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    posted a message on CozyCraftMc; hermitcraft inspired realm. On 24/7

    Hey guys! I have been inspired by watching Hermitcraft, to join a small tight knit friendly community to make awesome builds and make new friends. I'm a little bored of making cool creations and nobody to share the experience with!

    So I a little bit about me - I have been playing since 2016, more recently been playing minecraft on the switch however I have the game on many different platforms. My redstone knowledge is shocking however I am willing to learn and grow! I love to build things, and normally I build quite normal sized houses shops etc but I would like to really take on the challenge of a mega build! I've been testing this out with a new survival game and i'm doing quite well so far.

    Joining a server like this would be a brand new experience for me and I am fully committed to putting in the hours to really do something amazing! Also I really don't mind mining :)

    I'm from the UK, 25yrs old and female.

    For a bit of exposure if the server admins permit, I am willing to stream it to twitch where I am an affiliate. www.twitch.tv/vylendis

    Currently no minecraft videos there as I play it mostly on the switch these days. If this is required then I'm more than happy to do so!

    Discord: Vylendis#5363

    GT: Vylendis

    Looking forward to seeing if I can do something AMAZING!

    Thanks :)

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