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    posted a message on Paradise SMP [mindcrack like server]

    IGN: VanillCow
    Age: 14 1/2
    Country:Born in Canada currently in USA
    Skype: a Private sorry q,q
    What do you enjoy most about minecraft: Just hang out and making new friends.
    How long have you been playing minecraft: 5 years
    Why should we pick you: I think you should pick me as I am very mature kind and I think I can make every community a better place. :Diamond:

    Ty for reading my application I'm VanillCow signing off!
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    posted a message on [SMP] Zen Village - A Community Server
    1) What is your IGN (In-Game-Name?) VanillCow
    2) How old are you?14 (about to turn 15 in a month
    3) How long have you been playing Minecraft? 5 years now
    4) What do you most enjoy doing in Minecraft? I truly think my favorite part is hanging out and making new friends.
    5) What do you feel you could contribute to our server? I can contribute to this server by making it a even nicer community
    6) Have you ever been banned? (Honesty is appreciated.) No sir I have never been banned and I hope to keep that record.
    7) Why are you interested in joining the server? Because it seems like a nice community where nice people can hang out make new friends and build.
    8) Where are you from? U.s.a Miami

    9) Tell us a bit about yourself. I enjoy doing art and playing the piano I also enjoy dancing and building. :Turquoise: The love for green is real --- VanillCow
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    posted a message on ~EDGE OF ETERNITY~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [DEDICATED 64-SLOT SMP] [Anti Grief] [Online for over 8 years!]
    IGN: VanillCow

    Location: USA,TEXAS

    What makes a good server: A good community and nice staff

    Why I wanna join you: Because you seem like a friendly community and a nice server for everyone to enjoy!

    Age: 14
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