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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Soda Craft v 3.1 Soda in Minecraft!
    this mod looks awesome and I really hope you'll be updating to 1.5.2....? Pwease? I can haz soda?
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    posted a message on [1.5][WIP]Bionicle Mod v 0.2
    Hey dude, there is major interest you just got to keep going and the popularity will come! And please update, I cant wait to try it out in 1.5.2! :D and honestly i think that you guys ( ToaCraft Minecraft Texture Pack ) have an AWESOME thing going here! I commented some suggestions for this trexture pack, but honestly a mod would be cool as well so that way there will be more mobs for everyone! What sort of suggestions you looking for? Bioni-dweeb at your service i can help brainstorm.And also i can't see pictures on here, this may be a bug. :)
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    posted a message on [WIP] ToaCraft 16x
    Ok, just let me say this looks FANTASTIC. I'm ecstatic to see where you're going with this! I love all the textures I'm seeing and I support you and your cause in the whole! I've got a few suggestions if you're looking for ideas:
    Villagers would be Matoran as I guess you've PROBABLY thought of, Kardas should be the Ender Dragon, I'd like to see the brotherhood of Makuta as a mob, possibly Endermen? I think Zombies would be cool as Toa possesed by Krana, and Zombie Pigmen as Skrall. The glowing eyes have a spooky potential. And I'm not sure what you have in the way of animal mobs but there's definitely enough Rahi to help with that. Personally I think that the nether would be really cool as Bara Magna, being a separate dimension and all. Nether Brick Fortresses could be Mata Nui's body parts embedded in the sand! Having Dark Hunters would also be an awesome feature, but I'm not sure where you could squeeze those in. Kalmah's face would make a hilarious yet still respectable squid. Hope to see your finished project, it'll DEFINITEly be my main pack!
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