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    Welcome to my gallery/skin shop.
    Download all of the skins here.
    Read my skinning tutorial here.
    Have a skin you requested? Check here.

    Please read the rules before requesting a skin. Otherwise, I won't make you a skin.
    It takes like a minute to read it.
    My style goes for anime cel-shaded characters. If you like my style, feel free to request a skin. This was originally just a gallery shop, but overtime I've decided to do some requests. I'll make you custom characters or even characters from your favorite anime show!

    I'm a huge anime nerd and I'm familiar with many different kinds of anime. Even if I haven't watched a series, I'm most likely familiar with it to some degree. For example, I've seen less popular series, such as Toradora!, as well as mainstream anime, like Death Note. I can even make anime video game characters or whatever your favorite anime character is from.

    I like quality over quantity. I have a handful of skins now. Be sure to check up on the skins for updates to see if I've added more details or fixed them.

    I'm still improving and learning how to be a better minecraft skin artist. Some of my newer skins may look better than my old ones.

    I can practically make almost any anime character... as long as they don't have absurdly long hair, wings, hybrid parts, claws, horns, tails, capes, etc. The skin has to be symmetrical!

    My current skin:

    To any other artists:
    I'm 100% original. I don't use any other artists' work, or modify any skins. The only things that aren't original are the majority of the anime characters I create due to requests--or out of fun--such as characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, etc. Unless you consider yourself a top artist, I wouldn't even give a second thought about copying your, or other artists', skins. If we do somehow manage to make almost identical skins, then ask yourself... has it been made before? Is it simply an elf, magician or warrior skin? I'll always be able to justify exactly how I came up with the skin: whether it is inspired by something, or if I just thought it up myself.

    Thanks for reading. c:

    Completed 100+ skin requests.
    100 subscribers.
    200 subscribers.
    300 subscribers.
    400 subscribers!

    • Check if the shop is OPEN or CLOSED.
    • First come first served. I don't skip requests.
    • I will only create anime/cartoon themed characters using my style (look at my example pictures). That means no "realism" or monsters.
    • Do not request a skin from me if you have already requested the same skin in another artist's thread. I don't want to spend hours making a skin to see that you just got a skin made by another person.
    • No memes.
    • I'll post the skins on planetminecraft. If you want a personal skin, just ask for it via PM.
    • Try to request reasonable and do-able skins. Basically, anything that doesn't have wings, horns, missing limbs, capes, etc. unless, they're tiny or you want me to omit them.
    • Do not request multiple skins. If your friend wants a skin, tell them to request it.
    • Please reply and check this thread if I completed your skin. The most important rule. I don't like making skins for people who don't come back to get it.
    • If you want some changes on your skin, don't be afraid to ask. It's your skin after all.
    • Post reference pictures so I know what you want or try to be descriptive if there are no pictures.
    • The more requests I have, the longer it will take me to get them finished so be patient.
    • Don't rush me or I'll skip your request. There's really no ETA on the skins, but I normally get them done in about a week on average.
    Note: You can edit or do whatever you want with the skin. Just don't upload my skins without proper credits, thanks.
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    Hello all. I'm kind of surprised I still have requests. I'm sorry, but I won't be making anime skins anymore. I've moved onto other things and I don't really play Minecraft as much as I used to.

    For now it'll serve as a gallery if anyone is interested in downloading anime skins.
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    posted a message on Bella's Girl Skin Shop! [Closed sorry :c]
    Nice you're making skins. Not nice you copied my rules and pasted it into your thread.

    I have no idea if you're trying to copy my skin shop or anything, but write your own thread if you want people to take you seriously.
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    I hope everyone is happy with their skins they've requested. c:

    Anyway, I just finished up White Heart today. Took me the longest to figure out how to make the hair. Looked easy but it was harder to do than I thought it would be. For some reason, every time I think a skin will be easy to do, I always end up having the hardest time with it, lol.

    Now my HDN set is complete.

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    (If you want to remove the glasses, just delete them from the skin)

    I'll only take skin requests while I'm opened. If you post any requests while my shop is closed I'm going to ignore it, sorry. If I took pending requests while I'm closed, I might end up with weeks load of skins to do if I open again.
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    Sure, that would be no problem since I keep all my skins. c:

    Also, just been a bit busy so I haven't had time to work on any requests... but I will get started soon. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.


    Yami Yugi with suit.


    Faust VIII:
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    Glad you like it. c:

    Miwako Sakurada, Paradise Kiss:

    It took me like 2 hours just to figure out how to draw her since there's no full body pictures of her. I just picked out a random outfit and went along with it.
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    Yah, sorry. I wasn't really expecting that many requests in such a short amount of time. I just need to finish them up first.


    More coming...
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    Quote from emoinatuxedo

    I'm not sure this would fall under a small request, especially seeing how I'm artistically challenged and the creation of anything containing more than a handful of pixels seems daunting to me =S.

    Leon Magnus:

    Full Figure:

    I'm currently using your Faust VIII skin so there is no hurry and either way I'm more than willing to wait until you have enough free time to open the shop again.

    Thanks a lot ^_^

    Okay, that seems easy enough. I might have to omit the cape though.

    Quote from Coyote_Creature

    Alright then ill request one skin if you don't mind. :P

    Name: Yami Marik
    Theme: Anime
    Images: http://quizilla.teen...t-yami-yu-gi-oh / http://yugioh.wikia....wiki/Yami_Marik
    Little bit more info

    - Without the cards and the duel disk on his left arm.Just the golden things over his arms.
    - No need to make the cape.
    - Any chance making his hair more interesting.... xD
    - If you have space, can you add the Yellow eye on top of his forehead? If not it's okay without it.
    - I do not request any other colours, i would like the colours that are on him, no need for others :P
    - Heres simple example of Yugi (Hes in the Anime also) (http://www.planetmin...-muto-yu-gi-oh/) Would love to see the guy to be like the Yugi skin also, his hair is done nicely even tho its impossible to make good hairs in minecraft, i know Yami Marik's hair is just impossible to make in Minecraft, but if you see Yugi (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Yami_Yugi) It's way harder than Mariks, and you see how the Skin Maker has done it very easily and it looks awesome (http://www.planetmin...-muto-yu-gi-oh/)
    - And yeah that should be all, hopefully u will make it and i believe it is not a hard request... :P

    No need to hurry, as long as you make it :)

    Sure, it's not really a problem doing hair. It's just that some people expect the hair to be sticking out or wanting a huge glove on their left hand or something... but I think I have a way to do it.

    Quote from moonpuke

    Hi, um. I was wondering if you could do nana from Paradise Kiss for me? please and thank you.
    also you have really amazing skins. :3

    Yep, and thanks. c:

    Quote from SweetCandyBaby

    Varunax, I absolutely love your skins! All of them are amazingly done!
    Could you please make a Sakura Miku skin? I searched everywhere and can't find that skin. I am sure you would make a wonderful one!
    Heres some pics:
    1. http://www.zerochan.net/1089448
    2. http://www.zerochan.net/1064525
    3. http://www.zerochan.net/1218769

    I think maybe you can use the first pic as a reference pic. It's your choice.
    Hope you could accept this one, and take as much time you need!

    That should be easy to do since I already have a regular Miku.

    Quote from Matheus9171

    Please,make the Sonic Michael Jackson,but with the open eyes:

    Sorry, I won't be doing Sonic skins. I like Sonic, but I have no idea how I'm going to skin Sonic properly on a human figure.

    Way more skin requests than I thought I'd get on the first day of opening, lol. I'm going to have to close it again to finish up these requests in a reasonable time frame.
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    There ya go. c:

    And I guess I'll open again. I wanted to make at least 2 more skins for myself and I might as well take some requests along the way.
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