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    posted a message on Blood -[v1.0.2]- Adds New Blood System to Minecraft!
    The effects of blood loss are a nice touch. Good work.
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    posted a message on How do I do fancy stuff in a post?
    To create a spoiler, surround the text you want to be placed in a spoiler with [spoiler] tags.
    [spoiler]Oh look, a spoiler![/spoiler]

    makes this:
    [spoiler]Oh look, a spoiler![/spoiler]

    To insert a photo, surround the image URL in image tags. For example:


    You can also insert an image by clicking the icon in your editor.

    Making a text-based signature is easy, just write the text directly into the signature editor in your profile settings.

    The white rectangle is part of the reputation system. You can give other users a reputation point by clicking the icon in the corner of their post. Reputation is generally awarded when a user makes a funny, helpful, interesting, or witty post. I clicked the button on one of your posts, the white rectangle should now show one reputation point.

    Infractions are issued to members when they break one of the forum rules. Infraction points expire after 30 days. Other members (aside from forum staff) cannot view your infraction points.

    You can view a list of member titles and their respective post count requirements here.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.5.2 launcher?y
    You can downgrade to 1.5.2 using the new launcher. To do so, click on the "Edit Profile" button.

    Then select 1.5.2 from the drop-down menu.

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    posted a message on Facedesk moments (Forum edition)

    He's so punny.
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    posted a message on Most Hated IRL Animal
    I absolutely despise the mosquito. The only thing that annoys me more than their bites is the infernal buzzing sound they make as they fly around the room or around your head. Many a night has been rudely
    interrupted by a mosquito buzzing circles around my ear or exposed arm.

    I am glad to say not one of those mosquitoes lived to bother another living creature.
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    posted a message on Tell us your weirdest, scariest or funniest dreams.
    When I was very young I had a dream that haunted me for months.

    In the dream, I was sledding down a snowy hill. The snow fell thick and heavy. I was warm. Content. Happy. All of a sudden, I found myself in a room. There was an open fire in the middle, which served as the room's only light source. The room was massive. I was alone. Afraid.

    From the ceilings stared down colossal bear-creatures. They were strange bears, resembling a bottle of honey. I could see their faces lit from underneath. They stared down at me, unflinching, unwavering...

    I woke up.
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    posted a message on Facedesk moments (Forum edition)
    I've seen a lot of strange "Looking For" topics, but this one...

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    posted a message on Staff Minecraft Server - Not as dead
    Quote from Chimeratech


    There is a wither in the forest south west of spawn, I was able to spawn it but apparently all protection 4 diamond armor was not enough to survive it. Do not go out there alone unless you are decked out. I am sorry for not being able to control it, know it is out there and avoid the area if possible.

    Chimeratech, I made something that should raise awareness for your lost wither.

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    posted a message on The Person With The Most rReputation Points Loses
    Reputation is awarded to users who make helpful, informative, or funny posts. It should not be handed out like candy on Halloween.
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