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    posted a message on for those idiots.....
    Quote from UchihaDareNial

    About the camera part : Maybe we can take picture of ourself? xD

    The camera may have a use of having different views of your creation without you having to moving around.
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    posted a message on which day is it
    May come out a little later for iOS.
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    posted a message on I'm pretty sure this isn't super flat...
    This happens when you update and play the superflat then update again and come back. Same thing happened to me. It's a awful chunk glitch.
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    posted a message on Why do people grief?
    It's simple why people grief. They want to destroy stuff but they're too lazy to make stuff to destroy so they go and destroy other people's stuff. Plus they love to see people flip.
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    posted a message on Unlucky Creeper moments
    I'll make this short... always place torches on the 12th floor of your building.
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    posted a message on This Ghast is STUPID!
    Quote from Ixinon

    Oh Gahsts are so silly. Maybe they will become smart kn the next update. Like Skeletons, Zombies, and Creepers are.

    If Ghasts do get that update i will NEVER go back to the Nether.
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    posted a message on Rare finds?
    I found "Wastelands"(broken terrain that has smooth stone on the surface) which gives me a hint of caves...
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    posted a message on Minecraft P.E Ideas
    Quote from Chan14551

    1. Mobs ( Minecraft is more fun and challenging with Mob )
    2. More items
    3. Crafting
    4. Able to take pictures and share them

    Theese are the things that i want put in to Minecraft P.E

    Haven't you heard ANYTHING about the update?
    There will not be mobs in the next update but there WILL be animals
    Crafting... same thing as mobs but we know it will be released some time
    There will be more blocks too. Including doors and fences
    Taking Pictures? i don't about Android but with an iOS you can take screenshots, so no need.
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    posted a message on biomes
    I honestly think there need to be a "Height" button for the superflat world option so you can range it from maybe 3 layers to 64 or 100 layers.
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    posted a message on AmbientCraft
    I thought about this. Someone needs to make a Mod to where there is new in game music. I find it makes no sense for a song like "Wet Hands" to play when your in a lava filled cave or fighting some random Ghast in the nether. There needs to be something that will (like MATmos works )work to where certain music will play in certain environments. Maybe the Nether would play some quite creepy music and the End would play a epic orchestral. Maybe snow biomes would play Christmas music while deserts would play Arabian music. I also got the idea that some scary music would play when your noticed by a monster and fighting music once you hit it.
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    posted a message on UniCraft Texture Pack
    I'm planning on making a texture pack named after my self "Unicraft". This will be a cartoony like texture but I need some tips for some blocks and mobs.
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