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    posted a message on The crap on the radio
    The golden age for music has died, and with this new tech like autotune, it will never return.

    So much qq.
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    posted a message on DRzhark's mo'creatures
    .... not sure if troll, or just stupid.

    Most likely stupid.
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    posted a message on [REQ] Hiding HUD not hiding hand
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    posted a message on Minecraft destroying Ameirca's Youth?
    Quote from Sykdoc

    Guys, stop saying he's just trolling. He's most likely telling the truth, if I wanted to make a joke ranting vid on a game, I wouldnt constantly say "F**k" "S**t" and that it's retarded. And read the vid's description. He evn says he's telling the truth, and do you hear im? No one would joke sounding that serious.

    You obviously have never seen a real troll in action. Take this video for example, as you have been trolled by it. He pulls sexual abuse out of this game, then rants on "God." He is trolling many many people, you included.

    The kid in the video is fat and ugly, but hot damn he is one good troll.
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    posted a message on Realm Of The Mad God
    Well, see, theres this game :


    And I really want to know if anyone at all, here, has played or is playing it from time to time. If you don't know what the game is about, quick info: Multiplayer, perma death (lose character and items on death), and it is centered around looting, fighting, and teamwork (though this last one is diminishing lately...). The game is fun, you pick up items that are dropped by enemies, and you pick a class that is able to do certain things and use certain items. Now, if you do play this game already, do you have tons of wealth, and/or any potted/maxed characters?

    TL;DR do you play ROTMG
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    posted a message on MOST EASIEST SKIN REQUEST! PLS CHECK :) EMG!!
    1- Grammar, learn it.
    2- Spelling, learn it.
    3- Have you even tried making it yourself?
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    posted a message on Nerf vines a little
    Great idea, myabe a randomizer to the length of the vine that the rest is growing from. But of course, you always need to look at the dev. side of things... Will this slow down the game in terms of loading?
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    posted a message on Amateur photography by me.
    Looks amazing, much better than most "professional" photographers.
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    posted a message on You dont have access to go here....
    Go recheck all your files, we aren't going to figure anything out without some information.
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    posted a message on Why is it morally ok to euthanize a pet to spare its suffering, but not ok to do the same for people?
    There really is no difference, people make bonds between both family members and their pets but we are cling too much to our own kind, especially when the person wants to leave. Hence the hatred to people who allow the terminally sick people to get euthanized.

    TL;DR People are ignorant and fear death.
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    posted a message on Kicking around an idea...
    Pointless, if you think about it. Before you even know how to play the game, you must first understand how to get to your .minecraft folder.... And no noobs come here to learn how to play, they go to the wiki. I saw a map like this a while back, the thread died within minutes due to everyone knowing how to play mc.
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    posted a message on Mod Pack Discovered!
    I have gotten many more to work, upwards of 20 mods at once, this list isn't that great.
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    posted a message on [Adv] **LEVI'S NIGHTMARE** [Horror] 135000+ DLs | 1.5.2 | New Hardcore Version! |
    Played last night with two friends, was amazing! We loved the storyline, especially as it progressed and the twist at the end shocked us all! In total, I think, ended up with either 40 or 41 ingots, not sure because I jumped into lava after sadly reading that the map was over. But I did get a quick glimpse into my inv. before I burned to death. But after exploring the evac underground area, we had trouble finding the lake next. Maybe you could change something with that.
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    posted a message on Square Island Survival
    How he made this map:
    1- Use island seed
    2- Creative mode, get rid of some dirt
    3- MAde the island square
    4- Put signs at spawn saying this is his new map
    5- Put it up for download

    And yet another one is posted here on the forums.
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    posted a message on Will this run Minecraft?
    A bit lazy this morning, saw walmart in the link and then saw $400 in the OP.... So probably not.
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