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    Build an temple around it. Then garnish it with wither skelie heads.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]

    Added a new "Importance Rating" to each idea, rating how much the idea is needed in Minecraft.

    Added Boats to the suggestion. Pictures coming soon.

    Modified the Chests suggestion
    • Added my own description instead of the old Colored Chests suggestion
    • Added Trapped Chests
    Modified the Fence Gate suggestion
    • Clarified that using different wood and sticks would work the same as all other items.

    Lowered the priorities of the Beds suggestion.

    Added two new poll questions.
    "How Should Crafting Work?"

    "Should there be Multicolored TripWire Hooks?"
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    I disagree on this one. Why would an item in which you put half-birch-ingredient and half-spruce-ingredient, would give oak? That doesn't make sense!

    Instead, use this:

    Crafting the items will of course, be the exact same, but trying to crafting something will multiple colors will give you the color that is used the most in the ingredients. In case of a tie, the 'winning' color will always be the one from the ingredient that has the smallest Block-ID (or damage value, for tied-in-number ingredients that all have the same smallest Block-ID).

    This would make sure that the "in case of a tie" priority would always be: oak, then spruce, then birch, then jungle, then acacia, and then dark oak, and that if there is no tie the result will always make sense: the most common ingredient used in the recipe.

    The reason I used Oak is because Oak serves as a "basic type" wood.
    Also, players who dislike colored wood over all could easily make oak items if they wanted too.

    However I like your idea a lot more, though I'm gunna ask the community on this one.
    I'll post your idea in the main topic, with your credit of course.
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Affected blocks

    Here is the list of blocks you say should be affected by the base wood type of the planks (or sticks) used to make them:

    Button, (wooden) Pressure Plate, Stick, Door, Trapdoor, Fence, Fence Gate, Chests, Bookshelf, Sign, Ladder, Craftin Table, Bed, Piston, Jukebox, Note Block, Item Frame.

    Seems quite a good list for all decorative wooden blocks. In fact, this is nearly the ENTIRE list of wooden blocks, if I am not mistaken. Quite a big list. As such, I don't think such an idea will ever see the light of day. So maybe prioritize which blocks in the list are more important and which are less important to be available in all wood colors, let's say on a scale from 1 to 5 stars?

    I've been meaning to do this.
    I did think to myself, "Not all of these might be added, so maybe a should separate the importants with the non-importants."
    I sort of did this by posting "community favorite" stars, though I should base it a little more on their neediness rather than how much the community wants it.
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    A few comments on these blocks:

    The names of all of these blocks of course would need to be changed appropriately. For example: a Fence Gate that would be made of Dark Oak woul need to be named "Dark Oak Fence Gate".

    Many of these blocks which seem like "functionality" blocks (signs, crafting table) are actually often used for decoration (I make floors out of crafting tabes, and big chair's armrests using signs, for example), so I would tend to agree with putting those in the list, despite turning this topic into a real explosion of blocks IDs.

    People keep bringing up the ID problem.
    My comment on IDs is that even though it would be a pain in the back to organize the IDs, Mojang has to fix item IDs eventually.
    The infamous MOD API will serve as this solution, as it will contain a type of Minecraft Forge that fixes IDs, but heavens knows when it will ever see the light of day.
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Use the proper naming convention

    I suggest that when you refer to stuff already in the game, you always use the exact same nomenclature. Makes things clearer. We have Trapdoor in the game, not hatch.

    I never noticed I miss named it...
    I guess Trapdoor... hatches... same difference.
    i'll make sure to fix it in the topic, but maybe not in the poll because it could risk the deletion of that question.
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Fence Gates

    Fence Gates, and all other wooden items requiring both Planks and Sticks, need to have something adressed first:

    Do those blocks show a unique wood type color, or two? For example, would the "fence" part of a fence gate show the main "Sticks" color, while the "mobile door" part of a Fence Gate show the main "Planks" color?

    If yes, then the added complexity of the exponential growth caused by such blocks definitely needs to be adressed. Because if you have N wood types, then you get N **squared** of those Fence Gates blocks. Which means you quickly run out of IDs.

    If no (and I think that is the safest bet here), then the question that needs to be adressed becomes: does that change the way "which color is the main one" is determined? i.e. Sticks or Planks, they count as 1 ingredient each. Or do planks get more "weight" than sticks? Or do planks totally take priority, ignoring the sticks? Personally, I'd go with the simplest approach: just count the number of ingredients used, wether it is Planks or Sticks, and sum them up, simply taking the color with the most.

    I never realized this... I'm glad you addressed this problem.
    I think it could work one of two ways.

    1. The normal "whichever wood type is used most goes"
    2. The wood type is ignored and the crafting output is based only on the sticks.

    I would honestly choose 1, since it would avoid complexity.

    Quote from Ouatcheur


    For the chests, even though you point to another topic, please post your own view on wether two differently colored chests placed side-by-side will "link up", or not. Personally, I'd prefer them not to combine unless both are of the EXACT same wood color.

    Yes, I have been a bit half-Aing on the chests part. It would be better for me to take up the section on my own, which I think I'll do soon.
    Also, I did mention, which I will add to the topic, that the chests will work like trapped chests. They will only connect to chests of the same color, and can be placed right next to chests of the differing color.
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    For Beds, you really have to think hard about your priorities. You are facing here the same problem that I talked above with Fence Gates: if both parts of a bed can each vary, then you get an exponential variation effect: N squared, from number of possible types of woods multiplied by number of different dyes. This isn't even countin the next obvious choice: "Hey, pillow color should be able to be dyed differently from blanket color!", bringing this to N **cubed**.

    I think that even at N squared, that would be like opening a real can of worms that could drag the whole idea down. So keep it simple, and in that case of course the prioirity would be the one wool color for the blankets only, with the support always oak and pillow always white. My preferred choice would of couse be to be able to select different woods, and wool for support + blanket + pillow, but of course preferred and appropriate are obviously not the same thing here.

    I though about scrapping beds.
    When I made their texture, I realized there was no reasonable way of making spruce and jungle distinguishable from oak.
    Also, your problem, which is the amount of different beds there would be if colored beds were added, would be a major
    conflict with two ideas.
    I don't think I'll ask the community about this one... I'll lower it as a "very unlikely and very problematic".

    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Trapped Chests

    If you do it for Chests, then Trapped Chests should also be added to the list, right?

    I don't see why not.
    Quote from Ouatcheur

    Tripwire Hook

    Also, Tripwite Hook is a commonly used block for decorative uses. Example: To emulate a sink faucet. So maybe it should be added, too.

    I'm little iffy about this one...
    The reason why I didn't add torches, and nearly never added ladders, was because they had too thin of textures.
    Running into the same problem that I mentioned ran into with beds was that the difference between some colors would be hardly noticeable.
    I'll ask the community about this one.
    Quote from Ouatcheur


    Finally, Boats should definitely be added. While not a decorative block per se, it would be muh more fun to be able to decorate a dock site with several boats that don't all look the same color. Or have a player race where each racer team has it's own boat color. Or be able to more easily tell which one is YOUr own boat, when arriving in a player-made twn with lots of player made boats all lined up on the shore of the town. And the like and so on.

    I was think about this.
    I think you coaxed me enough. i'll add boats. Quite a few people have been asking for boats.
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    posted a message on Can I go to prison for playing cracked Minecraft if I bought the game?
    Companies can arrest you for downloading their games for free. They won't because millions are doing it every day.
    It's only extremely illegal if you start selling a pirated game.

    Also, Mojang doesn't really care if you use Cracked or not. In fact, Notch defended Piracy. Even more fact, Mojangsters have encouraged those who can't buy Minecraft in their country to just pirate it.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]

    -Added Photos for Beds.
    Including but not limited to:
    • Acacia Beds
    • Dark Oak Beds
    • Spruce Beds
    • Jungle Beds
    • Birch Beds
    Ok, maybe limited to.

    -Added updated photo of Acacia and Dark Oak signs.
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    Quote from FireKit

    I don't consider colored glass a good suggestion. It has no impact on gameplay and adding it took away from what I've read the ability to hide underwater when they updated glass.

    So it took away something that might impact multiplayer, to give something that only looks different.

    Oh gee. What have mojhang dun? they ruined ur gameplay. they shud revert it jus fur you.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Quote from Electrolyte

    This same thing is happening to me, and I have tried multiple times, even changing my answers, to no avail :(

    Doggonit MC forums.
    This site has been screwing up lately...
    Lemme try refreshing the poll. If that doesn't work, try searching for a "Delete Vote" button.
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    posted a message on Mojang-Please Look at the Suggestions Forum
    Sorry, but I have to disagree. The MCF suggestion community just isn't half as good as the Reddit community.
    If you really want an idea to get feed back from Mojang, it's best to post it on Reddit.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Quote from GravityTricks

    I totally support this, but when I try to cast my vote, I get an error message saying that "I have to answer all questions", even though I am doing so.

    Are you sure you're answering all 3? If you are I could try and refresh the poll.
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    posted a message on Pedestal - Horizontal Item Frames
    Seeing the topic title, I imagined a item frame facing flat on the ground with the item horizontal as well.

    This sounds awesome! I can already imagine the uses this could have. Pretty similar to the item frame but alternate.

    How about it's crafted like this?
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    posted a message on Hidden Lava in the nether? Ugh... T_T
    Realistically speaking, it wouldn't be surprising to run into lava springs in highly volcanic areas.
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    posted a message on Locked Threads Cause a Temporary Ban on Minecraft
    "Ah, dee dum.... I'm going to post a suggestion!"
    *posts a suggestion*
    "Now to wait for comments..."
    Forum User # 1 "Dude, this has been suggested before! Search before posting!
    "But... I couldn't find any topics like this"
    Forum user # 2 "Suggested already. Here : *LINK TO THE SUGGESTION*."
    "Please don't report this! I'll loose Minecraft for 3 days!"
    Moderator "Topic locked. Please search before making your suggestion. Your Minecraft Account is now locked for: 3 Days"

    See dat? Ya. NO THANK YOU! I don't think Mojang wants to keep in touch with a FAN SITE so they can perma ban players. More over, I don't think Mojang wants to perma ban players just because they broke someone else's rules. More more over, I doubt they would want to ever restrict a player from using Minecraft!
    This is horridly thought out, sloppy, and just plain mean. New forum user who doesn't quite understand the rules? BANNED FOR 5 DAYS! Cause he didn't see the 'Do not bump topics more than a month old'.
    I might just report this thread for vagueness, redundancy, and non-seriousness. If your suggestion was actually true, than you would loose 3 days of Minecraft.
    Have fun sir!
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    posted a message on I just had a dream that I killed multiple people for no reason.
    Actually, the dream does have some meaning. Your thoughts and stress can all effect dreams.
    According to your dream, you have stress and frustration on the mind. Or it could've been a random dream.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Quote from Jragon14

    Post this to Twitter and Reddit!

    I don't now about Twitter, but in case you missed it... I said I have a Reddit post in the topic's title.
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