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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: [b]UrbanSTLSistah[/b]
    • Age: 40[/b]
    • Gender: F[/b]
    • Country/Timezone: USA - CST[/b]
    • How someone should contact you: PM, Playing PC, XBOX One, Win10 Beta, PS Vita, PS4 - mostly PC and XBox One[/b]
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: 2 years - still a newbie[/b]
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Modern builds, building, designing, learning to enhance building, etc. Creative and Survival modes[/b]
    • Any additional things you want to say: [b]Minecraft gaming relaxes me...[/b]
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