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    In-Game Name:WAUFLS
    Email:[email protected]
    Experience/Skills: Im am great at building kepping people in line and enforcing rules rules iv been playing for bout 1 and a half years and ill be playing far a while
    Other Info (optional) : i would realy love to be op or even greater if posible / needed
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    posted a message on looking for help(help will get super membership)
    do you have skype - sorry no i dont but i got email its [email protected]
    bio-i was borin in iowa city iowa but now i live in omaha nebraska i started playing mincraft about 3 or 4 years a go
    put x in job you want

    builder[ x]:DORE:
    redstone[ x]:Ham:
    server creator[ ]:Notch:
    designer[ ]:SSSS:
    modder[ ]:DPANTS:
    moderator[ x]:Logs^:
    extra help [ x]:Lava: i can do all of those
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