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    Quote from Shvet»

    ...Also, "the amount of times a tool can be repaired is limited." Does this mean that it is already limited or we can limit it?

    You can limit it by changing the I:repairsLimit=-1 value in main.cfg file.
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    Quote from Vechs

    Was talking about that tonight with a friend of mine.

    I believe I branded Lethamyr wrong. I'm thinking of the label "Vanilla Substitute".

    Because that's the best mindset to go into the map with. Don't try to speedrun it. Don't try to beat it in a few sittings. The map is an alternative to vanilla Minecraft, with a long-term goal.

    Instead of starting a random world to play Minecraft, play Lethamyr instead. It is a substitute for vanilla Minecraft.

    Lethamyr is my first Super Hostile map; I was inspired to try to beat one after watching Paul Soares complete Spellbound Caves. Since I didn't want to do the same one I just watched him finish, I decided to give Lethamyr a go.

    I've got to say that when I began it was the most frustrating experience I've had playing any game in a long time. I tried several times on the original (hardcore) variant and I eventually just gave up -- until you released the version that wasn't flagged for hardcore mode, at which time I decided to give it a go again.

    Upon setting out to play it, I imagined it would be a kind of "roam from one dungeon to the next" kind of thing; where I'd just do a dungeon and get some gear, and then continue on to the next dungeon -- rinse and repeat.

    That mentality didn't work out at all, because I just kept dying over and over in a certain dungeon. Chalking it up to inexperience at Minecraft combat, I just kept throwing myself into the fire but only became more and more demoralized.

    Eventually I said to myself "F**k this, this isn't even fun," and started to rethink my strategy of how to approach the whole map. I ended up setting up a base at the VM; making wheat and melon farms, wrangling cows and pigs, digging out some new underground floors for the house there to make mushroom farms, going out to look for iron... Doing my best to build up the firmest foothold that I could.

    And then, after taking my time to prepare.. To gear up with some iron armor, finding a few diamonds for a nice pick and sword.. Building and using an enchantment table... Things finally started to look up.

    I decided it was time to take my water and lava buckets, my diamond sword, my iron armor.. and go back to that dungeon that was beating me up so bad, and own it.

    And once I did make it to the end of that dungeon, and I opened up that chest, and came to the realization that the dungeon which I had halfway conquered using leather armor and wooden tools was in fact the red & black wool dungeon.. I felt revitalized -- invincible, even!

    Here I was, thinking I was doing completely horrible.. And I had made it halfway to what is traditionally the hardest to obtain wools in the series!

    I didn't intend for this post to turn into a wall-of-text, but I just wanted to provide some background for what I mean when I say that this map will always hold a special place for me and I think you did a great job on it.. But I do think that re-branding it could have some merit.

    It would perhaps clarify that it's more advisable to gather up your own gear rather than expect to find nice stuff in chests to keep you going. Because, let's be honest, the chests in that map are pretty crap-tacular. I don't think I've found anything better than an enchanted stone sword in any of them yet.

    And perhaps placing a plaque or sign at the entrance to each dungeon that would give a hint as to the intended difficulty of it. Not necessarily a one-to-five asterisk "hardness-meter" or anything, but maybe some kind of in-character passage or quip about it that would let the mind draw up what kind of stuff might be found there (the way you described your naming scheme when doing your Spellbound Cave dev commentaries comes to mind -- you figured Tenebrous Crystals sounded less ominous than Blackened Library, and assumed that players would venture there first).

    Anyway, sorry if you were bored by my story but thanks for doing what you do.. And keep it up! I hope to try more maps once I finish out Lethamyr. Can't wait to see Inferno Mines and Fallen Kingdom!
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