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    posted a message on Someone added my server and i cant seem to claim it
    Please see this thread.
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    posted a message on Complementary Curse Premium
    Quote from Squawkers13
    I only have 1 plugin and it still gave me premium complimentary...

    (And it was a few months ago)

    EDIT: I checked curse.com and it says my complimentary subscription expires next month. :mellow:

    It will add another month on the expiry date, it always does :P
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    posted a message on [HELP] Factions for 1.7.10????
    Quote from SwiftVisionX
    Well, I have both mcore and factions, but it still won't work, I really don't understand and my server is nearly about to go public.

    Please make your own thread on the issue, don't use somebody elses.
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    posted a message on Warnings (for citricsquid)
    citricsquid wanted a collection of warnings that can be added for Servers so I have some here. Any other Servers mods that want to add on to this feel free to do so. You can suggest modifications to any I've suggested too.

    Please do not beg for donations. Posts which are primarily geared towards collecting donations are not allowed. Similarly, donation buttons within signatures are also forbidden. You may include donation information as a side note in your thread however it should not be the main focus of your post.

    Please keep feedback about a certain host in their forum topic. Do not create a separate topic for your review.

    Please only advertise your host if you offer Minecraft hosting. Advertising non-Minecraft specific hosting is not allowed.

    No host may post in the topic of any other host. Host-to-host conversation must be taken to a PM.

    Topics must be created by a representative of the hosting company. Members may not create a topic to advertise a host whom they use or recommend.

    Please keep server thread updates to once every few days. If you wish to add another update please edit your last update post.

    Replies to Looking For threads must include all information needed, they cannot just provide a link to a topic/site, leave only a IP to a server with no description or refer the user to a signature.
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    posted a message on Retired Staff
    Squid says it will be fixed soon.
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    posted a message on Staff Quotes
    <Redsparx> why does it say that i have no friends when i know i do?
    <citricsquid> maybe they're imaginary

    cobalt changes are making quotes for us!
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    posted a message on The text editor doesn't work on ios (the reason why there's only a title as that is the only thing I can write)
    You need to click the very top of the white space to open it up, you can't click anywhere to open it up like you could on the old forum.
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    posted a message on How to Add Colour to Your Server MOTD
    Quote from 92TheMiner92

    Is this only for Bukkit servers because it didn't work?

    I believe it works on vanilla but I'm not 100% sure about that.
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    posted a message on [Bug] Different post count
    It's a copy of the forums from a few days before, therefore new posts will be missing. They'll come back when it goes live.
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    posted a message on Moderators are asleep, post ponies
    i hate ponies
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