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    posted a message on ★ CardinalCraft | Vanilla VIP Server | Vanilla 100% | 18+ | Whitelisted | 24/7 | Great Community | Games Server with Weekly Eve
    IGN: Vechora
    Age: 25
    Location: The Netherlands
    Previous bans & reason: None (that I know of!)
    A little about you:

    Hello hello! Simple guy from the netherlands who likes to build useless farms (who needs cactus farms these days?) 110% cave bases and slime farms with a max yield of 0 slime balls per hour. I have played on the funtania server before, but due to IRL commitments (graduating is so overrated!) I pretty much just stopped playing minecraft. Now with the summer vacation starting and minecraft updated I felt like I should get into a server again, meet nice folks and show them how you properly build stuff that does not work! (and if it does work, not my fault!). Offline my pastimes are: films and tv series, watching my aquarium, origami and annoying my GF

    Kind regards,
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    posted a message on 2 things about these new "ender chests" (And a question!)
    eyes of ender and 8 obsidian are hardly "difficult" resources to obtain in multiplayer, so lets say for sake of argument everybody has one ender chest and they keep it in their inventory.

    Sam is building a castle near spawn, Max is 1000 blocks away in a mineshaft spelunking for ores.
    Sam asks if anyone has some iron to spare, max says "yeah sure just found some and got plenty for what I was planning anyways"
    Both drop down the chest, max puts iron ore in, sam takes it out voila.

    This can of course be "abused" by griefers but since you can already remove placing rights of certain blocks with bukkit (or other mods) this should be easy to solve to only let "trusted members" use these chests

    I think they are a wonderful addition to the game
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    posted a message on This thread is closed
    In-Game Name: Vechora

    Age: 24

    Location: The Netherlands

    How long have you been playing?

    1,5 years give or take

    Why would you like to join us?
    Looking for a nice simple but active server for when 1.2 hits.

    Tell us something about you:

    Calm calculated person who likes designing and building things down to the smallest detail, but always makes one mistake wich results in nothing fitting together properly! Can be funny in sprints but I have been told my sense of humor is an acquired taste.

    Can you show us some of your best work?
    I personally still like this item a lot:
    (Used a link to prevent forum killing)

    Awaiting your response!
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    posted a message on This is totally possible and efficient.
    Quote from Atuan

    I'll say two things about this entire thread, the users in it, and this notion of thinking you know what's best for the game or its community.

    Seems you didn't read all the posts, Think my own posts clearly reflected it's upto minecraft's current developers to change this or not. Also noted that most of us are overreacting.
    In addition, 50% of the posts are actually properly formulated opinions rathar than "this should be nerfed post". You yourself also have an opinion what is best, namely that farming them is useless an doesn't need a nerf.

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    posted a message on This is totally possible and efficient.
    Quote from crysis9999

    I laughed when i saw this... Dont know why though xD

    Having your opinion overlap with mine basicly makes it "our" opinion being your own and my own at the same time. Can be perceived as funny I guess!
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    posted a message on "Golem" series...
    Personally would love to see more "golem" type mobs, they are "craftable" and pistons were the best thing in minecraft aside from the game itself, at least for me. So more automatic interaction between the player and the world is welcomed by me.

    However people tend to get quite angry when it comes to new things, for every topic thats enthousiastic that there is a lot of new stuff coming there are 3 topics claiming its either "overpowered" or that it's "stupid and not what they wanted". With Bergensten's statement they will most likely be bugfixing next week to gear up for a 1.2 release soonish (tm) the bugs generated with all the new content will most likely be fixed and we can get rid of some of the "newness" animosity.

    So for now voted No on being added, Yes on would like to (in the future)
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    posted a message on This is totally possible and efficient.
    I underlined some parts to make clear that they are opinions, if you disagree, let's just agree that we disagree rather than flaming eachother under the rug? Thanks in advance.

    I'm going to borrow the post of the person above me to illustrate my opinion on this iron golem farming thing

    Quote from crysis9999

    When playing legit it will take time... First find village, then get redstone (Alot), and then you need redstone skills and as you said timing... Id rather find them underground then :/

    Effort + thinking invested into minecraft often results in quite decent to high rewards. Making a melon farm with pistons wich takes from a new world to fully operational farm quite a while, but after that point you've got infinite food!

    For some odd reason nobody complains about that being "overpowered" or "needing to be nerfed".

    Now making a melon farm is a tad easier than making a blaze farm or any other farm that requires you to kill a mob yourself. This is partially my own opinion and partially a factual thing (my blaze farm is an exact copy of the one ethoslab made and that took me quite a while to make, wereas my melon farm was something I fangled together myself in no time at all.)

    I think were all overreacting again, if you think it's cool or if you think it's to much it doesn't matter. Bergensten mentioned a week of bugfixing and a possible 1.2 release the week after that so I see plenty of time for him and Kågström to go back on the drops or spawning behaviour of the golem. After all they are in charge of developing and I'd rather judge on the release than on a semi buggy prerelease.

    I think it's cool we get some more interaction with villages, now it will actually feel like you have found something cool. Automated defense? Free iron? Infinite free slaves to put in your own distopian city of obsidian? It all serves a purpose now and that is more than enough for me. Yeah some people will make an iron farm? Will I personally suffer from that? hell no, why should I? If I need 10 stacks of iron it will probably be quicker to just dig down to bedrock and spelunk trough an abandoned mineshaft than to go trough all the trouble of getting 15 villagers in a confined location and fix all the other requirements for this contraption to work. If I need 1000+ iron I might build one because there is no realistic way to get 1000+ iron in survival minecraft other than making it your dayjob.

    my 2 cents
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    posted a message on How to properly Fix the current Meta of combat in Minecraft
    Quote from Rox

    I brought that up near the bottom of page 3! It's not attention whoring, it just seems to be a series of misunderstandings. See the OP, which I'm fairly sure you didn't even read before jumping in to critique it:

    I did read the OP sorry to not dissapoint. There are a lot more glaring issues with it than just the usage of "internet-trend" words but those aren't for me to judge. The endless "balance" incitement doesn't do these forums or the game any good, especially not in a 1.1 discussion forum.

    He wasn't talking about an actual "metagame", he just wasn't using the term correctly. And I don't see why describing the flaw you think you've found in the topic of your thread is a bad thing. If someone thinks they have a solution to the overpowered diamond gear, then how would it be "attention whoring" to say so, in those words, in the thread title? You are right about one thing, though; This is definitely supposed to be in the suggestions forum. I completely missed that.

    The usage of the word "meta" implies certain things that aren't even applicable to minecraft. And if you are using "flavor of the month" words that incite flaming discussion (balance/meta discussions most of the time result in flames of one kind or more), I chose to call it attention whoring. He fancied up a suggestion as a discussion, posting it in the wrong forums to get more attention then one would get in the suggestion forum (wich it resides in now). Thats my take on it nothing more, nothing less

    I didn't say his suggestion is attention whoring, his usage of terminology is. A topic started like "The solution to make Diamond armor less be all end all" will fall much nicer and without any preconceptions that come with the words balance and meta

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    posted a message on How to properly Fix the current Meta of combat in Minecraft
    I'am still trying to figure out what the O.P. was thinking when he started referring to using "diamond armor" in minecraft as "the current metagame"

    just for the sake of it games I've seen that use the terminology of "metagame":
    Magic The Gathering
    Starcraft: Brood War
    Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
    World of Warcarft
    Starcraft 2: Wings of liberty
    League of Legends
    Heroes of Newerth

    The focus of all of these games have the most complex and diverse ways of competing against other players.
    vs minecrafts: "click stuff and it dies".

    I cannot comprehend how in the world you actually thought it would be usefull to type out a multiple paragraph post about "minecraft combat meta" in a game more focused on dicking around rather than being the highest ping player on an SMP server.

    Please stop these pointless and downright attention whoring topics filled with trendy words like "balance", "overpowered", "metagame" and others just to spice up your fancy combat suggestions. There is a dedicated subforum for that.

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    posted a message on Farmable Everything

    Sorry, but I´ve not complained a single time in the entire thread.

    Don't like doing this but, kinda have to now:
    I never said you did.

    In the thread I posted some information and then made a poll so people can give their opinions.

    If this was a complain thread this thread would be really different, and it is not flame-bait, no one is flaming each other, everyone is sharing opinions politely.

    It doesn't really matter if people are discussing a pointless topic politely or impolitely it's equally pointless.
    What it does is continue the notion that there is something "fundamentally" wrong with the game (the choice words of "balance" and "overpowered" tend to do that). Even if people aren't flaming here the anger they restrain here they will pour out in the closest whine thread. Last bit is quite a bit of speculation on my part so keep that in mind.

    From a standpoint of someone who thinks these forums are the most godawefull, flame and whine inhabited, poorly modded *bleepholes* on the internet, this topic held up rather well.

    That said since Bergensten got promoted to lead dev every update or even snapshot made sense, had purpose and actually did what they advertised. So maybe I'm biased towards people keeping promises and functioning play but thats just me. Having constructive pointless topics growing up now, while during the late Persson era people were to busy flaming eachother while Persson was actually *bleeping* over everybody tends to get me wound up a bit.

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    posted a message on Farmable Everything
    12w06a balance issues

    Balance issues versus who and what? Please enlighten me. Its been balance this, overpowered that, nerf this, no nerf that ever since the hunger feature was implemented. There is no balance in minecraft there is no scale. A game is a game and you play within the rules of said game. If the rules change, like now being able to "farm" iron then you simply have to find a new (read different) way to play.

    *personal balance* There is no balance "issue" everybody can do the same thing you do, heck it will take a few days before 10 people made full in depth youtube tutorials about how to farm and do things so you can mimic it all you want. In ssp, in smp, everywere. There is no balance issue.

    *Iron is overpowered* how is it overpowered? what is overpowered about it? that it does more damage then your fists? yeah thats pretty logical. That is has quite a high durability? yeah pretty much why people use iron items. I don't understand how one can make such a big deal out of having a tad more resources and it "possibly" being infinite now.

    *Iron farms* So you gonna make a mobfarm that drops iron swords and ingots and all the other bonus drops. Well great now you only have to wait for your iron instead of actively mining it so you stop play the game to get iron and then you can do what exactly? It's a different way to get iron I don't see the "severe balance issue" here.

    This thread has been up for more than 4 hours, it has 5 pages full of comments and opinions and 100+ users have casted their votes in the poll... so yeah... this thread is pretty much a big deal

    No it is not a big deal, it is flamebait. These topics serve no purpose since there is no such thing as balance/overpoweredness/underpoweredness in a creative sandbox building game with mobs and potions.

    Go look at Simcity or Transport Tycoon. There are certain things in those games that are more profitable then others, and could be considered "OP" but why would you it's the way these games are built and thats that. Just deal with it and stop obsessing over valueless words like "balance" and "overpowered"
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    posted a message on Do you guys consider mob grinders and exp farms cheating or a easy way out?
    Make one, then you should be able to figure out the answer for yourself

    Or if you feel like the silver platter approach:

    effort/materials invested will yield reasonably more xp per hour then randomly stabbing mobs with a sword, but this is quite heavily dependant on your style of play. This is in the long run, right after you finish said trap stabbing stuff with a sword would have been more effective, but after 30 hours of play with the trap up swordstabbing would not be effective at all.
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    posted a message on Extreme animal lag?
    Quote from darknesschaos

    It has nothing to do with graphics, it is actually the sound, turn of your sound (in game) and walk away. I have this problem too. I think the game hates un-loading multiple sound sources.

    This exactly

    Some mods to the game that add sound from blocks or other items also cause this "lag" to happen, the minecraft sound engine is well shitty at handling anything more then 10 sources.
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    posted a message on Read It, understand it and realise whats happening
    If you are about to start some whine thread about rpg's or w/e rubbed you wrong this time try reading the following:

    If you understood said blogpost and realise where we are heading try this one:

    I won't even pretend to have the insight the gentlemen/lady who wrote this blog has. But it struck home with me so hard I finally woke up. Minecraft is finished, it was finished way back when I bought it.

    Wait I'm not gonna do this, this is the effin internet, you can read it yourself and dazzle me with your flaming. Go on burn me at the stake, I am happy to finally put this to a rest and ignore the whole of minecraft as something that will "improve".

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