)
    		at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:699)
    		at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    SoundSystem shutting down...
    	Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com
    Press any key to continue . . .

    I assume the bug is in a nearby chunk. Play this world with at least Normal render distance and you'll encounter the crash within a few seconds of opening. Play with Short render distance and you'll be fine.

    This crash did not happen at all with the original 0.666 version, but it happens with at least two of the bugfixes that have been released, including the latest one.

    "BlockMossy cannot be cast to qy"... Um... Well, when I was doing a right-before-release test of every block to make sure they all worked correctly with the new blockbreak system, I had a similar crash with BlockMossy (Moss Stone that spreads to other blocks). Don't know why, but it crashes when it tries spreading to grass (presumably, qy.class is BlockGrass). If you've been playing the same world for a while, that probably means moss from a dungeon has spread all the way through a cave and tried to mossify grass on the surface. Doesn't really help you solve it, but it at least clarifies that it's the mod doing it, and not a corrupt worldsave.

    I didn't make the spreading moss though, so I don't know why it's freaking out with BlockGrass. But adding grass to the "don't spread to" excludes list would be trivial to do and should at least temporarily fix it.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from TheSporeGA1

    That's not the point, it should be optimized enough so you COULD use Smooth Lighting.

    I meant, Smooth Lighting itself is seriously lag-inducing. Yes, I understand what you mean, that SL and SL + Fancyblocks should have the same framerate (as in, fancyblocks by itself shouldn't decrease fps), but the problem is with the rendering itself. The parts of OpenGL that Minecraft uses are apparently really inefficient at stuff like this. Also, you wouldn't know this unless you saw the code yourself, but for every square block face, Minecraft draws it as four triangles. So a basic, one-renderStandardBlock() cube is 24 triangles (actually 12 because it's impossible for more than three faces to be visible at once in most cases, and you can further cull that down by adjacent blocks hiding more faces).

    Even then, it adds up quickly. The 3D item render, for example, has 66 sets of addVertexWithUV calls (four vertex-with-UV coords followed by Tessellator.draw() renders a square face). Cut that in half by the "only three directions visible from any angle" rule, multiply by four tris per square, and you have 132 triangles per 3D item. I'd say Fancy Grass is the least-complex fancyblock model (stepped grass is four boxes, and a grass fullcube is the standard one), but still.

    Yes, we need to optimize fancyblocks, and that requires a lot of more-complex OpenGL techniques not found in standard Minecraft (and Flexicode is the only one on the team that even remotely understands that stuff), but for now, disabling Smooth Lighting does get the mod to a playable framerate even with fancyblocks enabled.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from Morcuera1

    Excuse me but is this mod only for Windows if it is please can u make it for mac too it looks boss i really want it.


    ...? Minecraft mods are cross-platform because Java is cross-platform. However, I've heard mod installation on Mac is a bit trickier. Something about deleting only CODESIGN.RSA and CODESIGN.SF in /META-INF/, but not MANIFEST.MF or the META-INF folder itself. I don't know, I've only ever played on Windows, but supposedly Mac (and maybe Linux) are unable to run any kind of .jar if /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF is missing...
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from fligabob

    Quote from TheSporeGA1

    I can sadly say, this might be the greatest mod ever made. But this needs to be optimized a bit more. My FPS is much lower with this mod.

    Try turning off fancy blocks in the evil minecraft options menu

    As I keep saying and everyone keeps ignoring, turn off Smooth Lighting first (and leave fancyblocks on), and see if that helps. Fancyblocks by itself doesn't tank the framerate that hard (and I should know, I created the fancyblocks models on a VERY low-end laptop), but fancyblocks and smooth lighting combined murdalizes the framerate because it has to calculate the ambient occlusion gradient for every single box of the model. (Which is weird, because the AO calculating seems to be bugged, and actually shades each subcube according to the lighting of the box as a whole. A 0.5x0.5x0.5m box and a 1x1x1m box have the exact same gradient for the same block (and a bunch of minicubes in one block will all have the same gradient even if you think they wouldn't, like in the 3D-break model), which is why the top part of fancygrass looks weird with Smooth Lighting.)

    Also, turning off Smooth Lighting gives me a 20-30fps boost in vanilla, so it's got to help with this mod.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from ThePC007

    I've been searching for something like this for years! However it's unplayable without Optifine, so... can you please send me a message once the patch is out? Also, one more thing: Do all these features work with Multiplayer?

    EDIT: Forget the thing about Multiplayer. I watched the comments and noticed that you said that you don't plan making it Multiplayer compatible in near future. (Sadly)

    The mod itself probably won't have an SMP version, but it is planned to at least fix it so you can play regular multiplayer with the mod installed.
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