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    Let's just review a few things.
    #1: Putt-Putt is a trademark, not a copyright (see eloquent previous post).
    #2: A trademark does not prevent you from referencing the trademark conversationally. You are not cleverly provoking anyone by just dropping it into a post and going "lol sue me", you're just showing you don't understand how intellectual property law works.
    #3: A cease and desist order is not a lawsuit. It is a formal legal way of saying "Hey, knock it off."
    #4: A misfired C&D like this one will not lead to a lawsuit because there is no activity on Mojang's part to persist in.
    Does anyone need this simplified even further?
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    posted a message on Mojang to Cease and Desist...Putt Putt?
    Dear "clever" people saying "putt putt" or "scrolls":

    Copyrights do not restrict the right to simply say or write the copyrighted terms. Showing that you think it does makes you look kind of dim, not funny.
    This C&D is still ridiculous and hilarious.
    That is all.
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    posted a message on Endermen moving blocks : stupid idea
    Quote from Reinharted

    Didn't you know? Random block displacement is frightening and creates challenge! Why, just today I saw someone park their car in a different place. I tell you, it was the most fear filled, edge of my seat challenge I ever experienced!

    I wonder if people enjoy the challenge of termites, come to think of it. :unsure.gif:

    Oh, but it imposes the challenge of "digging a moat!" Are YOU a bad enough dude to equip a shovel and hold down the left mouse button? Rote busywork = challenge!

    And RD? Creepers flying B-52s would be sufficiently awesome that I might actually be too overcome to hate them for blowing up the world.
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    posted a message on Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod
    Quote from AngeLestrange

    I find this mod sad, notch made a lot of effort to make a real hostile mob and give more challenge to the game, and you just ruin that with this kind of mods

    Did you actually read why people have problems with them, or are you simply assuming they're for whatever reason gives you the easiest excuse to feel superior and smug? On the off-chance you actually care about knowing what other people actually think beyond just what it takes for you to dismiss them, one sample opinion (mine) is below in response to someone's actual question.

    Quote from ScottyKal

    I'm confused, why not just remove the endermen all together?

    A crappy looking landscape does not add anything to the game. And being demanded to build moats and either place excessive torches or use excessively low ceilings does not add challenge - it adds pointless busywork. It's the equivalent of being forced to make useless, silly crafts in early grade school (except without even a chance of teaching you anything in the process). But endermen themselves don't hurt the game aside from that. They look kind of interesting, they do add a small element of danger in their potential aggression (THAT is challenge, even though it is a very, very, VERY minor form of it), and they contribute additional variety to the small roster of critters in the game.
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    posted a message on Endermen will NOT destroy blocks placed by players!
    Quote from Dzyu

    lol, yeah right. Post something and hope people will wade through dozens of pages and reply to your post.

    I never read anything but the OP in threads like that.

    I hope you refrain from posting in them, then. Hearing people repeat the same rebuked or erroneous arguments eighteen billion times over because they won't read past the first page gets really tiresome.

    Quote from Mardoc

    So far, I have been forced to replace a single block from my house.

    One block.

    You may all cry some more.

    I saw someone run out into interstate traffic once and not be hit by a car. This clearly means doing so is fine.
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    posted a message on General "Enderman" Discussion.
    Quote from Sale

    My point exactly.

    Shame on you if you actually think that all the crap I said was serious. I was just trying to tell the people that were complaining about them that they were a joke and nothing more.

    No offense, but if you weren't seriously just joining the chorus of "play on peaceful mode" or "build moats", what was supposed to distinguish your post from the ones that actually were? Unless you only mean you were being sarcastic and not that you didn't mean the things you were asserting, in which case I point out that the problems with both of these things have already been pointed out.
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    posted a message on General "Enderman" Discussion.
    My initial thought is that making Endermen rare is a good solution to the vandalism. Rare and dangerous (I doubt I am the first one to be reminded of Left 4 Dead's "Witch" zombies). But then, even making them rare just draws out the process. There's nothing really added to the game by just making environments look ugly. That's not much different than just rewriting the game code to include randomized uglification. And that's the primary influence it seems they have at the moment. Increasing their rarity would make them more ominous as well as less pointlessly disruptive, but then, it just means they disrupt things more slowly. And illuminating the entire game world to keep it from being turned into an ugly mess is..... well, a questionably large amount of effort.

    The setbacks posed by other mobs seem fairly well on par. Creepers add an actual element of danger, blowing open your safe homey defenses and providing significant setbacks. It's not quite the same as this idle vandalism. Creepers are a genuine alteration to how you play the game. Endermen just kind of draw genitals on everything unless you invest a disproportionately large amount of effort in preventing it.

    Update/Edit: To pre-empt two really common chestnuts here -
    #1: Peaceful mode removes the already well-balanced other mobs.
    #2: I don't mind protecting my structures. That's a small scale thing - and it's actually already something you have to do in order to cope with creepers. But creepers also give you the additional option of "just being really careful", and dealing with the risks thereof. Having to police the ENTIRE WORLD to keep the natural, non-man-made pleasantness of your Minecraft map intact is a bit much to ask.

    I'm not raging here, as I don't doubt there will be clientside and serverside mods alike to fix this even if it isn't officially changed. But a creeper explosion is an event, a moment of gross misfortune from player incompetence or sheer bad luck. It's not an inexorable tide of purposeless scarification that requires you to play steward to the entire map (as opposed to just filling in a resultant crater if you're bothered by it).
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from Golui

    You are kidding right?

    You know how painfully annoying is it when people complain about your hard work?
    Besides, he obviusly has his own life apperantly, unlike you.

    Captain! We're detecting a type 4 tachyon scatter across the Sarcasm Sensors. Someone's trying to jam them!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3]Ultimative_Faust
    So, did this mod change anything from the original besides the fist's color and the arrangement of the items in the recipe to make it?
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