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    I have a entire list of them ! For instance the next release will focus on wasps.

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    This mod adds creature people tend not to like !


      • Mosquitos : Wakes you up in the middle of the night if you don't protect yourself. They can go through doors and glass.

      • Silk Spiders : These little spiders are friendly
      • and will be your best ally against mosquitos. They live in Infested
        Leaves Blocks which they sleep in and produce web during the day.

      • Giant Spiders : Rarely seen outside, you will
      • mostly meet them in spider nests. Bigger and stronger than regular
        spiders, they can spit poison at you.

    Many more are to come!

    Blocks & Items

      • The Swatter : The Swatter is the only weapon
      • capable of killing mosquitos. However it is not recommended to use it
        against other entities as it only deals half a heart.

      • Silk Boots : These boots will prove themselves
      • useful when you come across a silk spider infested forest or a spider
        nest as they allow you not to be slowed down by webs.

      • Egg Sacks : Egg sacks can be found randomly in the
      • world, they contain spider eggs for you to start your spider breeding !
        They can also be used for silk spiders to lay their eggs in when they
        are placed next to infested leaves.

      • Infested leaves : The home of silk spiders, they
      • can be found in forest among tree leaves and can be harvested with
        shears. They are essential to keep silk spiders since you can't use
        their eggs anywhere else. Silk spiders die when you destroy their
        infested leaves.

      • Web Blocks : Web Blocks are the core material of
      • spider nests. They slow you down but not as much as regular web. You can
        walk on it normally with silk boots.
      • Nets : Nets allow you to protect yourself against
      • mosquitos at night as they can't go through it. They have to be placed
        on glass and doors (you can walk and open doors through it).

      • Net Doors : Net Doors are a more fashionable option
      • to protect yourself against mosquitos. They function like regular doors
        except that mosquitos can't go through them.
      • Anti-mosquito Glass : They are the way to go if you don't want to cover your windows in net as they behave the same way !

      • Spider Eggs : Used on infested leaves, they spawn silk spiders. You can store up to two silk spiders per infected leaves block.

    World Generation

      • Spider Nest : Spider Nest are generated in caves
      • underground. Inside you will find multiple egg sacks, a hidden chest
        with loot inside and a giant spider to guard it all.

      • Egg Sacks : See above.
      • Infested trees : Some trees in forests will have infested leaves with spiders inside.

    I will continue adding new mobs and mechanics regularly, a few are actually already planned !

    Download :

    The mod is available on Curseforge : https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/hated-mobs

    Source code is available on github : https://github.com/FrenchUranoscopidae/Hated_Mobs

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