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    posted a message on ServerNotFound - A brand-new 100% Vanilla server! 10 places available

    Hi there! I'm Usernamenotfound! I have recently bought a server and I wanted to play with some other people. So, I introduce to you... Server Not Found!
    No, it's not an error, it's a server.

    The server does have a whitelist, so if you want to join, post your MC Username here, I will check you on mcbans, then, if you are good, I'll add you.

    This is the IP:
    The server doesn't have any mods or bukkit or anything like that, for now it is just a 100% Vanilla SMP server

    List of users:
    Usernamenotfound (Op)
    Yexom (Op)

    No more spaces available!

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    posted a message on ServerNotFound - A brand-new 100% Vanilla server! 10 places available
    Quote from DiamondFinder207

    Can i please join :)

    I would like to join :)

    IGN: BieberBoy207


    How about no.
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    posted a message on What is the Stupidest thing you have ever heard about a video game?
    I hate obsessive 10-year-olds who play FPS games like TF2, whose parents bought them a Turtle Beach headset worth $300

    Ear-rape.Also, I have to get this off my chest.

    I absolutely HATE people who say videogames cause violence. If anything, they stop it!

    Let me explain. The thirst for violence is a natural human need. Ever since the dawn of mankind, we have loved to beat the crap outta each other. It's just a human need. Violent videogames quench this thrist, this thirst for seeing other people dieing in the dust from the wounds you inflicted. Has anyone, and be honest, ever heard of a murderer or serial killer whose actions were fueled by 'violent videogames?'
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    posted a message on I just caught a legit shiny Bronzong in my Platinum.
    Let me speak for everyone in saying this.

    Who cares?
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    posted a message on What is your favourite part of Minecraft?
    What is your favourite part of Minecraft?
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Why am I doing this?
    3. What to do
    4. Serving Suggestions
    5. Results
    Just earlier today, I was thinking about what my favourite part of Minecraft is, and I realised. It is really, really hard to pinpoint the favourite part of your favourite game. So, I made this thread. In this thread, post whatever it is that you love most about Minecraft, the reason it is your favourite game.

    Everyday, until we have reached a definite verdict (or I get bored of it, whichever comes first) I will check this thread daily, tallying the results in this title post. So, I encourage you to take part in this thread, so we can determine the best part of Minecraft!

    Is it the mining? Is it the crafting? The Multiplayer? What about the mods, texture packs, and community behind Minecraft? And who could possibly forget the small, yet brilliant, group of people behind the game?

    Why am I doing this?
    I am doing this simply out of curiosity, but I'm certain that plenty of people are also interested in the results. And if you don't, just ignore this thread and leave it to die in the dust, at least, from your perspective that is.

    What to do
    All you need to do to contribute in this experiment (Now I feel evil :D ) is to simply post in this thread with your favourite part of Minecraft. Reasons are not necessary, but appreciated.

    As for haters, however, all you need to do is leave. Now. I will be completely ignoring any rude and unecessary comments, as well as stupid things, obviously trolling. For example; I will not accept anything that in either not related to Minecraft in any way, or has an extremelly minute impact in the gameplay, like 'I like the pixel in the top left corner of the grass block, I think it really works with the rest of the textures.'

    Serving Suggestions

    • Gameplay
    • Multiplayer
    • Look of the game
    • Texture packs
    • Mods
    • Minecraft community
    • Music/sounds
    • Skins
    • Inventory system
    • Mojang
    • Bukkit
    • Anything else related to MInecraft in any way!
    Now, to the good part!

    These are the results so far, along with some pretty pictures to help with comparisons!
    1. Gameplay - 2
    2. Multiplayer - 1

    Sorry if the chart is a bit big, couldn't get it to be any smaller :P

    Ah, yes. One more thing. If someone could possibly make a banner to spread the word of this thread for me? I'm no good at it.
    PM me if you have one made for me, and I will consider using it :D

    P.S. If you support this experiment (so evil) press the little green + sign right down below and to the right :D
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    posted a message on Dear Nintendo,
    Dear Nintendo,

    If you want to get a Pokemon game that has not been done yet, and is not any of that wii crap like pokemon ranch or whatever it is, then please listen.

    The perfect Pokemon game, or even series, would be something along the lines of an epic RPG like the Elder Scrolls. Make 6+ games, one for each region, combine the size and look of Skyrim and the gameplay of the Pokemon games. Real time battles, more control over the attacks, like in the TV series, and massive stadium battles.

    Simply having the size of Skyrim would be enough to put things in the most amazing perspective. That final showdown with the Champion would be all the more epic, or the one chance to catch the ledgendary of the game would be all the more nerve-racking.

    In each game you could only catch the Pokemon that were introduced in that region, and there is no travelling between regions, not even Kanto and Johto, so if you really want to catch-em-all, you will have to get something like in the Mass Effect series to save all your pokemon between region, but the control over your pokemon based on their level and what badge you have, so you can't just jump into Hoenn with your level 100 MewTwo and kill all the level 15 pokemon belonging to the first gym leader.

    If you did this, it would have to be on the PC, do NOT make these on the Wii, or even the WiiU. Both of these consoles are no where NEAR as powerful as the PC.

    Also, do NOT brush off Steam, it is the only real way to get your game out there in the open. Avoid Origin, its users are no where near in number as users of Steam are.

    That concludes that idea, now onto another one.

    Put ALL of the GameBoy Pokemon games on the Nintendo eStore, at the very least on the 3DS exclusive one. That way the 3DS would really print money. I would fork over as much as $20 for them individually. If you think that's a little steep, consider how much the games cost when they first came out.

    My final spark of creation to get the Pokemon games as good as they can be is RELEASE POKEMON FOR iOS!!! I know you can get the games if your iDevice is jailbroken, but not everyone is too confident to get rid of their warranty, jailbreaking isn't exactly safe. I would pay $10 for an app for the games, then as much as $15 for the games themselves.

    Any one of these three ideas would earn you MILLIONS Nintendo! Please, please PLEASE make these games!

    Everyone who cares about Pokemon games
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    posted a message on Naked Ginger Skin :D
    Judging by your inability to spell correctly or use grammar correctly, and your level of maturity, I'd guess that this skin is just a pale pink body with a line of orange at the top of the head

    P.S. No pics no clicks! (had to say it :tongue.gif:)
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    posted a message on MineCraft Introducing "Addons"
    Quote from ajleece





    'nuff said
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