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    posted a message on Doors made of different woods
    I already suggested this in my topic below

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    posted a message on New boss: Mjkrui Elepetelempitium
    Just because something has a weird, ancient sounding name, doesn't mean it's cool.
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    posted a message on Water Suggestions

    Boat Upgrader can be crafting using wood all around the space and with a diamond in the middle.

    That's the JukeBox's crafting recipe

    The boat gets wider, longer and deeper.
    The limit for expanding is 15x15 blocks

    Then, good gravy that's huge! Won't that cause the boat to be basically a unnecessarily huge cube in the waters?

    With the stamina bar thing, I screwed up. I meant your xp bar turns into the stamina bar.
    The hunger bar is for hunger. The stamina bar is only used when swimming WITH the swim suit.

    Oh, ok. But still, the stamina bar is a little unnecessary. The hunger bar could deplete quickly when you swim. Then the player would have to eat to replenish it.

    The no support is fine though. Im just trying to get used for the forums xD

    I can see that you're new and I'm fine with that. :)
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    posted a message on Water Suggestions
    1. Your topic title is very vague

    2. You need to only suggest, not 2 or 3, but one suggestion per topic.

    3. Your first suggestion is very vague. How would you craft a boat upgrader? Define, "your boat expands". does your boat get wider and water or does it does change size a shape. Is there a limit to how far it can expand? how would you craft in your boat? What are some other upgrades. How is the boat's sturdiness graded?

    4. No support to swim suits. They're out of place and defeat the purpose of boats. How would the stamina bar be under the XP bar when the hot bar is? What do you mean "steve would get tired"? Do you stop swimming fast to rest and you only float? Why not utilize the hunger bar instead of a whole new stamina bar? How do you craft a swim suit?

    5. No support. And very vague
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    posted a message on Best Minecraft Glitch You've Ever Seen?
    I really liked the Snow Golem breeding glitch back in Beta 1.9 Pre-Releases.
    When you tried it, one of the golems would just starting infinitely attacking the other golem. the thing was, golems couldn't die from snow balls. It was endless fun.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Horrid World Generation
    It hasn't even been one update past the new terrain generation and people are already complaining...
    Ya know... your problem about the terrain generation isn't everyone's problem.

    Mojang listens to the community. They add what people ask for. This is what people asked for.

    Your topic just comes to show that the MC forum community has become and endless mile wide pit of greed... never satisfied. Always whining. always wanting things the non-existence perfect way they want it to be.

    I never see Reddit behaving like this...
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    posted a message on Una duda que quiere ser sugerencia - One certainly than wants to be suggestion
    What are you talking about? Of course you can still use mods in the latest Minecraft versions. Minecraft has never dropped it's support for mods.

    Also, no support to adding mods into Vanilla. Mods aren meant as optional attachments. Minecraft doesn't need high tech stuff from BuilderCraft by default.

    P.S. there was no need to post a Spanish and English version. This is an English forum so an English translation is only needed.
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    posted a message on Why do all of my posts show up with a diamond next to it?
    Because it means you posted in them...
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Quote from MagicLegend

    I think it's a buggy lighting engine... Java is so inefficient...

    Why would Jeb use a photo with glitched lighting?

    Also, Java actually isn't really ineffecient when it comes to cross-platform programming.
    It's just a slower language, that's all. The same bug could exist within a C++ or C# version of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Quote from Crimsollite

    However, I also have a suggestion of my own- that different wood types give beds different wool colours for the sheets/mattress. Oak wood would make it the classic red, thus using the already-existing bed texture, birch would give it cyan wool, spruce to cactus green, jungle to purple, dark oak to blue and acacia to yellow, or something along the lines of that. It would allow players to have more choice with their bed colours while not overcomplicating the system.

    Actually I've heavily rejected the bed suggestion now.
    The colors didn't add much difference and plus it would screw up an addition of colored bed sheets.
    Quote from nightworld115

    I can't vote in the poll. Is this a typical problem? Also, what about multi-coloured trap doors?

    Very typical. MC forums has been screwy as of lately.
    Quote from Sto3IV

    Multicolored Plates only, I think...

    Quote from command_block

    i support but what if we use different colors of wood to create 1 item, what color will that item be?

    Please see the "crafting" section of the topic.
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    posted a message on Restricting Flint To Iron Shovel and Better.
    Um, doesn't Silk Touch already keep you from getting flint?
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    posted a message on The Old Gravel Texture Should Spawn In The Nether
    No support.
    I'm sure that when Mojang changed the gravel texture, they did not intend to save the old texture, that was probably generated through the "Add Noise" filter in photoshop, for later.

    I know the gravel texture is bad right now, but the old one... ugh.. if they brought back the old one I'm sure people would get headaches again from the horrid thing.

    New textures are new textures. Nether exclusive or not, there is no good reason to bring the old texture back.
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    posted a message on Mojang voting - Making features more community based
    Tsk, tsk.
    This is a good example of how greedy the MC community can be.

    It's probably not that everyone thinks Mojang isn't being community based, it's probably that Mojang isn't adding features asked by the community that you want.
    Mojang has added plenty of community based content in their recent updates.
    Smaller oceans? Community asked for it.
    Resource Packs? Community wanted them too.
    Commands/Cheats? Community made them and Mojang added them.
    Horses? Guess what? Community asked for them.

    It's evident that Mojang listens to the community. Remember when emerald ore was added and people complained about how ridiculously rare it was? Jeb almost removed emerald ore because people hated the way he balanced it. Guess why they were added back? The community wanted it back.

    My response to this suggestion is: No. Mojang should not add more stuff asked by the community per update.
    While it's good that they listen to us, were not game developers, they are. They know what to balance. What they aim Minecraft to be. The community doesn't.
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    posted a message on Creating Bottles of Enchanting
    Sorry, no XP banks.
    The Mojangsters already stated that XP serves as a discouragement for players to suicide. If XP banks could exist, there would be no more punishment, loosing tons of XP, for dying.
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    posted a message on When will 1.8 come out?
    My translation of the topic:
    When will the next update that has been little to none talked about by any if the developers being planned to come out by the main developer who left a 2 years ago?
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