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    I'm here to follow this mod until the end, so I followed your profile so I can know whenever you update! I'll try every version out to tell you if there are bugs that you miss! The mickey pickaxe is my favorite so far! Also if you wouldn't mind in a while from now adding some Disney furniture if you know how to do that of course?

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    I do have to say the sprinkler system is out of this world xD It's insane I like it! xD

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    "Doesn't fit texture packs" I just meant it will be a long time until there are texture packs for it. Unless, someone sees this thread, and immediately starts working on it"

    Planted in soil veggies:

    - Cabbage

    - Onion

    - Garlic

    - Zuccini

    - Squash

    - Lettuce ( Iceberg most likely)

    - Mustard seeds

    - Tomato

    - Barley


    - Watering can : Use fill the can with water, and it will work like bone meal. This will completely take out the use for Extra utilities, but you can make a durability bar on it unlike the extra utilities so it isn't "Over powered"

    - Rake: Yes, Instead of looking like fool, and jumping up and down or running through it, you could distill the earth.

    - Hand Trowel : More of an aesthetic item, but you could make it where you need that to plant those certain items. Add a little more realism into when planting the seeds.

    - Basket: Carry more of your veggies, also an aesthetic look but it gives it a great feel like you are a real farmer at peace.


    - Strawberries

    - Blue berries

    - "Grape Vine"


    - Oranges

    - Bananas

    - lemons

    - Apple

    - Avocados


    Overalls : Small little outfit to put on if you'd like, instead of adding a new skin to your minecraft character.

    Straw hat : what farmer or garner doesn't have one of these?

    Oil : Instead of coal, the oil function could be pretty nice.

    These are just a few ideas I have in my head at this very second.

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    posted a message on DISNEY MOD (VERSION 3.0!) [1.8.9] MARVEL UPDATE

    Winnie the pooh : schizophrenic Christopher Robin! xD Eeyore, rabbit, piglet.

    Characters: schizophrenic Christopher Robin! xD Eeyore, rabbit, piglet. and Owl.

    Items: Honey, Rabbit's Farmer Hat! Eeyore ribbon, Christopher

    Biomes? Hundred Acre Woods

    Structures? Pooh's house, Tigger's House, Owl's library house.

    For the Incredibles: Maybe add some characters?

    Items: Frozon's Outfit! Sydrome( think that's his name) and his gauntlat( Gravity gun like)

    Vehicle : Mr. Incredibles blue car.

    v 0.1.5 - 0.1.7

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    posted a message on Percy Jackson Mods Out There! This can be your revival?

    Hey you guys! Yeah you! I found a lot of threads that had "Percy Jackson mod" Ideas in the W.I.P Section! Problem is most of them their threads have died. They weren't descriptive enough? Maybe, but what the case may be. I am here to give you Percy Jackson Lovers some ideas when you make your mod. I know there are some of you looking for ideas!

    So the first thing you might want to do is add a realm, not all the time will a mod look "good" on the outside world. Chances are the person who downloaded your mod probably has other mods installed!

    Realms that can be added

    - Olympus

    - Underworld

    Builds that can be added to the overworld:

    - Adding Camp Half Blood

    - Thaila's tree

    - Labyrinth

    - Hephaestus's Mountain.

    Taxi Cab from the fates.

    Then you could add characters! Whoo!

    - Thaila ( Daughter of Zeus)

    - Nico ( Son of Hades )

    - Bianca( daughter of hades)

    - Percy Jackson ( son of Poseidon)

    - Annabeth ( Daughter Of Athena

    - Grover "saytre"

    - Zeus ( god of the sky)

    - Tyson ( son of Poseidon/ half cyclops )

    - Poseidon ( god of the oceans and horses )

    - Mr D ( god of wine)

    - Clarisse ( daughter of Aries )

    - Luke ( Son Of hermes)

    - Artemis ( goddess of the hunt )

    - Athena ( Goddess of wisdom )

    - Cerberus ( Three headed dog)

    - Charon ( Dead boat driver)

    - Persephone ( goddess of spring, and the underworld

    - Hades ( The god of the dead)

    - Thanatos ( The god of death)

    - Chiron ( Centaur )

    - Mrs Dodds ( Harpie )

    - Hydra

    - Minotaur

    Items that can be added

    - Celestial bronze ore

    - celestial bronze ingot

    - celestial bronze sword

    - celestial bronze armor

    - Percy's Pen

    - Hermes boots

    - Ambrosia ( Potion affect of regeneration )

    Maybe later add abilities if you want the player to be a half blood. Would make sense, because of the Ambrosia.

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    posted a message on Monkeycraft WIP

    Hi, I like the idea of this small mod. Personally, I wish the money was one block high, and ran on his four feet, but maybe you can figure something more out!

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    posted a message on DISNEY MOD (VERSION 3.0!) [1.8.9] MARVEL UPDATE

    Sully, and Mike! c: Scare Tank was a nice edition! What was in the toy story update?

    Umm, What was this used for? If you can, can you make it sit down? Like putting it on the ground? That was a huge question in the last disney mod that was out, but they never continued their mod.

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    posted a message on DISNEY MOD (VERSION 3.0!) [1.8.9] MARVEL UPDATE

    Haha thank you! I am looking forward to some new updates!

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    posted a message on Extended Farming

    You had me at "Tractor"

    ohohhhohohoh :D Tractor is a little glitchy at moment, but completely fantastic!

    Actually, I enjoy pams harvestcraft, but I love the bamboo feel where you need that to keep up the crops just like in real life. The textures could have a little change, since it doesn't suit texture packs whatsoever. It's kind of like orespawn where I would have to put up with the texture of it.

    The tractor is gorgeous by the way!

    Diesslay " Add a trailer" and "change the fuel to oil" I agree with those two!!!

    I feel you should add a "Anatolian Shepherd" or some type of dog that watches over the sheep, and goats!

    If you also wouldn't mind, could you add a better brick type block that matches a barn a little better?

    Also roosters if you do not mind! Rakes, and other tools!

    I don't know I feel you can do this type of stuff!

    Also the tractor needs more work, but again this is w.i.p mod! You have my support!

    Bug/glitch Update 1: Cheese barrel has a light glitch if I am correct. The sides of it are like flickering.

    Bug/glitch Update 2: Tractor jumps up and down when no fuel is in it, and while on it.

    Bug/glitch Update 3: When standing next to tractor looking forward, whole tractor disappears.

    Edit: Also this isn't a bug, but could you fix the size of the tractor item if possible? It just look very odd in inventory( Not main Priority of course)

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    posted a message on CanadianHuey's Pugs

    I support this! It's not a rubber ducky ( Yes, I have some issues), but pugs are adorable. Pugs, Pitbulls, and bull dogs are so misunderstood. Question, why add another dimension? Also, Corpeaous dogs( Or w.e that mod is called) Spams the worlds with dogs. Is this going to be like that? I would enjoy having my own pug, but I feel it should be like the wolf. Where they do spawn, but not everywhere. Anyways, keep up the great work.

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    posted a message on DISNEY MOD (VERSION 3.0!) [1.8.9] MARVEL UPDATE

    Well, If you check out "The Lion King" mod you will notice that it was discontinued at 1.6.4 maybe you can add some Lion king to this mix!

    -Lion king : Simba, Mufasa, Timon, Pumba, Zazoo, Rafiki, Scar, Zira, and Hyenenas

    - Tarzan : Tarzan, Jane, Forgot the old guys name, Turk, the elephant.

    - 101 dalmations: a Dalmation pet?

    - The Jungle book

    and just more over all characters of all the disney movies c:

    This could be like the superheroes unlimited mod where you can continue adding more and more c:

    You could make a dimension with all the biomes?


    - Pride Rock

    - Hundred acre woods

    - Your Frozen ( WIP )

    - Andy's house being a spawn.

    I don't know :D I'm just overly excited! I was looking at the 1.6.4 one, and I noticed it was discontinued, so I searched again and FOUND this one !!! :D

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    I tried to read as many of the comments as possible, but there is way too many pages to go through. I only have one question, can add a way to lower the spawn rate of robbers, and country prisoners? I've come across like 12 robbers in one area with an iron sword, and iron armor. They end up destroying me. I understand when you actually have the super hero armor you can kill them easily, but early game play is nearly impossible unless I stay underground the whole entire time. (: If there is a way to fix this just tell me, I am not the greatest with config files. I would just like a little bit of peace in the midst of chaos in the beginning. ;D By the way, such a beautiful mod. Well written, and I enjoy all the features. Even mining is a bit more entertaining.

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    posted a message on Rubba, Rubba Duckay

    ;D Good to hear I am not the only one. I passed one in Orespawn, and it was completely adorable. It added something amazing to minecraft that was both odd, adorable, and simple. Orespawn, just adds way too many overpowered items that if I try to add any other mods. I can't survive without overpowered weapons. Crazycraft was a great modpack don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the type of game play I wanted to add to minecraft.

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    posted a message on Rubba, Rubba Duckay

    Oh, just a version I enjoy playing on. It can be 1.7.10. I just wanted something like a rubber ducky. I am not a programmer( I am trying to learn), but I'd love to see this very simple mob mod, because it's something unique to see hopping in your water. That would be great though ;D

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    posted a message on Rubba, Rubba Duckay

    Hi ;D

    I was wondering if anyone could make an individual mod for simply adding Rubber Ducks to minecraft. I would of never wanted this if I didn't play orespawn. Problem with ore spawn, is most of my builds end up getting destroyed, and it's quite annoying. They are adorable, and they hop around in the water. You don't have to make it like orespawn, but I was just wondering if someone could add the individual mob. I mean if you would like to you could add other little things to it. I can't seem to figure out mod development. IF any of this information looks completely weird it's because I am typing, but not really paying attention to what I am saying ;D BUT I am serious, can someone make a rubber duck mod? You could add like a tooth brush weapon, or really really weird items if you'd like just can you make a mob of a rubber duck, just don't make the monster over powered, and the weapons. It seems to make the game less fun to me, since vanilla mobs can be killed very easily. I don't know

    I just want to dance with rubber ducks. Can't a man do this in peace? Also I hope this is in the right section.

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