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    Quote from Sysrover

    Here my crash. Optifine C7 or C8. C6 works fine.
    I fond one thing if i delete /mods/1.6.4/ files
    Then client starts ok. But when you try starting again without deleting this files its making crash.
    This 3 file using for bioms o plenty and thermal expansion mods.

    Basically, Optifine is not fully compatible with Forge. This will only get worse until the author of Optifine fixes it.
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    Quote from Moranic

    I like how nobody reacted to my idea.

    Also, to guys saying: "GTFO Condenser whiner" and stuff against others being unhappy that the condenser is taken out. You can also just friendly give them the reasons why it was taken out, as it is NOT clearly stated in the OP.

    Here you go,

    I haven't compiled a final list of what is in EE3 yet for the public, but here is the short list of what is in/out;
    • Red Matter has been removed
    • Collectors have been removed
    • Condensers have been removed
    • The Destruction Catalyst/Hyperkinetic Lens have been removed
    • The EMC system will remain, but it will be changed to accomodate new and more interesting mechanics
    • There will be a method to move EMC around in "wires"
    • More configuration options will be available to both players and server admins
    • EE3 will feature an API, which is not complete at this time
    • A transmutation system similiar to the Transmutation Tablet will exist, but is not ready to be disclosed at this time
    These decisions were all made with balance in mind, and are not open to being changed. I need these things to happen in order to make this mod that much more fleshed out and fun. Trust me; you will love the end result.
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    Quote from Zexks

    Just look at the HV solar array they set up on the Pahicraft server last season. They were pulling in that energy and turning it into UU matter, which is the IC equivalent to EMC. It's essentially a currency that could be used to make anything else in the game. And they were doing it to the point, were it was almost more efficient or at least faster than any of the power flower setups I've ever seen. Not only that but didn't Elo do something similar with geo's and the nether at about the same time. And while the majority of the uses could only be once (they couldn't necessarily turn things made from UU back into UU, they could depending on what they turned it into, Uranium for example, or lava, or some other fuel source. Either way, that IC solar UU matter setup was WAY more powerful than anything you could do with a power flower, simply for the fact that there were no items actually moving around only EU with the occasional ejection of stacks of UU.

    Simply put, short of banning the use of EE3 with ANY other mods, there is literally NO possible way for him to stop us from creating endless EMC farms.

    HV Solar Array
    6810 Rubber
    5193 Refined Iron
    2048 Tin
    4096 Cobblestone
    1536 Glass
    1536 Coal Dust
    3597 Copper
    256 Wooden Planks
    3082 Redstone
    5 Gold
    1 Diamond

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