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    I whipped up some textures for 1.12 as the snapshots rolled out and I figure I would share them. Hopefully these help you complete the official textures, XSSheep; or at least help fill the gaps for the rest of you until the official pack rolls out.

    Anyways, here you go:





























    (Sorry, I didn't do widgets.png for advancements; I might come back to it later.)




    (These are just block textures already in the pack but with appropriate file names.)








    Quote from n_jayne»

    XSSheep, is there any way you would consider making some edits to the acacia planks texture?

    Not XSSheep but here you go!



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    Very cool seed! It's exactly what I need for my next creative build... Good find, merci!
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    posted a message on Post Ironic, Funny, or Messed up seeds (ow btw for those who dont know it the thing you type into the worldgen), that have good
    Quote from Silent Shadow

    from what a friend said yea your supposed to spawn next to pink sheep, and w/e ill edit it and say something like funny, ironic, and messed up seed names(you know the thing you type to get the world), (tho i highly doubt people really need that, as 2 people already got what i ment, and it tick me off that you did not, as i did say "post any ironic or messed up seeds(EX: justinBieber, tho i doubt this messed up seed would give good results)" that which one can conclude, "oh its supposed to be the thingy i type into the world gen box when im making a world", that which i do believe is called a seed, tho i guess i must be out of my mind to think the someone would understand this, or maybe im stupid, idk) happy ?, also you cant say its funny as its not really funny typing bubblegum and getting you pink sheep, so whats the word to describe it, if its not ironic or funny

    I enjoy when people add age gates to their posts (16+ for you) when they have the intelligence and the grammar of an 8 year old... Honeestly, tell me that this post is a mature and well formatted piece of text that reflects the work of somebody that is over the age of 16...
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    Quote from BonreoCat

    It's quite simple, when you open the jar file, it will ask you to select a texture pack that is in a zip file, so textures in folders won't work. After that, simply click ''Convert Texture Pack''.

    Also, off-topic, but have you recently played in a Team Fortress 2 Turbine server? If so, I think I bumped into one of your rockets :P

    Hmm, it only shows me the files within the zip file, not a selection GUI. I'll try re-downloading. EDIT: Nope... EDIT2: Yup... :P

    And no, I don't play TF2. This username is quite common, so I'm surprised I was able to get it here...
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    So I downloaded the resource pack converter, but I don't quite understand how it works... How exactly do you use it?
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    I decided that it was time for me to make a new avatar and I didn't know what to do. Inspiration struck when I saw a YouTube comment that read: "Get Blocky". So here's a Minecraft take on the Daft Punk cover art for the Get Lucky single. It took more time than I'd like to admit, but I'm really proud of it so that's why I'm posting the full size.

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    Quote from trencheel303

    I am in agreement about the skybox being rather nice. Good pictures too. Your FOV looks very wide, what did you use?

    I use about 80-90, mainly so I can see the creepers that I wouldn't be able to with a lower FOV but also to get a large view of the landscape.
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    Quote from Demon_Child

    it's the texture pack providing the sky, dokucraft definitely, possibly the creative one unless i am very much mistaken?

    Yes, it's from one of the previous versions. I had to go back to 1.4.7 to take the first 3 pictures because 1.5 sort of broke the big skyboxes.
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    I've always been interested in photography and such, so I decided to take some interesting photos of the game rather than showing any builds in particular. Hope you enjoy them and if you do, they should be a high enough resolution to use for some desktop wallpapers (1366 x 706)

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    posted a message on 100% vanilla survival server, new map
    ign: Creeper_Killer06
    how mature are you: I am 15, however I am more mature than others my age. I respect everybody and I dont enjoy when there is unnecessary drama or arguments so I always try to talk things out like an adult.
    do you have a youtube account (not needed): I do, but I don't post any content.
    why do you want to join: I want to play on a whitelisted vanilla server where everybody is mature and there is a good community.
    stuff you want us to know about you: I have a creative mind and I enjoy building different in styles such as modern, medieval, and sometimes I recreate buildings in Minecraft. I am planning on building Woodbury in Minecraft but I am looking for a good server to build it in.
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    posted a message on |Vanilla | Mature | WhiteList | 24/7 | Community-Based and Social
    IGN: Creeper_Killer06
    Age: 15
    Activeness: Every day or second day.
    I will respect other people and their builds and I hope to become a part of the community.
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    posted a message on UltimatePvPCraft [24/7] [Hardcore PvP] [Griefing Allowed] [Staff Needed] [Tons of Events]
    Server is back up! Join now!
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    posted a message on Porknation - a small vanilla server looking for new members!
    IGN: Creeper_Killer06

    Age: 15

    Country/ Timezone: Canada (EST)

    Skype name: I will provide it with you via PM if I am accepted

    Youtube channel (optional): Nope

    Why should we choose you?: I am a good builder and I would like to join a server with a close-knit community to have fun.

    How often do you play?: Almost every day

    What is your favourite thing about minecraft?: Caving and building

    Some Minecraft builds you want to share with us?: Last week I built the Eiffel Tower, this week I'm working on the Parthenon.

    What is the name of mrheyhey124's cat?: Akira

    Anything else you want to add: I would like to help out with community builds. Perhaps on a Nether hub or a PVP arena.
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    posted a message on MakoCraft | Community Whitelist Survival [Players Wanted]
    IGN (in game name): Creeper_Killer06
    Age: 15
    Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing since beta 1.5 until release 1.2 and then I took a break. Recently I've gotten back into the game and I've been playing it like crazy lately.
    Country/Location: Canada
    Time Zone: EST
    Why you would like to join: I want to play on a friendly server where I can have fun with the other members without being afraid of getting raided or attacked all the time.
    How often would you be coming on the server: Almost every day.
    Have you ever played on a server like this: Yes, I've played on a couple, however they were all inconsistent (either shutting down or constantly resetting the map).
    Will you steal, grief, or cheat?: No, but I will prank (hehehe)
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    posted a message on UltimatePvPCraft [24/7] [Hardcore PvP] [Griefing Allowed] [Staff Needed] [Tons of Events]
    Join the server by tonight at 7:30 PM EST to enjoy a night time firework show at the spawn. This is the first of many events that we will be hosting on the server!
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