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    posted a message on Allow snow golem breeding
    Anyone remember when you could attempt at breeding golems?
    That was hilarious!
    Also, no. Breedable snow golems? Minecraft may not be realistic, but it isn't out right ridiculous.
    What would be the point of breeding snow golems anyway?
    You can already farm both snow and pumpkins. BAM! That's how you get more golems.
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    posted a message on Craftable Mob Spawners in Survival
    Spawners were never meant as a free way of getting XP and items.
    They were meant as a challenge for players. Craftable spawners would just encourage players to make farms.
    This has also been suggested many times before, please search before posting.
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    posted a message on When do you predict 1.4 will be released?
    Requesting lock.
    It has already been mentioned when the next update will be possibly released.
    this topic is redundant now.
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    posted a message on Funny Minecraft Jokes!
    We should let this topic "wither".
    We'll "nether" get these jokes.
    We boost these jokes up a "notch".
    Stay away from these, they'll "Markus" for life.

    These aren't jokes, these are puns.
    Quote from robinod

    Best I could think of-
    What does the creeper about its love life?

    That's anti-humor, like the "why'd the chicken cross the road".
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    posted a message on What's the minecraft players' average age?
    I'd say the player's age is around 22-36..
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    posted a message on Is FanArt dead?
    For the last 5 days I've been checking up on the Fan Art section, and the place seems very still.
    I was wondering, is the Fan Art section pretty still right now because of school or sumthin?
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    posted a message on I'm not always prepared to fight the Enderdragon, but when I am
    oceans are what encouraged me to make awesome floating islands!
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    posted a message on The hardest mob?
    You can't really say what the most dangerous mob is if you include the bosses. The bosses are always the most dangerous.
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    posted a message on Invisibility a bit Unfair
    Invisibility's unfair! Mr. Jeb is in there!
    Standing at the concession, plotting his oppression.
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    posted a message on Murmillos (Originally Wither Men)
    We have wither skeletons already. we don't need another wither based mob.
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    posted a message on Biome Specfic Plants, need to ONLY grow in said biome.
    Quote from tehblooper

    Well for this mod what im thinking is a green house (For the non adventuring lazy people) You build a Glass building then add a green house block and you can choose what biome you want then you can grow plants from that biome in the green house.

    Thank you Mr.Bump.
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    posted a message on Are creepers evil?
    Twister I already made a scientific creeper report.
    Mines a little more basic.
    I also think the thought of creepers being plants is completely retarded.
    Off-Topic: 2600th post ( sorry, I like too keep up with the posts I made )
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    posted a message on Wither and Wither Skeleton poll
    I thought we argued about the enderdragon and endermen having their own dimension, now we're encouraging another dimension like it?
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    posted a message on I think it's time for the Ender Dragon to get a mega-buff
    Quote from Danster5oo

    Enderballs. He shoots "endergy" at you that will teleport you 15 meters above where you were standing.

    I'm sorry, but dat name...

    I always thought the enderdragon should have stages like other final bosses in games.

    1st Stage: His normal stage. he just flies around like now.
    2nd Stage: When you destroy the crystals. Becomes "mad" and starts shooting fire at you.
    3rd Stage: When you take a 3rd of his health down after destroying the crystals. He shoots fire, dives at a fast speed, and occasionally "stomps" onto the ground making you bounce 10 blocks in the air.
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    posted a message on Wither boss too hard?
    The Wither? Too hard?
    Of course it is, it's a boss. Did you think it would be like a miniature enderdragon?
    Quote from mashedpotatoes32

    im worried that wither might be used for trolling
    E.g spawn him in a friends house or in a city and he will wreck everything

    That's why you work for him.
    and probably why there will be anti-wither spawn plugins.
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